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Designing a custom home is all the rage right now. You can pick your own floor plan, choose the colors you want and adjust wherever needed. Well, you can also design and purchase your own custom bird cages. There are many advantages to this. In the first place, you get to decide on the size of the birdcage.

If you’re purchasing pre-made parrot cages, instead of custom bird cages, you’re pretty much stuck with whatever is on the shelf. If you want a really big bird cage, especially a non-standard size, you may be unable to find one. With custom bird cages, you can order a large bird cage with any dimensions—no rules, no restrictions.

Custom bird cages can be custom made for a wide variety of bird species, including macaws, parrots, parakeets, conures, toucans, budgies, finches, cockatiels and more. Whether you are looking to provide a home for your pet parrot or are looking for a large space for your many finches, Custom Cages provides beautiful custom bird cages available to be configured in just minutes. During the configuration process, if you have questions for our bird cage professionals, just give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Build Your Own Custom Cage in Minutes!

Custom Bird Cages Offer Multiple Advantages

Another advantage of custom bird cages is you can choose the color you prefer. Most stores only offer bird cages in one, maybe two colors. But when you place a personalized order, you have various options. With the Suncatcher aviaries you can purchase a red, blue, yellow, gray, burgundy, green, or bronze birdcage. When ordering a Majestic bird cage, which has a wooden frame, you have 4 different stain options. Plus custom stains are available upon request.

Custom Cages offers you the a large number of choices for the most reasonable rates. When you go looking for custom bird cages, you won’t find a wider variety of options or more helpful staff. This company has been in the bird cage business for decades. One thing that sets them apart from their competitors is that they actually listen to their customers. That’s one of the reasons they offer such a wide variety of options to their clientele. They know that every bird owner and every bird is different. And their dedicated to meeting your needs.

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