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Getting ready for your pet bird can be overwhelming. You need to set up your aviary, search for bird food, cleaning equipment, and other bird supplies. Once you select your bird cage or finch aviary, you have one major hurdle out of the way.

But the bird supplies are another story! You can’t just purchase one or two items and call it good. You’ll need a bundle of bird supplies in order to adequately prepare for your pet.

Making a List for Bird Supplies

The best way to tackle shopping for bird supplies is to sit down and write a list of everything you should buy.

Here are a few of the bird supplies you will need:

1. Toys. Parrots cannot live without toys. A bird cage or bird aviary without toys is like a house without furniture. Keep in mind you can never have too many toys for your budgie cages or finch aviaries. These bird-supplies are essential.

2. Swings. Your parrot will love you forever if you place a swing in his budgie cages or finch aviaries!

3. Food. Birds need a nutritious diet to stay healthy. Be sure your list of bird supplies includes a variety of foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables, pellets, seeds, and nutritional supplements are a great place to start.

4. Cleaning equipment. In order to maintain your bird’s health, it is essential to keep your bird cages or bird aviary exceptionally clean. Cleaning equipment is a vital part of your bird supplies cabinet.

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