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0:00:17.2: Great. What’s up, guys? How are you? Welcome. Beautiful South Florida. Not really. So Hurricane Ida, it’s a pain in my ass, is working its way through. Tropical storm, category one. It’s been bouncing back and forth between the two, but it’s here and it sucks because today’s my day off. I’m trying to make some videos and do some things. I gotta get the Mangshan viper set up today, but everything is kinda crazy. So we have no power at the house. That has shut off, so I gotta take care of that situation first. So one of the main issues when power goes out is dealing with your saltwater tank. Now, you can see when the power goes out, you turn the power off of my tank, the water level goes down obviously, and a bunch of this coral sticks out the top of the tank. You see that? That’s all out of water.

0:01:22.1: Clearly, no power in this house. So first thing is first. I have a couple backup generators for when things do happen like this. So we gotta get that set up before we can do anything today. Alright, so check it out. Boom! A little baby generator. I have two bigger generators right here, one’s for the shop, one’s for my house. The main one for my house, I normally just plug into the side. It powers the entire house, but I forgot to put oil in it, of course. So we can’t use that right now. So for now, this is my little baby backup, which is plenty enough power. Reptiles are fine when the power goes out.

0:01:56.5: You don’t have to worry about anything, the gators in the back, the monitors, animals outside. They don’t need power, obviously. They’re gonna be fine. Main thing is that reef tank needs power. It needs to be constantly circulating water and providing oxygenated saltwater throughout the tank. It’s crucial especially those corals that are sticking out. And I got a fridge out here that’s full of rabbits and rats and mice and all that other stuff, so I gotta make sure none of my food items defrost either, so it’s crucial to have power on at least just a couple of things for now so we can continue about this day and do what I gotta do.

0:03:03.8: Here we are, baby. We have power. Cool. Alright. So this is good now. Lights, power and backup, water circulating again, everything’s boom back on, baby. Circulating pumps are on. Crucial, crucial, crucial. ‘Cause the only thing that sucks about this hobby in South Florida is when your power goes out, you could lose a lot of animals that way when they’re dependent on filtration like this. You know what I mean? Even back in the day, keeping fish my whole life, that’s the thing that sucked the most. I remember when I was a kid, I had a… I probably had like 12 different tanks set up at my dad’s house, and we had a bad hurricane one year, and dude, I lost almost all my fish because all my tanks were on these little aerators and they do well for a little bit, but dude, we didn’t have power for like six weeks at one point. It was pretty crazy. So you gotta make sure if you have saltwater tanks, you gotta make sure you’re ready for power outage because it’s crucial. That could have… Literally just having no power on this tank could have killed a lot of things and messed it up a good bit, so, thank God for generators.

0:04:36.7: Howdy Senor Pepe?

0:04:38.8: Huh?

0:04:39.1: Howdy, howdy. Pepe is here. Okay, so we went to Home Depot. We got some plants, went over to Jay’s, grabbed a couple of these Zoo Med. I thought they were Exo Terra, but they’re not. They’re made by Zoo Med, these cages that I’ve been using for years. They’re awesome. They have a latch right here, sliding door. So what we’re going to do today is, this eyelash viper is finally getting upgraded today to this TV Vision right here. So I just wanna try to clear up some room in the snake room since we have a lot of freaking snakes now and I gotta make some room. Yeah, there’s snakes all over the freaking place. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna break down this cage, put him in here.

0:05:22.6: A lot of people ask how I set up these lights and these Visions. I’m gonna show you how I set them up in this Vision cage right here today. It’s kind of a little bit of a pain ’cause I gotta take everything down and rewire everything again for the 50th millionth time. It’s not my favorite thing to do. Now it’s… I hate doing it but I’m doing it pretty good. So I’m gonna do that, set him up, and then we’re setting up these mangs in the new cage. These cages are beautiful. They’re brand new. It’s gonna look sick. Put them on here. I got little bonsai trees for them. I’m gonna tell you what I named them. I picked out some names I was going through. I was going through all the comments.

0:05:56.3: Just give them names.

0:05:57.3: There’s a lot of names. Obviously, they’re Chinese snakes, so I wanna pick some Chinese names and something that goes along with the whole theme. Some of these names I can’t pronounce and I’m never gonna remember how to say them. So I’m not… I’m gonna use some easy to remember dope names. I will tell you guys here in a minute. Okay. Check that out.

0:06:18.3: This is what we got to do every time. We gotta switch lights or rewire things. Yeah, look, look at the whole wall… Woah, it’s crazy, right?

0:06:28.2: Where’d it go?

