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If you’re a gecko fan you may want to purchase more than one lizard at a time. Just be sure not to skimp in the area of gecko cages. While some lizards get along fine in the same iguana cage or iguana enclosure, this is generally not the case when it comes to geckos.

Gecko Cages
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Geckos tend to be extremely territorial about their gecko cages. They do not share well. As a result be sure to purchase enough green iguana cages for each of your pets. This will prevent your reptiles from fighting or seriously injuring one another.

Purchasing Enough Gecko Cages for your Pets

Ideally each lizard should have their own gecko cages or iguana cage. If you cannot afford to purchase multiple gecko cages, or if you simply do not have enough space to house these iguana cages, there is a simple solution.

Custom Cages is a leading manufacturer of custom gecko cages and iguana cages. They offer two options that can help you find the perfect gecko cages for you and your pets.

Option #1: Pull-out Dividers. You can purchase one large iguana enclosure to house your reptiles. In order to keep your pets apart, you can purchaser pull out dividers to partition your gecko cages. In this way, you can turn one gigantic iguana cage into two or three gecko cages. If you already have a large iguana cage and would like to utilize it, dividers are a great option.

Option #2: Stackable Gecko Cages. If space is an issue, you can purchase gecko cages that are stackable. At Custom Cages we have engineered one of the most innovative stackable cage systems on the market. You can easily fit 4-6 iguana cages in a single space. These gecko cages interlock securely so there is no danger of your iguana enclosure falling or tipping over.

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