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An anole is a lizard with a long nose and green body. In order to provide your pets with an ideal anole cage, you need to do as much research as possible about the species. This will help you better understand their needs and enable you to find the perfect anole cage.

Anole Cages
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Here are a few facts regarding this unique lizard:

  • They are 4-8 inches long. This means they will need a ball python cage or bearded dragon cage that is of adequate size. Custom Cages offers a number of ball python cages or bearded dragon cages for you to choose from. These reptile enclosures come in every size imaginable, so you’re sure to find one that is just right. A large anole cage is essential for your pet.
  • They are arboreal. These lizards love to climb. As a result, you should fill your anole cage with lots of objects that can be used for climbing. Root, logs and other items are ideal. This will make your ball python cages or bearded dragon cages the perfect habitat for your pet. You can purchase a number of these accessories through Custom Cages. We pride ourselves in being a one-stop-shop for all your reptile needs. Whatever you need for your anole cage, you can buy from our company.

Important Facts On Finding the Perfect Anole Cage

  • Anoles are fast, clever creatures. This means they can easily escape if you leave your ball python cage or bearded dragon cage unlocked. In order to keep your pet contained, you need an anole cage that is secure. The Hybrid reptile enclosures have a revolutionary locking system, making escape almost impossible for even the cleverest reptile. The doors of each bearded dragon cage interlock with the panels. The doors are then pinned together in the middle. This double locking feature is guaranteed to keep your anole cage or bearded dragon cage safe and secure.
  • Anoles come from warm, humid environments.

    It is critical that you keep your anole cage or ball python cage warm at all times. Otherwise your pet may die from hyperthermia. If you are concerned about light fixtures ruining the elegant appearance of your cage, don’t be. Both the Hybrid & Majestic reptile cages have special hoods you can order. These hoods make your light fixtures completely invisible. They also give your bearded dragon cages or ball python cages a finished appearance.

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