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Handling venomous/poisonous animals is dangerous and should only be performed by licensed professionals.

Owning venomous snakes, reptiles, etc. might not be legal in your State/County/City. Please contact your local DNR for more information.

Tyler: I guess that’s a little better, lighting. How’s the lighting? Lighting decent?

Alex: Yes, it looks good.

Tyler: Bueno. It’s really crappy outside, storming all day. It gets a little dark in this room. Anyways what’s up guys, Tyler Nolan, welcome to the freaking show.

Look who’s back, Alex. I don’t know if you guys remember him from previous videos. This is Alex, he’s doing venomous hours here. He was doing them for a few months beforehand. Then he went to go work with Jay for a little bit, and I lost him. He had you too busy, bro.

Alex: Busy, yes.

Tyler: That’s a sweet moustache though too.

Alex: I call him the tickler.

Tyler: Man, I’ve got to shave my thing again, we can be can be mustache brothers.

Alex: Together.

Tyler: Anyways, Alex is back over here with me. We’re going to start back up on his hours now that he’s not over at the jungle anymore. Now he’s working for FWC, catching big-ass Burmese pythons in the Everglades. You just do Burmese pythons or just any big invasive stuff?

Alex: Pretty much any [unintelligible 00:01:55] invasive snakes.

Tyler: It’s mostly Burmese in the Everglades.

Alex:  find other stuff.

Tyler: Huge Burmese pythons down here, the record right now is what, 14 feet?

Alex: 18 feet, 19.

Tyler: 18 feet, Jason’s got. We’re going to try to beat that.

Alex: We’re going to get 20 feet or .

Tyler: I think we can find a 20 footer.

Alex: 20 foot or 20, 20 is the goal.

Tyler: We’re going to go out soon. We’re going to do a Python hunting video on here, because I think that’s fun. That’s some straight-up Florida stuff, and I love Florida stuff obviously. Today we’re going to the False Water Cobra down here, we’re going to take him out. Talk about him, do a couple of things, hopefully, don’t get bit. He’s a venomous snake, he’s a rear fang venomous snake, so we’re going to get him out. Not deadly, nothing too crazy. You’re going with that little one? Yes, I guess that little one could be all right.

We’ve got a new cage right here, this is a three-foot Vision cage.

Alex: We’re going to move him?

Tyler: Yes, we’re going to move him. We got him in this little two-footer now. They get pretty big, I’ll go over down in a bit, but he’s definitely outgrown that two-foot Vision. This three-foot vision is going to be pretty good for him from probably the next year. Eventually, whether it’s a male or female, not sure, I’ve got to sex him out again. I’m going to move him to one of these four foots, but for now we’re just going to move him into the three-foot. First time back doing a venomous in a while.

Alex: It’s been a little bit.

Tyler: What I want you to do is, I want you to open up the cage and then you’re going to take him out. This is a great beginner venomous snake to training with. The reason why I like using False Water Cobras or Indigos are even better, because the Indigo it will bite you and it’s not even going to hurt. The teeth are going to hurt a little bit, you can ask Alex about that. Alex has been bit by the Indigo, but he has not been bitten by that False Water Cobra yet. I say yet, because it might happen. Even if it does happen, that False Water Cobra ain’t going to kill you.

Alex: You want me to put stuff in there first?

Tyler: No, we’ll put stuff in that cage here in a minute, but right now I just want you to open up the glass. Now see what you just did, you just opened it with your hand. You remember? Always open up the glass with a tool. This is going to be like a little refresher course, to freshen up your venomous handling. That’s rule number one now, you never open up a venomous cage. You see me do it all the time, but you’ll end up with no fingers like me. So don’t do that. I do it, I’m a trained professional. Alex is starting, he’s got to do it outright, so you always open up the glass with a hook. Let’s get that little guy out. He’s very feisty.

Alex: He’s my good friend.

Tyler: You see that hood, see how he flattens out. False Water Cobras they flatten out their skin, they flatten out their body like a cobra. They don’t rear up. They don’t hold their bodies up in the air. They stay horizontal, so remember go for that back loop. Get his tail out, nicely grab him by the tail. Then we’ll get him out. See, he’s a jerk.

Alex: I’ve never seen a snake whip like that.

Tyler: Definitely flailing around, and now that you almost have him out he does look like a male. He’s got a very long tail, he hasn’t been growing too fast. If he was a female he would be a lot bigger. There you go, you’re almost there. You can just put him right here, just hold him right on the floor like that.

Alex: Almost took my foot off but–

Tyler: You’re all right, just let him chill for a little bit. He’s going to flail around and be a psychopath. You’re dancing Alex.

Alex: No, I’m quick call me.

Tyler: Lok at that, he just musked, spit water right out of– Hey, get over here. Stop it, look at him biting the carpet, dude, you are crazy. What are you doing? Relax man, relax. He’s musking everywhere, he’s spitting. Look he just grabbed the carpet right there. Crazy little snake. This is a False Water Cobra, he is real freaking mean. Now, they are chewers also. He does not have front fixed fangs like elapid do. This is not an elapid, this is not a true cobra. Look at him, he’s such a jerk. What a mean freaking False Water Cobra. Normally, honestly, this is a horrible example.

