New Enclosure for the New Croc Monitors!


hello you want to go to your new home it’s going to be pretty cool oh i’m out of breath because my animals are on the third floor

[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel i am here with another cage build in my custom cages wall if you didn’t see the video where we built this entire thing check it out i will link in the description box below it’s pretty rad to see like how this all comes together and a huge thank you to custom cages for gifting me this entire like like my pets are living like kings and queens they did before but i just love this setup like it looks like a legit pet store now like it’s cool i also put a really rad led light behind it i can change the colors and so at night you can see it a lot better you can you can’t really see it right now today we’re gonna be building my tagu nash uh his cage because he is in a smaller cage downstairs right now that was a temporary cage but he’s gotten slightly bigger and it’s already just too small so moving him into this he was actually going to be going in the six foot one down here but i have my rescued bearded dragon still and i didn’t think that i would still have them but i do still have them so he’s gonna go in one of these right here so he’s gonna actually go in this middle one so i have my house geckos in here which i have a video on this cage build all the cage builds like all the cages that are done here i’ve actually done a video on them so check those out

i’ll put out put them out in order but i’ve got my house geckos and i did my knolls in the same video so these are actually feeder lizards that i purchased um and put them in the cage so we’re gonna build nashes out right here it’s another great thing about custom cages you can get backgrounds put in here so we’ve got utah and then we’ve got like the grasslands in like on a savannah which i really like actually i love this one for him but i can’t see up here as well as i want to be able to see a new reptile like he’s also a baby so this will be easier to deal with him in this one this looks so rad so the background is pretty cool still so this is the one that we’re gonna be building for him today also wanted to say that he’s not gonna last in this one too long i’m actually gonna have to get another six foot enclosure because he is growing about um like an inch or two per month so this enclosure that i just showed you guys is two feet by two feet i would prefer to put him in something larger even right now this is still bigger than what he’s in and it’s still a fine size for how big he is currently but very soon like within the next couple months i’m gonna have to get like a six foot enclosure and put him into that so i’ll probably be doing another cage build when that when when we get to that point if you guys want to see it

alrighty so let’s go ahead and start building i’m Lighting pretty stoked because i brought up some of the wood but i just had some wood delivered from blooms and branches it’s where i get all of my wood all the wood that you see in all these enclosures like this little burl here that guy all of these are from blooms and branches so i brought up a few that i thought would work really well in there first things first i’m going to go ahead and put in the uvb and heat light so that we have some more light going down into this enclosure one thing i love about custom cages too is like all your lighting and all that is up here and it’s totally closed off you can’t see any cords i absolutely can’t stand all the boards hanging down when it comes to like animal rooms and stuff for a cage this size i would usually only use one uvb light and i’ve got this guy and this actually is really cool because it has all these led lights you can do some different colors and stuff but i don’t know where the other parts of this freaking cord is that plugs in here so i haven’t been able to use that part of this for so long so but for the sake of this video i’m actually going to put like another uvb hood in here so that it’s lit up well and you can see what’s going on inside the cage

[Music] this heat light that i have i want to say that this is a 75 watt in here so i might i may or may not need a hotter one downstairs in the enclosure that i have him in right now it’s been keeping the temperature around 100 degrees which is perfect uh for a juvenile tagu so i’m gonna use this one and i’m gonna use my temp gun a little bit to just make sure that the temperature in the basking area is exactly what it needs to Cage be and by the way that’s a purple bulb in there okay we are ready to move on to the cage itself now these like doors are very reflective so i’m gonna try my best to show you guys what i’m doing without being in the way since teju’s love to burrow and dig which mine does he’s pretty much always under his substrate i’m actually getting some little pans to go inside of these so that i can build up a substrate right now i’m not really going to be able to do that a whole lot i might do it towards the back but it just falls out of here if you build it up too much so unless you have those little pans and custom cages does sell though so i’m going to get a few of those but for the sake of getting him into his new cage and giving him a little bit more space to roam around we’re going to go ahead and work with what we got i’m going to be using cypress mulch today because tangos need a very high humidity and this is great for animals that need a high humidity as it retains moisture super well

[Music] cypress mulch is also a bit cheaper than some of the other ones like orchid bark just gonna keep adding more until i feel like we’ve got enough in here for the basking area back here i’m actually gonna go to home depot and buy some of those like slate rocks and put one back there i only have these two little rocks right now because when i moved i got rid of a bunch of them so i’m gonna get the one that’s like much bigger than this because these are really good for absorbing heat so when they lay on it they they can absorb heat from their bellies so we’ve got the the heat lamp right here so i’m going to kind of put these down here i really like this piece of wood so i’m gonna use this one i think

