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Do you remember the last time you walked into someone’s house and literally gagged because it was so dirty? Maybe you’re lucky enough to never have experienced this situation. But it is way too common. In fact, it’s downright disgusting. And the same holds true for your skink cage or savannah monitor cage. Cleanliness is important for many reasons.

Skink Cages
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1. It eliminates odor. A dirty tegu cage or water monitor cage can let out a foul odor every time you open the door. This is not healthy for you or your pet. Clean, fresh air is important in maintaining a sanitary environment. If you can’t bear the smell of your savannah monitor cage or skink cage for a few minutes, imagine how your pet must feel living in it day in and day out.

2. It prevents parasites and bacterial infections. Bacteria thrives in filth. A dirty skink cage or tegu cage can cause your pet to become infected with parasites or mites. In order to avoid this situation, keep your water monitor cage or skink cage super clean.

3. It proves you are a dedicated reptile keeper. If your neighbor’s dog is always matted and never groomed, you automatically assume those people don’t take good care of their animals. Well, the same holds true concerning your skink cage or tegu cage. If your cage is constantly full of debris and waste, your pet will look unhealthy and uncared for. If you are a dedicated reptile keeper, you will take the time to sanitize your water monitor cage or savannah monitor cage regularly. After all, you do care about your pets! And keeping their habitats clean & disease free only proves that.

Locating the Perfect Skink Cage

At Custom Cages you can purchase a furniture-style skink cage or savannah monitor cage to grace your home. Our enclosures are so magnificent you can’t help but want to keep them clean. Wooden frames, custom stains and ornate designs are just a few of the features that make each tegu cage or skink cage a treasure—something you’ll enjoy looking at for years to come.

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