About Kamp Kenan

Kenan, a former professional BMX rider, is a reptile enthusiast who cares for over 500 exotic and endangered animals at his home, which he calls “the Kamp”.

His goal is to educate people through his YouTube channel and other social media platforms. Among others, some of the animals he cares for are Tortoises, Monitors, and Caimans.

Recently, Kenan needed a large enclosure for one of his monitors, and he found the perfect fit with our Custom Cages outdoor Suncatcher enclosure that measures 12ft x 8ft, which, according to Kenan, was one of the easiest enclosures to assemble. Additionally, Kenan has a Vision Cage Shelf Rack that includes two 632 black granite Vision Cages.

We’re excited to see what other projects Kenan has in store and encourage you to check out his channel for some amazing content!

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