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As you ponder what type of tegu cage or water monitor cage you should purchase for your pet reptiles, it’s important that you understand the species you intend to keep. One of the biggest reasons reptile owners neglect their pets is because they do not understand how to properly care for this animal. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as simply setting up a bearded dragon terrarium or tegu cage and calling it good. A lot more thought and preparation must go into the process.

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing your Tegu Cage

1. Is your pet a climber? Some lizards are arboreal, which means they love to climb trees. If this is the case, select a bearded dragon cage or water monitor cage that is tall. This enables your pet to climb up logs, limbs or other objects that you place in his tegu cage or water monitor cage. If you are purchasing a tegu lizard, rest assured that this species is not a climber. As a result, they do not need a tall tegu cage or bearded dragon cage. If you prefer a horizontal water monitor cage or bearded dragon cage that could serve as a coffee table or in-table, you’re in luck. Custom Cages offers several models to choose from. This type of tegu cage is exceptionally attractive and makes an ideal habitat for any tegu lizard.

2. What are your pet’s social needs? Most lizards need a decent amount of privacy to feel secure. If your tegu cage or bearded dragon terrarium is completely open, your pet will feel insecure. He needs hiding places where he can burrow into the sand and feel safe. Rocks and large logs are great items to place in your tegu cage to serve as hiding places.

3. Does your pet enjoy bathing? Certain lizards love the water. Swimming and bathing are great pastimes for them. Be sure to purchase a tegu cage or water monitor cage that is large enough for your pet and his swimming pool. A large dish filled with water will work just fine.

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