NEW ENCLOSURES for the Kamp & Busch!


good man these guys I trust with my life  yeah we’re gonna brainstorm some   ideas about what we’re going to  do in the future see in a minute what’s going on everyone hanging out with Amy kite  here from Good Old bush wildlife and the hours are   ticking down how many days left on this facility  this place 18 days shutting it down September 9th   this is it’s got to be Bittersweet I mean in so  many years how long have you been at this place   wow you know it’s crazy it’ll be right after  my 19th anniversary that we shut this place   down September 4th is my 19th wild so here we are  there’s Freddy we’re gonna we’re definitely gonna   do a video when it’s time to move Freddy to the  new facility but today uh I wanted to show you   just a little bit about what’s going on let’s head  on over I’m really excited to hang out with Amy uh   and walk through there this is Hallowed Ground  here in Jupiter I mean this has been an amazing   relationship you’ve had with the community here  uh I mean the Treasure Coast Palm Beach County   everyone knows bush wildlife they’ve been really  really good to me uh helping me with animals I’ve   unturned helped you guys out um it’s so much fun  I’ve learned a lot here at the sanctuary but today   okay we have something exciting um our friends  at they were here a while back   I introduced them to Amy and Amy had a need yes  yes there’s a lot of needs you guys are walking   by right now ah that’s all these I need a new  home all these birds are gonna get some new cages   huh okay well what I’m sure Amy does know this  what you guys don’t know is that the guys from   Custom cages are here in Florida they are at the  new campus uh the new bush wildlife campus right   now and they are actually um making well they’re  installing the new cages for these birds of prey

they call them the sun catcher that’s right Sun  catcher habitat so these actually since I’ve been   here we’ve had two Renditions of these we used  to have these old little wooden ones and then we   moved into these which were the upcycled recycled  wood um enclosures now and they’ve been great   but they’re you know not the most aesthetically  pleasing we wanted more space for these birds and   so we went with the sun catcher design and custom  Pages help us out big time thanks to Camping I   appreciate okay that’s all right I always like to  help and bring one of the things I enjoy doing is   bringing good people together and this way you  get get help Uh custom cages gets help and I get   to make videos about it are the birds are the  macaws and everything are they getting their   own cages well we’re actually going to repurpose  those and move those over with us perfect a couple   of the Macaws are actually going to go home with  some more volunteers awesome they’re gonna retire   and then we’re gonna uh turn those into Songbird  habitats at the new place all right so let’s let’s   can we go behind here and kind of look I know it  says employees only but I might I might have it   that’s so cool I want to show you guys just some  of the animals that are going to be making their   way into these new habitats so we’ve got of course  the barred owl and all these animals are animals   that may have been injured in the wild they can’t  go back out into the water right so like Lefty and   righty one’s flying in the left eye one spine in  the right eye so they’ve been with us these guys   are two of the birds that have actually been here  longer than I have really yeah barred owls live   uh in captivity they go over 30 years in captivity  get out of here that’s amazing yeah so wow that’s   cool Chris Johnson who is found by a local  landscaper in the area um named Chris Johnson   okay um so our barn owl here we’ll be moving over  with us that’s awesome Mo and Schmo wow great our   great horned owls uh the female being the larger  one their female’s about 30 larger than the males   and that’s just because she has to facilitate  the egg production and so on production and   and um incubating the eggs Wolfgang red tail hawk  no way another one that lost an eye and has a wing

injury after being hit by a car that’s what wow  really so it was they were hit by a car what what   happens they come down to to scavenge and then  they end up getting hit you know they’re great   speed but not a great braking system okay no red  shoulder these guys tend to be a little bit more   on the hyper side so you’ll notice they’re like  whoa somebody’s on the wrong side of the fence   you can actually see the damage here you can see  where that eye was what’s considered a nucleated   removed and that’s often we do that for management  issues so that I was ruptured and if you leave it   in there it caused a lot of pain so removing it  actually what they’re gonna be saying in captivity   um is just less pain form it just has a better  quality of life so Cooper’s Hawks I didn’t even   realize that these were native to Florida also  known as a chicken hawk so a lot of times people   put bird feeders out it’s gonna dry in the  doves and the small birds like that and the   Cooper’s Hawks love it because you basically open  a buffet for them there you go we’ve got it empty   right now okay well what’s gonna happen to these  enclosures are you going to take these down and   repurpose them no these are free to a good home if  you need them I’ll take them yeah they’re yours oh   man that’s awesome this is another one that’s been  here longer than I have and you notice what yep   crusty character the um you’ll notice the radical  amputation so back uh prior to the mid-1990s you   could actually amputate a bird’s wing all the way  up to the shoulder okay that it was outlawed back   in the mid-1990s and so um because the problem was  is the birds really have a lot of um equilibrium   issues they tend to follow over a lot they have a  lot of phantom limb syndrome where they actually   have pain that they’re sensating and so um they  don’t do that anymore but Pierre is one of the   last few left that um has that radical amputation  so now being that he’s got this amputation he can   still kind of get up onto all this furniture or  not all of this we did have another one that was   in here Diablo so a lot of the higher stuff is  for Diablo and you’ll see we have small ramps   and things like that yeah they also really um they  like to tear stuff up and so and move stuff around   so Pierre’s always redecorating so we’re always  adding different toys it’s part of his enrichment   and that’s what’s so cool is even though these  animals in the wild this is a death sentence but

