Corner System for Hybrid Reptile Cages

Hybrid Reptile Enclosure Corner System

Corner System for Hybrid Reptile Cages

Perhaps the most revolutionary part of our reptile cage system are the corner joints and draw wedge system shown above and below. This is our own invention for this specific application. These parts are also designed to withstand an extraordinary amount of force without breaking and are designed for easy, secure assembly and dissassembly. To ensure this, we hired the best engineers to run a series of computer generated test, each time refining the part to make it stronger. We also searched thoroughly for the strongest material we could find for this application, a fiberglass reinforced nylon composite. The end result is the strongest reptile cage system of its kind. We continually strive to perfect our system. There is not a single part in our reptile enclosure system we have not revised and re-engineered to perfection, some parts 5 or more times! We will stop at nothing to create the ultimate herp cage system.

 Hybrid Reptile Cages Corner Assembly

Hybrid reptile cage corner assembly with cap

 Reptile Cage Corner Assembly Showing Casters

Hybrid reptile cages corner assembly without the cap Hybrid reptile cages corner assembly Reptile cage corner assembly showing a caster installed.