[Music] i’m gonna guess that he’s gonna be burrowing like back here so i’m gonna put the water dish over here i think i might even add another piece of wood in here kind of like rest it up against this one this one is super cool look at this one i don’t know which animal i’m gonna give this to maybe nash when he gets a bigger cage but this one is super cool digging in my box of plants these are like off amazon i’m just gonna like add this in here so that he has some like feels like he has more places to hide and i would like to get some plants to go on the sides here because i have somewhat of a weird thing with this being clear just because if nash sees these other little lizards he’s gonna think their food um same with these geckos he’s gonna think their food so i’d like to stick some more plants up on the sides here so we can’t really see through i don’t have a whole lot right now so i’m gonna have to go buy some more and as you can see the suction cup is like hanging off on in this other cage they don’t really stay up super well i’m gonna put this hide in here just in case every time i give him a hide he is not interested in using it at all um and he’d rather just burrow but i’m gonna put it in here anyway just for some enrichment for something for him to do something for him to hide under i feel like this is a really good area for him to hide under though this is the water bowl i’m gonna use it’s big enough for him to get inside of but once i get him the bigger cage i’m gonna get him a much larger bowl so that he can soak in it if he wishes to clear away some of this i like how there’s like little steps in this bowl like for the animal it’s kind of cute here’s how we’re looking so far i’m gonna go ahead and fill this up with my reptisafe treated water and i think this is all i’m gonna do in here right now until i get some plants i can stick to the side part of me actually wants to build you know and i’m gonna see if i can put another branch up here to give him a little more um space to climb upwards

this looks like it might be a good one make sure it’s nice and sturdy probably kind of hard to tell but this just looks really good like a lot of good hiding spots for him basking area will be right over here that i can measure and we built up some of the substrate back here so he can dig under there and burrow if he wants to and i think once i take him out of his other cage i’ll also put more of it back there so it’s built up even more but for now i think this is looking pretty good one last thing i do need to do and it’s in this drawer right here humidity and temp gauge before i put that in there though i’m gonna go ahead and miss the whole enclosure down because he will be pissed if i do this when he’s in there it’s gonna be hard to find him in here like i already have a hard time finding him and he gets so pissed when i wake him up and he’s under a substrate he looks like a teenager that’s like huffing and puffing this is my impression of him when i wake him up and then tail it tail it tail it what a little like i did not even know that taku’s could be that dramatic it’s absolutely hilarious like he gets so ticked off hymns gets mad do you guys like my socks i actually got these from um an inside trampoline place and i was like yeah i’m keeping those because my hardwood floors i’m gonna eat one of these days now that i have misted this down i’m gonna go ahead and put the temp gauge in here and i usually will just place this somewhere where i can easily read it and then i like to use my temp gun i like to keep this on the cool side so i can see the temp easily and then i will manually shoot my gun over here in a couple hours just to make sure that’s the temperature that i want and let’s go ahead and get nash and put him in here New Cage i see him oh look i can take this and put it in the new cage hello it’s breathing because he’s so mad are you mad come on baby hey honey come on hi it’s just me shmail you want to go to your new home it’s gonna be pretty cool come on you’re still a baby and you’re still being kind of rude it’s okay honey let’s go let’s take this plant will you hold that for me thank you i’m gonna go ahead and put this up before we put him in here so i’m gonna go ahead and move this over i’m gonna put more soon hey are you done hanging out in this empty cage you’re just gonna take a nap or pretend like you’re sleeping coming sideways at you so you don’t feel threatened but you’re probably gonna whip me anyway come here gotcha all righty then

[Music] go on go explore the one thing i said you don’t use and that’s the first thing you use okay you’re making me look like a liar

[Music] do something can you be more interested in what i just created for you instead of looking at theirs and wishing you were in there

[Music] hey lucy you need to maybe start hitting the treadmill a little bit look at that little beer gut look at it kind of remind me of homer simpson right now a little bit just a little bit

[Music] this is the way out

[Music] Outro and that is nash’s cage all done that literally only took me like 15 minutes so that was awesome he looks so stoked in there he’s like exploring and getting all pissy i love it i think the only other ones that i have to build out i’ve got two up here now and i think that i’m gonna put my leopard gecko females in one of them i don’t know what i’m going to do with the other one i it’s going to have to be something small er because they’re two feet by two feet and um i was thinking about maybe like some dark frogs or something or maybe i’ll just leave it open for when i get a rescue that needs to go in there let me know what you guys think would go really well with either the utah arches or the savannah i feel like blooper geckos could go in either so if you have any fun ideas about what i could potentially put in there let me know i’ll see you nothing my crescent gecko in one of these but i think um i’d like to put her in a taller one thank you so much for watching if you guys want to if you guys just got inspired want to watch more cage build videos i will link a bunch of them in the description box below for you and you can have a ball watch all those again thank you so much for watching this video just sitting here with your eyes on the screen and hitting the like button helps me provide really rad enclosures and like buy all the stuff that i put in my animals enclosures including like my rescue vet bills and rescue cages as well so thank you thank you thank you so much we’ll see you in the next video guys bye oh ps i did um a makeup tutorial on this eye look right here i use the jaclyn hill morphe palette so if you want to see that i’ll also link that for you in the description box


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