they become ambassadors here and they’ll become  ambassadors for you to come see on the new campus   uh and just what did you say 18 days uh well 18  days we’ll be moving out of here and in 46 days   we’ll be opening the new oh that’s going to be  so awesome man it’s a beautiful facility and   what I think I’d like to do now you had you were  there early this morning when the guys started to   work yeah they were just unboxing do you have  some time to run over to the new campus oh I   can’t wait I want to see her face when we go over  there and show them what the guys were able to do   in just about a half of a day so uh we’re gonna  split we’re gonna drive just a few miles down the   road to the new bush wildlife sanctuary and we’re  going to show you what custom cages has been doing   all right so we are here at the new bush wildlife  with Mark beavers from dude this   is uh this is awesome man Amy hasn’t seen  you I’m not going to show you guys there’s   Mark also it’s another yes and uh will Nace is  somewhere over there he’s helping out there’s   will you may have seen him on some of his videos  but uh right now I mean I I haul but past uh Amy   on just to get up just to get up here to beat  her so I don’t know where she is she was right   behind me now she’s taking her time I think  that’s her walking okay so let’s go out and   meet her the cages are just behind there’s 12  cages 12 cages yep group two so six groups of   two 12 foot round each way until you guys these  are awesome man I can’t wait to show you guys   but hold on I want to get Amy’s Amy’s little mug  here she working so hard uh to get this Sanctuary   going dude and when we came down here what April  I think yeah we’re still just it was flat ground   yeah it’s amazing here a couple buildings couple  posts up but here she comes close your eyes Amy   he’s rolling in but yeah so I just wanted to say  I’m really stoked that I was able to introduce   you guys to bush wildlife huge uh because you  know it’s awesome like I said earlier I like   to bring good people together these guys been  helping me with my own home and I just thought   with their resources and know-how with cages uh  the sanctuary could totally benefit from this

where are you get over here yeah yeah you’re  allowed come over here I want to get your face   yeah they do come on over here we’re gonna  go through them with you so this has been   a Monumental undertaking to build this  facility Amy’s been busted in her butt   jumping through all the kinds of red tape so  this is nice this is awesome Mark I’m glad   you guys came down here to take some of the  pressure off of her building these cages man yeah it fills it in perfectly oh Isn’t that cool  yeah and it’s so hard to figure out like what   they’re gonna like the size of them when you’re  just looking like at the Footers yeah get on in   there let’s go have a look come on Mark why don’t  you take us through and show us what’s going on   here now obviously you got to put the roofs on but  these are sun catches just like the one you gave   to me yep yep these get these are razors those 16  panels around again 12 foot wide eight foot tall   this is so awesome so check it out she’s  definitely an animal person you can’t open   the handle but look at this this is great  I mean you’ve got this airlock entry okay   so then you’d come in here obviously you shut  that when there’s when it’s built up but this   is awesome right look at the room fantastic  sick our shell contractor we did right by the   you get so scared when you’re doing it that  you’re doing it wrong like he was so nervous everything we went back and forth a few times  making sure you control it’s so hard to like   feel the spaciousness of it too and it’s  just awesome yeah so the birds are going   to be happy in here and then the cool thing is  they make these tabs right you’re gonna just   have those L brackets that are going to fit  with tapcon and they’re going to tap on him   into the foundation so this is like the best  way to erect the sun catcher right to have a   foundation like this yes you want something on  the ground there are people that put them just   on the ground but then you gotta worry about  things digging in and out right A lot of people

