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Whether you’re an experienced enthusiast or getting your first reptile, we have the anole cage you need!

Anoles don’t grow very large, but they like their space. They’re also active and enjoy exploring, so consider this when getting an enclosure.

Finding the Perfect Anole Cage

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Here are a few important factors when deciding on the enclosure size:

  • Anoles are 4-8 inches long: Due to their small size, you won’t need a massive habitat. In fact, an adult anole can live comfortably in a 20-gallon tank.  We offer reptile cages in a variety of sizes, shapes, and orientations so you’ll find (or create) exactly what you need!
  • Anoles are arboreal: These lizards love to climb. As a result, you should fill your anole cage with roots, logs, and other elevated surfaces to support this activity. This will promote exercise, foster a more stimulating environment, and encourage your anole’s natural behaviors. Check out our lizard cage accessories now!

Other Factors to Consider

  • Anoles are fast, clever creatures. What anoles lose in size, they make up for in intelligence.  They’re very docile and once they warm up to their handlers, they are okay with being held and interacted with. That being said, they’re crafty and can escape their enclosure. Our lizard enclosures have a revolutionary locking system, keeping your anole safely inside until you choose to take him out.
  • Anoles come from warm, humid environments.  Your pet will need an enclosure with an internal daytime temperature of around 75°F to 80°.  Also, include a basking spot (Around 90°) with a heat lamp and a smooth rock or platform underneath. And finally, to mimic their natural habitat, decrease the heat to around 70° at night.

Design Your Own Anole Enclosure!

You can start building your enclosure directly on our site!

With our Custom Cage Configurator, you’ll determine the size, materials, shape, and more for your anole cage.

Check it out today! You can save your configuration and return at any time!

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