0:06:28.3: Where the hell did all the gators go? Now, everything is gonna be super legit. We’re gonna have all the bio-active setups set up running, doing great, thriving plants growing, all that good stuff. Alright, so what I’m gonna do is I got these… The plant life, alright.

0:06:46.9: So I do… Is I already pre-marked where those bulbs sit. I’m gonna drill them out. Another great thing about these cages, it definitely sucks having to drill into the cages, but there’s no way around it, especially when these TV Visions are best used for arboreal set-ups. Might as well just set them up once. I’m gonna do it. You don’t have to keep arboreal animals in these cages obviously, but I just like to. They’re perfect, they’re tall, they’re wide, they’re just… That’s why we call them TV Visions, okay? Dude, I love these cages. To install these lights, I like to use zip ties ’cause I put two holes for each light. Each side so four… Eight holes total, four zip ties, hang them down like that. They go up in here. So you see how I have these zip ties hanging down inside this cage. So what I’m gonna do is I just literally take the zip tie, wrap it around the light, put it right back up into that other hole, and then connect it. So that way it holds the light fixture to the top of these Vision cages.

0:08:04.9: What I don’t like to do is cover that back vent because then, air flow won’t go through these cages and that is definitely not good. You wanna make sure you keep that open so another reason why I like to put these light fixtures inside the cage. And these are LED fixtures also, so it doesn’t really put off any heat. They put off a very, very minimal bit amount of heat, which is honestly perfect for these cages because as you can see in these other ones, it creates the perfect amount of humidity that they need. See that? See the top part? The holes, put it right through to hold the bulbs in… Hold that whole fixture up. It’s perfect. Boom! Alright, so then you drill a hole in the back. I drilled it in the back corner because that’s where this wire is going to, on the back at that light fixture. So it goes right through there like that, cut the wire, put it back together, a little bit of electrical tape. Bing, bang, boom. Of course, there’s gonna be some electrical tying here. And they’re like, “Why’d you do it like that?” That’s how I’ve been doing it for years. Boom!

0:09:07.1: And then let’s hope that is the right color spectrum. Ah! Beautiful. All the same color. Hell yeah! So now everything is gonna look great. I got the four vivariums together, same lights, everything. It’s gonna look great. Let’s get this thing set up. Alright, so this cage, we’re gonna use our handy dandy No-Float aka cypress mulch. Few people were having asking in the last videos that we were doing, what we’re using. This stuff right here is awesome. Cypress mulch blend right from Home Depot, take some sphagnum moss, then mix that in there also. I probably put like a half a container in here. Then once I get this all set up for them, we’re gonna spread it down really well. And I found this to work out pretty well. The sphagnum moss helps hold the humidity inside of the cage. These plants do great in these vivariums and now they’re super… They’re easy, like, you just take them right out of the pot like that, put them right inside. I haven’t had any problems. These ones took him right out of here, a lot of people… Chandler, the way he set his cages up, he did it a little bit different. You put the chicken wire on the bottom with the lava rocks, and you create the separation and yada yada, do this, that and the other thing.

0:10:32.8: This works out also. I’ve had plenty of… Plenty of good luck with it so far, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix ’em. I’m just gonna set it up the same way I did that other cage. I’m gonna take some of those branches in there, put them in here, and that’s it. We’re gonna wait for it to grow. Alright, so check that out. Perfect, right? Look how good this looks now. Now every cage over here is lit. Every case has an animal in it, all nice and set up. It’s not like awkward looking without this cage and it looks great. I love it. So I’m just misting down this cage real quick, just getting everything nice and moist for this eyelash viper. See, I got the live plants in the back, I’ve got the grapevine all throughout it, he’s got these other supports up here to climb on, he’s got plenty of room, and it’s just him. He’s a small little eyelash viper. He’s gonna get a lot bigger.

0:11:24.2: And this is the one that’s still eating lizards, so hopefully soon I could change that. Oh, he’s feisty today. Hey, you feisty little eyelash. How are you doing little guy? Look at this guy, very cool, little eyelash viper. Now, this is the Nicaragua one. I wanna be very careful. Move very slowly, Alex, because he’s very… He’s on edge right now. I don’t want him turn around and strike out my hand because you’re moving, so… But look at him, great little eyelash viper. Very cool. This is my Christmas tree eyelash. He is not a bad temperament animal. As you can see, he’s very fixated on you guys. It could care less that I’m holding him. So I’m just gonna come over here. Alright, check this out, put him in his new cage.