are not only using them for containing their  animal but it’s Predators getting to their hand   correct 100 especially when you’re dealing with  disabled animals you know these guys don’t have   the ability to take care of themselves anymore  that’s why they’re with us yeah this is cool   I mean this is really nice just the way it was  poured and then this is going to be so strong if   we get any kind of hurricanes and things like  that the cages go together so easy so you got   12 so they’re groups of two yep so there’s six  groups let’s go have a look this is really cool   that our animals currently have just changing  up that rectum rectangle right I don’t like   rectangular yeah that works that’s a word  that’s good no to this shape it just gives   them so much more space to move around and  Mark oh sorry sorry when there’s a keeper   they’re cleaning and you have this rectangle  there’s only so much room for the animals to   get away and not feel cornered there’s no corner  so they feel like they can move and and not feel   um stressed out yeah thank you I’m sorry I’m so  excited she’s she’s a little Tongue Tied Mark   um you do a lot of the r d right yep out of the  r d I’m the director of operation so production   cool you know big orders like this get involved  right down to the install yeah but this is really   great that you’re on hand to see this because  I mean I’m sure when you build each new project   gives you another idea how can we make our cages  better what can we do um all of it yeah because I   know that when they came down the last time uh we  started brainstorming and in fact later on today   uh in this video we’re going to head over to my  house we’re going to talk about a few things that   I’d like to do over there and maybe we can come  up with some interesting modifications uh for   the large monitor lizards but this I mean you guys  started what it’s 7 30 this morning and right now   guys it’s only 10 to 2 p.m the fact that they got  this many cages done look at this you’ve got this

one all these I mean this is amazing 10 or up we  have two left to go two left to go all right this   is amazing um rub it right and then tomorrow you  guys are going to do the roofs and that’s gonna be   the metal uh metal covered roof so these animals  will be out of the heat yep we got the internal   bracing that will support the roof structure and  then the stainless steel silver roof panels to   kind of help reflect so it reflect some of the  sun gotcha very very cool what do you thinking   I’m in love that’s awesome no and that’s what  I said they’re so clean and look at how strong   I mean this is a really I think this might even  be a heavier gauge than I have yeah that’s good   stuff I like that well for us I mean yes we’re  using it for the birds now but heaven forbid I   had a situation where I had to put some sort of  mammal in here right I wanted to make sure it was   going to be acceptable by fish and wildlife safe  for the animal so yeah definitely conforms I mean   and again these uh what what is the official name  of this you calling this is it the um Sun catcher   that’s a safe the safety catch yes that’s right  because look yours would just have two doors so   we could connect we did do three no we did two I  have I have different sides correct this would be   a what we call a double safety catch right awesome  that’s amazing well we’ll figure it out I’ll show   you when you guys come later I wanted to show  you I’d like to do something similar where you   know you just connect I guess you call it daisy  chain and I suppose I don’t know if I mean you   can connect these together at basically any panel  you could replace with a door and then Jet out on   another side however you want super convenient  the big thing for me Amy is that when I did my   sun catcher it went up so quick and and it’s  sturdy and strong and that’s what I needed so   I don’t know that’s true these guys are the  professionals yeah and I’d love to say that   we’re very fast working but it is because they’re  so easy to find out yes I mean three of us really   don’t build them you know the one guy builds them  and the other three of us are just kind of filling

in so that’s so cool we’re not you know bursting  I’m gonna drive the forklift like yesterday oh   the other one builds the Mikey that’s so cool  they they flew in last night they were a little   bit late the truck driver was waiting there was a  you’ve been putting out fires for the last couple   of years I guess yeah this lady’s ready to have a  her head explode so it’s nice when something comes   together so uh painlessly so I’m gonna go ahead  and let these guys continue working and then a   little bit which is literally on the other side of  this edit we’re gonna go to Camp Cannon and we’re   gonna take a look at my sun catcher and uh we’re  gonna brainstorm some ideas about what we’re going   to do in the future see in a minute all right so  the custom cages guys are here and uh you know   what’s funny it’s Mark and Mark Lance and Mike I  think I got it yeah I think that’s it come on guys   let’s go check it out so the cool thing about this  place is that you know being down here I’m able to   keep things outdoors and uh that’s kind of fun you  guys know that so we just got some guys some fresh   Fluker food and these are all radiated tortoises  you’re welcome to walk on in and check everything   out guys so the fun part about showing these  guys around is it gives them ideas about how to   possibly create really cool enclosures uh you know  that you guys can kind of you’re the r d guy so   it’s kind of fun just to see how I do things out  here and then perhaps shrink it down for people   that need to do it up north yeah which is getting  exposure to a lot of stuff that we don’t get to   typically see in our daily lives right on man  that’s awesome any of you guys keep any reptiles yep these radiators are a lot of fun show you  some of the few of the little aldabras are   eating and the more radiated and of course we’ve  got Aquascape ecosystems here this is our Badger   boniensis the painted River Terrapin which is  what I use these for is if the turtles don’t get   um you know too large they can stay here  their entire lives but these guys are going   to graduate to a bigger Pond eventually and this  is the first ecosystem Pond that these guys put

