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Most reptiles have a number of different character traits, which makes them interesting pets. They tend to be:

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1. Shy. If you approach your savannah monitor cage or tegu age quickly, your pet may shy away or try to hide. Every time you come near your water monitor cage or skink cage, approach it cautiously. This will help your pet feel at ease. Eventually, he will get used to your presence.

2. Intelligent. Yes, many reptiles are exceptionally intelligent. As a result, they frequently discover ways to escape from their savannah monitor cage or tegu cage. If you decide reptiles are the pet for you, be sure to invest in a water monitor cage or savannah monitor cage that has a secure locking system. You don’t want to wake up one morning to discover that your pet has disappeared from his skink cage.

3. Private. Reptiles enjoy their privacy. Too much commotion or company puts their nerves on edge. They need a safe place to hide and feel alone. Try to fill your savannah monitor cage or water monitor cage with several hiding places. This could be a few large rocks, a log, or bushes. The more hiding spots you provide, the better.

Finding a Savannah Monitor Cage That Has It All

At Custom Cages we specialize in creating high-quality savannah monitor cages or skink cages with all the trimmings. This means you can order a cage that comes with all the accessories and hiding places your pet needs. You can even order a custom background to spice things up and make your tegu cage or water monitor cage look like your pet’s natural habitat.

At Custom Cages, we strive to be your one-stop shop when it comes to purchasing cages, accessories, and supplies for your pet reptiles.

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