0:12:11.5: Look at this, bro. Look how awesome this is. He’s like, “Oh, thanks Dad.” Now, this guy is still eating lizards, which is why he’s not as fat as the other ones, but hopefully soon, I’m gonna try to get him to eat pinkies. It’s just a very slow process for these guys. He’s an imported animal. He was wild caught, so it’s a little bit harder to get him to transition over to a different food item than he’s used to, been eating his whole life out in the wild but slowly but surely I’m getting there. Those little insularis that I had, one is still eating lizards, and then the other one finally, recently, I don’t know if you guys follow me on Instagram or not, but I posted a story, I finally got one of them to eat some dangled pinkies, so no more lizards for that guy, which is a big plus.

0:12:56.9: Alright. So let this cage closed. Now, it’s time for the main event, setting up the Mangshans. Okay, so we got some little bonsai trees. Awesome. So put these in the back for some sweet little decorations. You know what I mean? Chinese snakes, cool little bonsai trees. Keep everything nice and same thing. Look at that. That looks awesome, right? I’m gonna put a live… I’m gonna put another plant light on these cages as well, cover that. I got the cypress mulch down there with some sphagnum moss to keep the humidity, the perfect temperature. Let’s keep the humidity at the perfect level for these guys. Also got some sweet little weird branches. Check this out. These are perfect. Got the little plant light up here for now. Now remember, this is only temporary. This is just a temporary little set up. I’m gonna keep using these cages obviously, but once I get Rusty’s cage, I’m building that whole new section right here. So I’m just gonna spray everything down with this sphagnum moss nice and wet and then it’s time to move these guys into their new enclosures finally. I gotta label them to make sure I don’t confuse the two of them together, and it’ll be awesome.

0:14:53.2: Alright, so this is the female. So now what I’ve decided… Looked at a lot of comments. There was a lot of people that said yin and yang, which is cool, it’s Chinese, but honestly, the two names that stuck out to me the most were Chun-Li and Raiden, which are pretty awesome… Street Fighter names. I think it fits perfect for Chinese, they’re awesome. Chun-Li, super hot, you see that? Crazy dude, they strike so fast. Chun-Li, super hot Street Fighter chick. Love that name. Raiden, also badass. And it works out perfect, ’cause my dog, Sheeva is also Mortal Kombat. Alright, so let’s get this girl in her new cage. Man, these things are so awesome. I’m still super shocked that I have a pair of them. There we are. There we go. Awesome. Close her enclosure nice and safely, nice and safe.

0:15:54.5: Next, Raiden. Alright, so let’s get Raiden back in its cage, in his new cage… Not back in his cage, in his cage for the first time… Let’s go over here. Hey look, little dude. Check this out. Oh yeah, look at that. Look at the colors of these animals man, absolutely insane. Look at that. Beautiful man, it’s crazy looking like, oh my god, I can’t believe these guys are mine. So freaking cool dude. Alright, so that is it. Badass. Check out these cages. Super excited the way that they turned out. They look phenomenal, right? Snakes look beautiful inside of them. The contrast on them is absolutely amazing. Damn it. So sick. Alright, well, I have a lot of other stuff to tend to. Alright, so I’m just gonna get some labels on these cages, and then we got other work to do there, Pepe.

0:16:54.5: Always.

0:16:56.4: Always got work to do.

0:16:56.6: Never stops.

0:16:57.6: Having animals is… It’s every day. Keep that in mind, guys. You wanna own animals like this, it is a full-time job on top of the full-time job I already got. It’s like two full-time jobs. It’s crazy.

0:17:10.0: Especially when you get to this level.

0:17:11.3: Especially when you get to this level. It’s awesome. Okay. Until next time, guys. Thanks for watching. Oh my God, look at that though. Look at the contrast of that snake with the blue bold, dude. I can’t believe these guys are mine. It’s absolutely insane, dude. Chun-Li and Raiden, stoked to have you guys.

0:17:36.3: Pretty good names.

0:17:37.1: Yes, welcome to the family. Alright guys, till next time. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram. The old page is still down, still going back and forth with Instagram about that. It’s a nightmare. It’s pain in the ass. With my business account, it’s just… It sucks. In the meantime, Tyler Nolan Tattoo, without the S. Give that a follow, make sure you like, comment, and subscribe. Let us know what you guys think. Let us know what kinds of videos you guys wanna see. We’ll try to make sure that happens. We’re getting close to 500,000. I think the channel right now is at 318, 320, something like that. Tell your friends, let’s get some more subscribers. I wanna go somewhere cool. Hopefully, I’ll get to 500,000 subscribers in the next few months hopefully with the help of you guys, and we’re gonna go somewhere cool as to celebrate that. So give me some suggestions down below. I wanna go to a really cool country, do some really cool things. What do you guys wanna see? Where do you guys want us to go? Let us know. Alright? Till next time. Later guys. Peace out. Bye.

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