in that Aquascape put in for me and it’s it’s  amazing you know just just how clear the water   is how natural it looks and everything’s grown  up around it then we added a stream that if you   could see the radiator tortoise right there these  guys the tortoises will drink from the stream and   then of course the turtles can kind of wander  all throughout the whole ecosystem and that’s   exactly what they’re doing what I like to do  is grab some food from our friends at Fluker   and just Chuck it in because I don’t like to go  around empty-handed so I’ll throw it in on this   side and it makes its way all the way over and  the smell is kind of neat because these guys   have really good noses and they Chomp down on  everything and there’s one of those on Lydia I   gotta grab him later and put him in the big  pond I’ve been kind of taking this or Lydia   it’s a black turtle right there eating he was  hiding before I got two out as they get bigger   like I said some of them graduate to the big pond  so it’s kind of fun let’s get the lid back on this   and we’ll head on over circulating with pumps  it is well we’ve got pumps I top it off with a   um I have it on a timer and then the bio Falls  is what’s cleaning the water uh over here I may   have to do a little quick maintenance I see some  bubbles what happens over here from time to time   is leaves you can see all these basilisks it’s  kind of crazy we have the non-native basilisk   yeah they’re on the log you see them on the log  right there you might not be able to see it on the   GoPro but we’ve got a lot of them running around  here so those are the Jesus Lizard but what’s   happened here simply is um this is about as much  maintenance as I got to do every now and again is   I come on over here we put some Mexican River Rock  in there’s Boba hi Boba what’s up Boba and another   one of our little radiatives but what happens is  some leaves and grasses Shed from the plant and   it kind of blocks blocks the water from time to  time but it’s literally you just pull it like that

and then no more Bubbles and the filtration comes  right back again that’s the most likely that is   the Indian spotted Turtle right there yeah these  guys are awesome they’re from India and Pakistan   and they’re really really cool Turtle I love these  guys we’ve got quite a few of them in here now   so I just agitate that and we’re  all good there you go very simple   let’s jump over yeah it’s cool man  let’s give these guys an offering Chuck out some food throw it up there there’s  an Indian spotted about to take a dive come on not on the rock good man that’s  awesome dude so I’ll just toss this in   there and we’ll go check out some of  the bigger tortoises right now like   a day is feeding one time yeah that’s  it I mean I do that about once a day   uh once every other day here’s a little  Timmy and another one of the radiators this is part of the fun I like showing  folks around especially when they are from a   manufacturer that you know really does good work  getting these animals into the situations they   need to be in uh these are of course the Galapagos  tortoises I don’t know where Nostradamus is but he   does have food put out for him he’ll smell it soon  but these are our big ones you’re welcome to walk   in this is the big guy way over there about  where is that where was it yeah that’s Darwin   that’s our big female what do they weigh uh this  one when I brought it from Marin County California   we weighed her on the plane I flew her on a Delta  flight she was 350 pounds 10 years ago so I’m   sure she’s gained some weight and in actuality I  helped her out because when I first got her a lot   of captive Galapagos tortoises have a swelling  under their neck uh it looks like a goiter but   that’s not what it is um and it’s for me I found  to get rid of it was just diet natural diet we   let it browse let her walk around originally she  grew and lived on a 20 by 20 flat slate area and

