Custom Gecko Cages

When you want to provide a comfortable home for your leopard gecko, crested gecko, mourning gecko, or others, look no further than a gecko enclosure from Custom Cages.

We offer a wide variety of styles and sizes for gecko cages. These enclosures not only provide comfort for your pet, but they also look great in any setting.

Read on and you’ll find some of our popular gecko enclosures, along with some things to consider to properly care for your gecko(s).

Gecko Enclosure Designs

Custom Cages builds furniture-quality enclosures for any type of gecko. And with our long list of customizable options, you can truly make this gecko enclosure your own.

The most popular design for our gecko enclosures is the Hybrid® Reptile Tank. Some of our customizable options include:

  • Enclosure size
  • Materials
  • Equipment for climate control
  • Exterior colors
  • Interior decor
  • Scenic background image

You can even customize a Hybrid® Reptile Enclosure today! Simply visit our free Hybrid® Cage Configurator to get started!

Housing Multiple Geckos

Just like most reptiles, geckos are very secluded animals and they enjoy their space. They enjoy their space so much that it’s best to have only one gecko in an enclosure.

But, what if you need to house a leopard gecko and a mourning gecko? How can you do this without conflict or having to buy multiple large enclosures?

We have a few options for you.

Pull-out Dividers

You can purchase one large enclosure and use one of our pull-out dividers to keep your geckos in their own space.

Hobbyists will often purchase a larger cage, like an iguana cage, and use our divider to create two or more separate gecko habitats. This tactic has helped our customers house their geckos comfortably, while saving money in the process.

There is a little more setup involved, as you’ll need to provide the proper environmental conditions on both sides of the divider. But this is a more cost-effective option than buying multiple gecko cages.

Stackable Gecko Cages

We also offer stackable enclosures for housing multiple geckos.

At Custom Cages, we have engineered one of the most innovative stackable cage systems on the market. These let you easily fit multiple gecko cages in a single space!

Plus, these enclosures interlock securely so you won’t have to worry about any of them sliding off or tipping over.

Vision Gecko Enclosures

Another excellent housing option for your gecko is a Vision Cage from our sister company, Vision Products.

In fact, Vision Cages for reptiles are some of the most durable and highly rated gecko enclosures on the market.

These cages are typically smaller and less decorative than our Hybrid® designs, but still offer the optimal space and climate control for leopard geckos, mourning geckos, and more!

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