0:00:00.3: One of the great things about is, just like the title says, and I’ve said it more than once, you can get them to spec out an enclosure practically any way that you want.

0:00:28.0: Hi guys. I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. Hanging out here with Bossk and Tiamat for a moment. And what I wanna talk about is the divider that I installed in the Custom Cages hybrid enclosure that I have them in. There it is. This is the entire height of the enclosure and it covers front and back, and I needed to install it because Tiamat has been getting very aggressive with Bossk. And I don’t know if you can tell, he’s got a wound on his front, left arm, and on the top of his head, he looked like he suffered a bite. Now these are… I’ve been treating these, I’ve been putting antibiotic ointment on them, so they are healing up, these are very tough animals, but some of the folks that keep these and have kept them a lot longer than I have, have told me that pairs that have been together for years, much like Bossk and Tiamat have, and there’s another example right there, can fight ferociously, and these folks have been known to take off feet, fingers, tales, obviously, females can be just as aggressive as the males as that indicates right there, that’s a pretty, pretty nasty bite, and I have been treating it. But one of the great things about is, just like the title says, and I’ve said it more than once, you can get them to spec out an enclosure practically any way that you want.

0:02:24.0: And so when I first put this enclosure together, I did not install the divider and I’ll put a link to their instructions on how the website wants you to put the a divider in and they want you to put it in at the beginning. I didn’t do that, so I had to modify just a little bit, but it’s working out fine, and it’s doing the trick and it’s keeping Bossk separate from Tiamat. Tiamat has been doing a lot of digging in her lay box over there. So I’m hoping she’s gonna lay me some eggs, but she has just been very aggressive inside. So it’s serving its purpose. Bossk is doing fine. He is healthy, he’s eating, he’s got some wounds, which we’re working on caring for him, but his mobility is just fine. So he’s a spectacular beast. So let’s go ahead and feed these guys some super worms, and one of the telltale things with Tiamat, if she’s ready to lay eggs, she will not eat the super worms or she’ll only take one or two and that’s it, whereas normally she’s very voracious. Just like Bossk is here. I’m sorry for my shoddy camera work, I’m picking up super worms that I’m dropping. Let’s see. We’ll lock this. There we go. So you guys can see what I’m working on here.

0:04:06.6: Oh, I’m playing with a new camera. I got a DJI Pocket 2 with the gimbal and much better resolution than the GoPro that I was using. So bear with me with that, if things seem to move around a little differently than what we would expect. Still working on all the settings and all that good stuff. A lot on Bossk, that’s awesome. I’m gonna give him a few more, then I’m gonna give Lucky probably about 15 of them, 15 or 20, and then we’ll see if Tiamat is gonna eat some. So let me go ahead and close this. Whoops! Wrong side, Chuck. Oh, Lucky. She’s ready. Are you gonna let me do this without you bouncing out on me there, pretty girl? [chuckle] There you go. You stay in there. Where are you going? Get it. It’s two that I’ve dropped in with the tortoises. Yeah, you go back there. There we go. But Lucky is doing awesome. She also has been digging around in her little nest box that I have set up for her, which is right there, but obviously she’ll just lay slugs, she has not been with any males.

0:06:02.6: Alright, that’s it for you for now. Alright, now we’ll put Tiamat to the test, see if she’s interested in eating any. Hi pretty girl. Hi Tiamat. Whoops! Let’s lock it on you. There you go. You’re hungry? Good girl. Alright. Let’s see how much you’re gonna eat for me. Still looking a little plump. You’re gonna lay me some eggs? What, you want another one? Normally, she would be all over these super worms, there would be no question. Come on. Alright, so before she jumps, which is what she’s about to do, hopefully she lays me some eggs, so the divider has definitely come in handy. You can get them in any gauge material that any of the walls are made of, and I can remove that, but I can slide it right out. But I don’t think I’m gonna do that when I have them inside. I think I’m gonna keep them separate, and then obviously when I put them out in the sun catcher for the summer, it’s a much bigger enclosure, much more opportunity for them to get away from each other should aggression get really bad. But they’re doing awesome other than the scuffle, which obviously, I’ve only seen the aftermath of it, I did not witness any fighting. How are you doing pretty girl? But lay some eggs. That’s what I wanted to do.

0:08:19.6: Alright. So today’s video is just all about the divider that I had to put in with Bossk and Tiamat and keep them from killing each other, basically. I hope you guys all had a great Thanksgiving, more videos to come. If you like what you see, if you have any questions, comments, please don’t hesitate to drop them down in the comment section, hit that like button, hit that bell for notifications if you’d like to see when I post, when I upload videos. But enjoy this time of year, family and friends, the holidays, Christmas, all that good stuff. And until next time, take care.

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