uh that was kind of not conducive to that species  is someone coming yeah here comes Nostradamus he’s   uh maybe he’s late from time to time but  he never misses a meal that tortoise I got   um in August of 20 oh what was that 2004 and it  was a little peanut he was only about that big   and now he’s 150 pounds and he is a boy because  he showed me uh he’s pretty awesome it’s tough   to get a dude you know so when you get a male  giant tortoise you’re pretty stoked so pretty   compressible I mean here’s your voice and come  yeah they’re amazing and in fact if you want Mark   go ahead and Crouch down and give them a scratch  on his neck he’s the only one that really enjoys   it he’ll just stop raise up relax just kind of  enjoy the interaction and what I’ll do while   you’re doing that you’re keeping them busy I’m  gonna go over here and make sure he gets his meal and he’ll be really thankful that I helped him  out there you go now when you stop you should   hopefully get his uh brain to adjust from Hey  there you go right down Isn’t that cool yeah I   hear you hey that’s that’s exactly what happened  to me right yeah I know unfortunately   you can’t not El dabbers um but have other  tourists I do I do have some other torches   but actually if you’re interested in large  giant tortoise and I’ll have to be specific   you gotta talk to my friend uh Sam pescucci at  Florida tortoise Farm I think that’s what he’s   changing to Florida tortoise and iguana Farm  but look for Sam piscucci he knows what he’s   talking about beautiful animals that’s full  size no this actually is not this animal is   only about 19 years old this will be about a  600 pound tortoise when it’s full grown so he   is maybe like a quarter of the way there I don’t  know he’s [ __ ] 50 so oh wow he’s got a lot to   go and that’s what’s so challenging about iding  them uh sexually is they need to be about 200   pounds before you can visibly tell so I got lucky  because he flashed me if you know what I mean all

right there you go I know I know for certain that  that’s a female and my guess is that Socrates is   going to turn out to be a gal there’s just not  a lot of male giant tortoises so we’ll see what   happens but it’s fun you know this kind of this  time of day is a great time of day after I feed   is usually a good time to see everybody and uh  that’s what we’re doing right now let’s see the   Cherry heads how many of them wandered out still  kind of full sun so these guys probably won’t all   be out yet until it cools off a little bit more  but we got the Cherry head tortoises over here   so they’re just kind of nibbling away basically  they are a red foot that doesn’t get as big and   keeps that beautiful redhead but there’s uh 16 in  there yeah exactly that would be a better uh yeah   yeah it would it would be a lot less stressful  for you outside all right so now in here are   the Rhino iguanas and this is something I always  wanted to talk to you about marked down the road   like it’s an eyesore you know it’s just horrible  um I’m curious I wonder if there’s a cage we can   put next to it or basically I don’t know if  we even would attach it to something else but   um or do I just move these guys totally I mean I  don’t know the rest of the camp looks good this   was back when I was uh big borrowing and stealing  for for lumber so I’d like to get something better   for these Rhino iguanas and then I’d like to be  able to not be like Quasimodo The Hunchback of   Notre Dame so I’d like to stand up in here but  anyway it’s just any ideas you have I’m always   welcome to and these of course are the Rhino  iguanas and the female had laid eggs which is why   all this is kind of filled up I got the eggs out  that’s our boy that’s petro and then the female’s   name is Petra she was in here a little while  ago she must be relaxing or is she eating and   he’s gonna get mad about it but I saw something  at bush wildlife where they built a cage around   the tree I love it yeah no I I love that kind of  stuff in fact there’d be some customization but

you know basically use the existing structure  with some angle brackets Tire roof to it come   out and then do like a wall structure similar  to this yeah see I think you know that’s the   kind of interesting thing you guys know how to  build I don’t but like you it’s exciting to me   and that’s where I love the the uh Artistry of  it all you know exactly and to be honest if you   look at that ficus tree there I always thought  how would you build around something like that   but maybe that’s a little bit more difficult  because of all the different branches you know   depends on how you want to go up gotcha no it’s  interesting stuff and that’s kind of be it you   know on-site modification I mean you kind of get  the footprint of what you need and then I mean the   trimming around everything would kind of have  to be done on site cool but yeah it’s cool to   know that it can be done though that’s amazing  and that’s uh I mean I’m sure when you guys do   things for zoos you’ve got to come up with some  interesting ideas and things like that struggle   always is you know making sure you’re getting  accurate measurements getting sure we’re getting   accurate information for the location because you  know a thousand two thousand three thousand miles   away there’s a lot to that sauce yeah there’s  pictures and even communication so that’s the unit   for yourself is priceless priceless very cool come  on in I want you to meet guapo yeah definitely   don’t hit your head right here uh but this is Lola  and Guapo and these are my Cuban Rock iguanas and   these guys I’ve had for 20 years and they are just  amazing they’re you can reach down and give her a   scratch on her head super friendly lizards man um  love these two uh close closest to a dog as you’re   gonna find with scales in my opinion yeah and then  yeah absolutely and then that there is Guapo uh Mr   Handsome and uh yeah he’s just out sunbathing here  these guys just got a little food and now they’re   just kind of relaxing in the sun yeah go ahead  Mike don’t be scared very cool that’s awesome   and then we have we won’t go in this one because  they’re lunatics these are the blue iguanas which   superficially look the same as the Cubans but  they’re actually a little bit different and then

