Suncatcher Bird Outdoor Aviaries

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Suncatcher Bird Outdoor Aviaries

Welcome to our beautiful line of Suncatcher indoor and outdoor bird aviaries. Since our beginning we have been dedicated to providing pet owners and commercial breeders alike with attractive, quality environments for their pets and livestock at affordable prices. We definitely believe that more is better when it comes to cubic footage for animal environments. You will not find a more attractive, versatile, spacious, or quality Suncatcher bird outdoor aviaries anywhere else!

These huge walk-in friendly Suncatcher bird outdoor aviaries come in a variety of wire gauges and sizes, come standard with 1” x 1” x .120” powder coated wire with many other panel options available, are weather-resistant and easy to assemble! You and your feathered flock will love the features our Suncatcher bird cages & enclosures have, such as safety catches (for your outdoor aviary), connectable sectionals (outdoor bird cages), stainless steel rotating feeders or Friendly Feeders (for each indoor and outdoor large bird aviary), and taller, larger, bird cage sizes offered at an even more affordable price! We even have huge double and triple bird aviary configurations! GREAT FOR BIRDS, REPTILES, AND SMALL ANIMALS like CATS, FERRETS, and MONKEYS!

Multiple Color Choices

The Suncatcher bird outdoor aviaries below come in Black Granite, Natural Granite, Cambridge Cherry, English Oak, Golden Oak and Prestige Maple.
Laminate Colors

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