Males tend to be a little bit meaner, I mean I’ve only had a few males and they’re always meaner than the females. The big females that I have had in the past we’re always sweethearts for some reason. Anyway, normally they are very chill snakes that are in the pet trade. A lot of other states you can just buy them online, you can buy them at any pet store. Like I said this is not an elapid. It is a rear fanged venomous snake, the venom is not deadly. It’s not even bad at all. It is very uncomfortable, it’s very uncomforting. It makes you sick, it definitely hurts.

This snake is not like a cobra with front fangs that’s going to just bite and let go real fast. When this guy bites you, see how he did with the carpet. They’re chewers, they’re rear fangs. So they don’t really have the capability of injecting a more potent venom easily with those front fangs. These guys have several teeth in the back that they need to do more of a chew to envenomate their prey. Definitely don’t have the best response or the best delivery system, definitely– Would you relax? Chill out, dude. Now if I were to try to grab him anywhere else this snake would just turn around and grab me in the arm and start chewing. They’re jerks, so this is a South African snake, South African colubrid.

They like it really wet honestly, they live in the marshlands and the rice paddies. They like to swim a lot, this guy is always in his water bowl, so I’m going to make sure I give him a nice big water bowl in that cage right there. Hopefully, he’ll grow a little faster, man, he almost got my freaking shoe on that one. Maybe it’ll be me that gets bit before Alex. He’s a decent colored one. He’s pretty dark for a False Water. A lot of times they’re a little bit on a lighter color. He’s definitely a little [unintelligible 00:08:40] on the darker side. He’s a jerk.

Look at him flatten up like that. Now, you see how they stay more horizontal? They don’t stand up and hood like other cobras. Jesus, that was close. You see how close he got to my hand? Came right up after me. Will you freaking relax, bro? I’m trying to hold you. Oh God, [unintelligible 00:09:04] bite me in the freaking knee, crazy little snakes. They’re really cool though. They’re easy to breed. I used to have a pair back in the day, I used to breed them.

We used to sell them at Underground, this is before Florida had them on the venomous list. Back in the day when I grew up working with snakes, and I grew up working in the Underground, you did not need a venomous permit to have a False Water Cobra.

You’d be just going to a store and buy one, now you have to have a permit which honestly, I think it’s whatever. It’s honestly stupid, but I get it. You can have them anywhere else, like California you don’t have to have a license, and a bunch of other places you don’t have to have a license at all. Florida is a little bit different. I am going to let him go. Actually you know what? Let’s set this cage up first. Check this out, see how we got this set up here? Got the [unintelligible 00:10:04] boxes in there. Then I use this Sterilite for his water bowl. It’s not just a water bowl. They also hangout in the water a lot. False Water Cobras, they’re known to just sit in their water bowl all the time and that’s what he does. He likes to sit in the water for the most part, so it’s got to be bigger because he’s getting bigger so he’s got a little room to chill. All right. Let’s take this hydronasty [unintelligible 00:10:27] out of here, that’s scientific for it. If you guys didn’t know.

Know another reason, cobras, naga most. Obviously King Cobra is not naga, but the King Cobra is also not technically a cobra. I don’t know if you ever knew that. Technically a King Cobra is not a cobra, news flash. Anyways, back to this. False Water, there you go. Get him out there Alex. There we go, just like that, got him by the tail, mid section. Nice and smooth [unintelligible 00:11:11] Now, just like before, it came right at your hand right there, bro.

See, this is why training with False Water Cobras is great, because you see how that snake came back around trying to go for his hand. It’s pretty much what you want to do. Close that thing with the hook, watch his head. See, he’s coming back at you. He’s like, “Yo, I’m coming back out man.” Keep it nice and closed. You did it. You passed, bro.

Alex: Making progress

Tyler: That’s it. We’re going to get back to doing things in the snake room. Just want to do a little False Water Cobra video. His first day back. back.

Alex: Glad to be back. Back in the sunshine state.

Tyler: Yes, sir. More to come. I feel we’re going to do some more training videos. We’ll definitely do more handling videos, obviously practicing safe handling with these guys. I do not freehand anything with them. Everything is with hooks and done safely, until you’re years on, years, and years from now when you have your own shit. You can do whatever you want with it, but when you’re in my house we got to do things safely. What else are we going to be doing soon that I’m pretty stoked about?

I’m going to make a video about how to get your venomous license. Seeing how so many people ask me all the time, every time I answer my emails there is at least 10 to 15 emails from people about, “Hey I have a Cornsnake,” Hey, I don’t even have any snakes, but I want to get some venomous.” I’m going to make a video just for those questions, and tell you how I feel about that. Stay tuned for that and much more. Make sure you like, comment, subscribe to this video. Comment down below. Until next time, my finger is still messed up, [unintelligible 00:13:05] bite last week. Anyway, until next time, peace out.

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