we’ve got a coastal carpet python and then the  famous Inky who’s looking at us over there we’re   not going to go in because I’m wearing sandals  and if I walk in there that lizard will take my   toes off so every time I feed them with sandals  you got to be a little bit no these guys never   these guys I trust with my life and your lives too  but that’s why we’re not going in there they’re   lunatics we’re staying away from them guys but  these guys are awesome this is just more handling   over time you know it’s an interesting thing um I  got these guys they were hatchlings I raised them   up for about half a year in a small enclosure and  then once I put them in this as soon as they were   big enough to not fit through this inch by half  wire um they lived out in that section and I would   always be in there with them and for whatever  reason this these guys in the Rhinos tame down   very quick but the blue iguanas just haven’t done  it you know so I keep waiting you know um what   are you gonna do I want your heads heading on out  and we’re going to walk just over there very cool all right yes we’ve got the Argus monitor he  might have dug in there yeah so that’s again   it’s the monitors that I’m concerned about I want  to get some Cajun you see him yeah these guys like   to dig so it’s already already The Argus monitor  he’s hiding out um but yeah these guys um they’re   going to be large so I want to get my ducks in a  row to make sure we have adequate housing for them   whether I build them something or whether it’s  um you know a sun catcher I just got to figure it   out but uh it’s nuts man now we’ve got the Burmese  python in there you guys have seen Burmese pythons   before we’ll go ahead and leave Buttercup alone  she’s probably in her water bowl but then again   here we have we’ll tell these guys quick while  you have to keep the burmes inside yeah you know   so being that we are in Florida and they’re  an invasive species Florida Fish and Wildlife   makes us keep them in a locked room uh so that’s  where they are you know um it’s uh when I’m on   site I’ll I’ll open the door for some ventilation  but basically they stay in a locker room can’t be

outside any screening nothing no it’s got to be a  solid structure and it’s Gotta Have a double door   entry and it’s just the way it’s got to be now so  I will comply when she croaks that’s it for me no   more uh Burmese pythons so this is Cayman Creek  this is the newest exhibit we have and um right   now you can kind of we’ll go in let’s have a look  let’s go take a look at Lucifer come on come on in   here fellas so here’s Lucifer uh well watch your  toes because of the this female snapping turtle   this is Marge Marge is my attack Turtle I I’m more  worried about Marge than I am the Cayman that’s   right over there but look at her she will follow  me all over and I am wearing sandals isn’t that   ridiculous uh if you guys know Snapper or that is  a Florida Snapper so it’s a subspecies but um if   you guys know who Garden State turtle and tortoise  is Chris Leone Nice Guy funny guy he’s got a box   turtle that is just as personable as Marge here  but hopefully Marge gets the fact that there   are no it’s not food let’s say she’s sniffing the  GoPro she’s looking for my finger and she’s going   for the finger so you gotta look out but if you  want to have a look there’s the uh dwarf Cayman   over there oh boy oh boy right for the sandal  this is nuts yeah I definitely don’t want to get   nipped by her get in there so we’ve got different  Turtles South American turtle species in here and   we also have of course the Cayman so it’s called  Cayman Creek and then we have two smooth front on   the opposite side yes cichlids no just cichlids  the uh South American Cichlids convicts um blue   acara uh what else did I put in there there’s one  more convictara oh and Oscars there’s a couple   Oscars in there to kind of regulate and then over  here is where the smooth front came and lived but   they are this time of day in the cave there’s one  right there it’s poking out let’s go have a look   I’ll go show you guys an unfettered look but this  female uh just laid 13 eggs and I’m incubating

