Entire Pet Collection New Year Update! Reptiles Plus!

Speaker: All right, it’s a new year, it’s time for an update. Of course, Bossk and Tehmat are doing awesome. Hey big boy. Bossk, hey buddy. Come Tehmat, good girl. Would you let Bossk get some please? I’m sure you guys will remember the video that I did where I had my dilemma. Tehmat. Beep that out. All of her eggs were infertile, so the dilemma really wasn’t much of a dilemma. I don’t know what that was all about but she laid about 28 eggs, all of them were infertile.

I want to thank everybody who commented. A lot of good suggestions, stuff that I will keep in mind for next time. I still have over two dozen babies that hatched out in October and they are doing awesome. Hi pretty girl. Again, I’ve talked about this enclosure a million times. This is a customcages.com hybrid enclosure and this is their indoor accommodations while it’s a winter outside here in lovely Virginia. Let me try to shut it and we will give Lucky some grub pie. Here you go.

I want to make sure I go down my list. This is an update on every critter in the household. I’m going to put my glasses on and I’m going to chat while I feed Bossk and Tehmat some super worms. Hopefully I don’t forget anything. Just bear with me, I got to put my readers on so I can see what I wrote down. Here we go. Obviously, Bossk and Tehmat are doing awesome. Buddy, come on. There we go. The Anolis smallwoodi that I have out here in there iguanarium are doing great. They eat really well, they love blueberries.

Indie is doing good. I don’t think she enjoys her indoor enclosure. She’s got to run in the backyard during the spring and summer, so bringing her out here is a bummer for her. Lana, my rescue Russian tortoise is doing well. Her activity has went down considerably since it’s cooler out here but she still is eating and drinking. Come on Tehmat. Come on pretty girl.

The kitchen counter nano reef is– I just did a huge bottom maintenance on it yesterday. It’s been neglected. I haven’t done an update since this time last year when I set it up on one of those viewed videos of 2018, so I do need to decide what I want to do with it.

When we go outside, the Sun catcher, I am using it. What I originally planned for and I had indicated I want to make a greenhouse out of it. Right now I just have it wrapped in some reinforced polyplastic and they have some cold hardy palms. Hopefully they’re cold hardy and the plastic is designed to keep the the wind and the snow and the rain off of them so hopefully they last throughout the winter. They were expensive plants, so I want them to survive.

The pond is doing good. It’s that time of year, I quit feeding it, everybody seems to be a little bit dormant. I do keep my filter on year-round but I just don’t feed them. Tehmat yes. All the knight anoles in the lizard room we’re doing great. Siri and Nancy, my two females that I kept together. Gimmly, my male false chameleon is doing awesome. Sid and Louis my pair of normal knight anoles are doing great. Sid is a beast.

Bella, my female false chameleon, she’s doing okay she just doesn’t seem to be thriving. I got her separated and just given her a little extra TLC. Felma, I had Felma by herself, she’s another female knight anoles and then of course there’s Ricky and Lucy my adult pair of Anoles Barracuda, one of the giant anoles and then Blue, the female and Chip my adult pair of Anolis smallwoodi, and then I have Miss Priss. Miss Priss is a female smallwoodi that I got with Blue and Chip as a trio and she is suffering from metabolic bone disease.

I think that’s part of a cautionary tale that even females can be aggressive and territorial. I think she was the submissive female and just did not eat as much or bask. I honestly didn’t catch it until it really impacted her, bur she seems to be doing okay now, she’s eating. The three baby Anolis smallwoodi that I have are doing great. I have a male and two females, they are available. If you’re interested send me a message. I have an Anolis Barracuda that will be two years old in May. He’s a male. I would love to get a female. That’s one of Ricky and Lucy’s offspring from 2017.

Of course, Shamrock, my ten-year-old undulated triggerfish is awesome. Val is our orange Nigerian uromastyx and we were told she’s a female, I don’t know but she’s doing awesome. Kyle is leopard gecko, he’s a beast. Jen, still has a pair of gargoyle geckos, the only two geckos she kept from her collection. Of course, we do have some fur babies here in the Horne household. Simon is our rabbit that we keep outside, and then we have Sebastian, the African pygmy hedgehog. Of course, we can’t forget Blue, the Weimaraner and Dougal his Frenchton little brother who is just a complete goofball and is awesome.

Here’s a happy New Year to everybody. I hope your holidays went great. I hope your new year is starting off awesome. If you have any questions or comments about anything you see on my channel, any of the animals that I showcase today, that’s everybody, that’s everything we have in the house, don’t hesitate to ask. Until next time, take care.

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