0:00:00.1: What is going on guys? Welcome back to yet another episode. We are here in the Tree Viper room today.

0:00:22.3: So what’s going on guys? I know we haven’t been in here in quite some time. Been working on some little side projects in here, getting some finishing touches done on, well, this cage. So I did actually finish the water feature with the exception of live plants. I got all the sand I needed in there, all the driftwood I needed in there, the lights all looking good. Phenomenal. So, right now, I currently actually have the North Philippine Temple Vipers in here, which actually, both just ate a meal for me yesterday so they’re pretty chill right now. I’m hoping this one’s actually gravid, which would be amazing. The Wagner’s Viper actually currently at my sister’s right now. Just until I get done with this new project I got going on. So, yeah. Look at that little mushroom growing right there. [chuckle] So I actually took out all of the Squams out of this cage and only left a pair in here, which is the new female I got and the, I believe, the yellow male. Yes. So, they’re the only two in this cage right now. I’m actually gonna probably take this cage apart and redo it now that I’ve, kind of, mastered my little technique with these cages.

0:01:35.4: I wanna redo this one. Just the walls and everything like that. I do have the pairs behind me, so I have my single green male there, the other female with the purple male in that second one there. I’m hoping maybe to try and get some purple babies ’cause they’re just awesome. Purple snakes. What else? What else? All of the baby Squams are gone, but one pair. I have one pair left. I’ve been trying to sell them on Instagram, nobody has wanted them yet, so if you have your permits and you are here in the States and you would like the last pair of baby Squams, find me on Instagram and message me. That’s gonna be the best way. But, yeah. Lots of stuff going on in here. If you haven’t seen it yet, I also have this big, black coffee table. What could that be? I don’t know, let’s talk about it. So this thing is massive. So it’s 20 inches by four feet. And it also weighs about 150 pounds. It’s 18 inches off the ground. But, again, what could that possibly be besides the coffee table? It’s actually the stand. The stand to a new cage. So this thing is epic, and I do mean epic. So I want to… Huge thank you to Custom Cages. They supplied me with this cage, they’re sponsoring this build. It’s gonna be awesome. Before I show you the actual cage, let me show you this thing coming to my house. Oh, man, guys. It is here. It is here. I am so happy. It is here. My neighbors are absolutely gonna hate me. Yes.

0:03:37.8: Yes. So, this cage is literally four foot wide by four foot tall by 20 inches deep, on an 18 inch stand. So this thing’s gonna sit this high off the ground. Phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. I could fit in this cage. I could literally sit down in this cage. It’s got sliding glass doors on the front, okay? I also got a hole pre-drilled right there so that is where the water is gonna come out. I’m actually gonna be putting bulk heads on this cage today. So this is a bulk head, alright, so I can slide in PVC pipe on both sides. And then you come over here, there’s two more holes there also one-inch, and a little bit smaller one there. That’s gonna be a fogger, that’s gonna be for the water to come out, giant waterfall. And the other hole I can actually, possibly, run cords out if I need to, say, for heaters and things like that. Hi, guys. You can see my reflection. But, yeah. So epic. I am so in love with this cage. So, again, huge shoutout to Custom Cages. I’m gonna be putting all of their information in the description below if you guys wanna check out some of their cages. So sick. Enough of that. I know you guys wanna see new stuff ’cause everybody loves new stuff. So I got some new snakes. Didn’t buy any of them, but I got new snakes.

0:05:00.9: So I did happen to get another one of the Blue Insularis’ back from my sister’s house. Doing phenomenal. The other two are also doing pretty good, but I took this one off her hands. One less thing for her to deal with so he is now back here at the house, fresh into quarantine. But, wait, there’s more. So these cute little guys… Oh, I can’t open it. There we go. Boom. Is that a little rattlesnake? Why, yes, yes it is a little rattlesnake. So, beautiful pair of Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes. I believe that one is actually the female here and I believe this one is the male. Oh, you went potty. So that’s the male. You can see the female’s actually a lot more red than he is. So cool. So I got those guys from Premier Predators. Ryan over at Premier Predators. Awesome YouTube channel. If you guys haven’t checked them out, you should definitely check them out. As for the baby Eyelash Vipers, as well. So, most of you guys know there’s three of those left. Come to find out, I called the kid and was like, “Hey, come pick up… ” ‘Cause I was gonna keep one of them, “Come pick up the other two,” and he’s like, “No, just keep them, they’re yours. You’ve been taking care of them.” So, I was like, “Yeah, sure. Why not? I’ll keep them.”

0:06:14.1: So now I have three new Eyelash Vipers. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I just wanted to give you guys a little update on everything going on. Super excited. This cage is so big and it’s probably gonna take me a little while to build. I’m gonna film it for you guys, I’m gonna put it up there on the ‘Tubes just for you guys so you guys can check it out. It’ll probably be a couple of videos. Building it, one video. Planting it, probably another video. Putting the snakes in it, probably another video. ‘Cause the snakes that are gonna go in there, they’re gonna look really good. I’m actually getting plants from just their area where they come from. My buddy over at who is my, pretty much, aquarium, or paludarium, or vivarium guy. He’s looking into certain plants for these snakes where they come from so they get all native stuff. The wood, the waterfall, everything. It’s gonna be… So excited about it. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a cage build. Yes. But that’s it for this one, guys. I’ll see you guys in the next video, like always. Remember, subscribe if you are not already.

0:07:27.5: Smash that like button if you haven’t already, and I will see you the next video, like always. Have a great day. Big thank you to my Patreons, you guys are awesome. I’m going to be doing a livestream this week on the other YouTube channel. I will have it at the end of the video so make sure you guys follow that channel. Let’s talk about some stuff, talk about some animals. Love livestreams. Haven’t done one in a while, so stayed tuned for that. Bye.

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