them now so we’ll see how they do here she is and  the malesman most likely behind her yes he is and   uh yeah so they just come out here hang out in the  cave all day we put a couple of redfoot tortoises   in this enclosure and what they’re doing is kind  of keeping uh weed management there are Lawn Care   Specialists so they’re just doing that man they  do all the weeding I don’t want to do except   there you go um awesome stuff and then of course  some of the South American turtles are in here   and you can see the fish are happy whenever I  walk in so it’s pretty awesome so it’s a it’s   a really cool habitat and these these Turtles  are and crocodilians are making use of it for   sure most of the turtles at all I you know that’s  pretty much what’s happened I mean they actually   cohabitate they’ll hang out in there with the  red foots will hang out in the cave with the   smooth fronts it’s pretty cool I don’t know  you know they just like each other there’s a   lot of predatory systems if you keep them fed  they’re usually no drama exactly all right and then over here are our Croc monitors oh really that’s my last name is it really yeah it   might be a distant relation to our  friend Fred Grunwald who passed away   um man he’s been over a year now and he was  awesome man so he’s the reason I have these   Cayman and the alligators We’re Not Gonna all  go in here yeah I just wanted to show you guys   so I’m gonna show my friends give him an update  on the Croc monitor show you how they’re doing   um they’re male and female are both right here  so these guys are hanging out it’s really warm   see and he’s been extremely uh interested in me  because I always bring the food but the one thing   that Spooks me is I’m in here with sandals so I  don’t want him to get too uh amped up but you see   that tongue flicking he’s really curious um and  that’s a good thing but so far so good with this

guy he is just beautiful don’t you guys think  he is gorgeous man and then fairly new to you   about less than a year okay so you know it’ll  be a year I think in November or was it maybe I   don’t even remember I think it was November do  you guys know when I got these let me know in   the comments below I forget but um he’s awesome  and I really think these are as far as monitor   lizards they are at the top of the list you know  they’re just incredible highly intelligent very   agile as they live in trees we’re gonna let  them get close and Flick I’ll be brave here   I don’t want to lose a finger but he’s not  showing me any kind of sketchiness so that’s   cool huh what do you guys think you stoked to see  I’m talking to you guys you stoked to see these   beautiful Croc monitors they are definitely doing  well here all right she’s just hanging out and   sponsors I like these guys a lot man and then of  course there’s the king of the camp get easy out   right let’s go ahead and lock it up keeping  all my cages locked this is the man where is he slinky slinky hey slinky hey what’s up   that is awesome huh he’s just so curious he wants  to see what you guys are all about what’s up buddy   so he’s enamored by you guys ah now he’s on me  very good what’s up buddy if you guys want to   come by the door slinky’s pretty good man um I’ll  let you know just don’t crowd him but I always   make a fist and let them know it’s not eating time  he’s just kind of hanging out but that’s beautiful yeah this was like one of my crowning achievements  and I was able to do it with my friend Jerry wolf   um you know he builds beautifully and um yeah we  made this originally we were going to divide it

so we’d have two sections which is why we have the  two doors but you know for Slinky I was just like   you know I just love seeing him in as much space  as possible that’s what’s really cool about this   so I let him have the whole thing and we’ve got  that ecosystem Pond the waterfall the stream into   the pond we’ve got African cichlids in there and  you can see this is a pretty darn good Lizard Man   I mean he’s just just very curious and super  friendly so he’s awesome man I don’t know we   almost lost him a couple of years ago he almost  froze to death in his old enclosure because he got   out of his hide during the night and I I pretty  much said if you live dude I’m gonna build you   the coolest enclosure of it and then here we are  here is Lulu’s cage and you guys might see this   is be very familiar to you this is one of your  cages man and she’s actually right down there   in between the water and the cage itself so yeah  man loving it and uh this is the sun catcher it   went up so easy that’s what’s awesome you know  like I said for me the hardest was pouring the   foundation for it to Anchor to but you can see I  mean it is completely sturdy I I added you know   this wood here so I can kind of put my furniture  up and then I also did some brackets that I nailed   in just to be extra precautionary I probably  doesn’t know look she thinks she’s getting fat   um she’s been getting a lot more come here you  want to take my finger off yeah so she’s a Croc   Monitor and she’s just kind of having a look and  she’s blind in one eye which is why she’s always   kind of looking out of that right one so she’s  really curious and flicking I’ve been doing this   with her just letting her know this is a finger a  hand this is not to be eaten and you can see she’s   not going after the cage so that’s pretty good  but yeah this enclosure is a lot of fun man I   um it’s super easy to put up easy to move around  in uh and we were talking earlier originally when   I thought maybe we’d I’d do more I would kind of  connect them but the more I think about it as far

as ease of servicing I like being able to walk  into one cage come out and then walk into another   and I think that’s kind of what uh might might be  the best route for me to go to keep it simple yeah   keeping it contained yep easy you can walk back  and forth going in one door and going to the two   is nice but I think keeping them separate right  the thing that I want to do is I’m just going to   go ahead and put the foundation out we’re going  to add the safety catch I think that’s important   because coming down the road who knows what kind  of legislation uh new rules fishing Wildlife is   going to come up with so I want to make sure  I have that but I mean look at all the room   and what I love also is the height especially for  these arboreal species these guys are able to just   kind of climb high feel secure at that elevation  and so like kind of some of the brainstorming that   I wanted to do with you guys and I can only  see Mark’s brain uh working right now but   um I’m curious about the next cage I’d  like to do at least uh three quarters   of it screen and then maybe just have roof  or or a solid structure on maybe a quarter   of the roof just so they can get out of weather  but then we have this screen on top and I don’t   know if that’s something you could do with a  panel or water have you ever done that before   have uh what we call a aluminum laminate panel  so it’s PVC bonded with aluminum sheet on the   outside totally you know watered nothing will hurt  it that way it’s uh no part so you don’t have to   worry about you know bacteria or mold or anything  it is black we can get it in different colors it   would be a flat roof you know you don’t have to  worry about snow load or anything no not at all   um so yeah you could you know it’d basically just  be a panel similar to this we’d put it on the roof   and then you could do three four five with that  solid aluminum laminate and then do a wire top for   the rest of it to have a little bit of bulk that  you’ll still have a little bit of a gap between it   I mean yeah but as long as rain water yeah you  guys can see that’s the Gap he’s talking about   it’s really when you don’t talk with a full-size  lizard it’s not an issue at all yeah that would   probably be my recommendation and then it’s you  know you don’t have to worry about it I mean

it’ll fade a little bit in the Sunbeam but you’re  not going to see that you know one of the things   obviously with universal Rock I I hide things and  there’s even more that you know I don’t know if   some of your customers actually hide some of this  sometimes but you know I’ve in the past taken   large pieces of bamboo let’s split them in half  and then you can put them right on so it’s just   yeah see people do with bird cages and they do  that thatch roof on top yeah kind of neat yeah so   I mean it’s just a really cool structure to begin  with and then you can like you know customize   it yourself however you want but yeah like I  figured I’m just gonna kind of build out this way   um and just you know I’ve got these monitors I  want to give them the best possible home and I   love just the ease and then the configuration of  the sun catcher just works out really well for me   so yeah it’s good to know you guys uh to be honest  I’m glad you’re here definitely thank you for   bringing us here and showing us no this is amazing  man uh before we go you guys want to see the   Gators they’re probably already over here Mike’s  found them uh you might as well see them do you   guys make a sun catcher big enough for Gators okay  yeah probably could it’s gonna Falcon Run which   how big is that gosh as well really that’s awesome  man that is so cool let’s see where they are   come on Dale well you know what Dale ate a  raccoon earlier Here Comes somebody I could   see the water moving so I think it’s going to be  um my friend is somebody there oh yeah there’s   our big boy come on there snaggletooth  come on come on snaggletooth come on   come on oh yeah yeah you’re big all right yeah  this dude’s big man he’s 12 foot and he’s one of   the animals that my buddy Fred uh entrusted to me  here so there is snags Dale’s out there somewhere   she like I said got a raccoon my buddy Reuben  brought me some raccoon I don’t know how it’s   life ended but uh it was dead and now it is fed  to Dale that is so um yeah this is pretty much

uh Camp Cannon guys it’s amazing how much more  water’s in here right yeah you were walking out   10 feet Yes uh that’s the cool thing about Florida  there’s really two seasons here there’s the wet   and dry and you guys were here at the tail end  of the dry season and you could also tell it’s   hotter than hell in the wet Seasons it is Africa  hot they say but it’s uh it’s pretty intense   but these guys like it the water levels are up  everybody’s active and um about when you can’t   deal with the heat any longer around November  starts to cool off and the rain subsides so there   you have it man listen guys I really appreciate  you coming here and helping out and just I love   like I said interacting with you guys because part  of the reason we do things here uh is to educate   our viewers on how to take care of these animals  but what’s neat is we can educate each other in   the industry as to what’s best for these animals  and you guys are doing fantastic   work with the vision cages The Majestic cages  uh you’re also doing uh aquariums I mean these   guys are building absolutely everything for for  the hobbyists out there and Zoo professionals so   really stoked that we’ve become friendly so uh  we’ll see what happens we’re gonna come up with   something interesting and I’ll be sure to show you  guys what we build from top to bottom Soup To Nuts   as they say and I’ll talk to you all again real  soon thanks guys we’ll see you again later hope   you enjoyed the tour absolutely good deal hope you  guys enjoyed the tour and I’ll see you soon bye thank you

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