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Speaker: What is going on guys? It’s another awesome day, super excited, so happy to do this video. Finally got my animals back. I’ve been waiting for my permits to come here to the new house. I wasn’t able to have my animals here yet, but I got my permit yesterday and I’ve been working non-stop, all night last night moving most of my animals here. I still have some of them out of the house, but tonight we’re going to check out the new snake room. Super excited, hopefully, you guys are too. Let’s go check it out.

All right, guys, over here, I have my swamps and all my ouroboros stuff. The four swamps are still in here.

I did find out shortly after we move that there is actually three males and only one female. My big red one is a female. They were locked up for quite some time, but soon we’ll have babies with them. Now down here, I do have my white-lipped tree vipers, my female and my male. Pretty much the same set up as the old house, but in a couple of months, I’m going to be changing this whole area, slowly but surely, doing living vivarium. I’m going to do one at a time because they’re very complicated living systems.

They’re quite expensive, and on top of that, you need to do them right, otherwise, they will fail. Over time, I’ll be doing actual living vivariums with bugs, insects and all that fun stuff with the snakes. I love doing cross-species in my enclosures, which we’re going to check out more of those here in a second. What’s up, little buddy? Daddy’s missed you so much. I’m sorry. Now these are smaller cages but in here, I have my two Mexican West Coast rattlesnakes. My big male, as you guys know, he is quite famous on my channel. The female is back to there. Now I did take the western diamondback rattlesnake out of here because this is a smaller cage, not like the six-footer that I was keeping him in.

I don’t have anything in this four-footer underneath yet but soon enough, I will. I’m not worried about it right now. I’m so happy to have them in their new cages. They’re all set up and happy. What’s up? You just want to come out and play, don’t you? You’ve missed me. I know. I’ve been gone from my animals for a very long time. It’s very nice to have them back at my home. I’m very excited about it. Up here, I do have the coral cobra, probably redoing her cage here soon too. I’m going to be putting her a nice, new, bigger enclosure. Even though I did say in the past she can live in this cage, but I want to change it up because, well, I like to do things big when I get these things.

All right, guys. Now, as most of you guys do know, I absolutely love rattlesnakes. These are all my medium to small rattlesnakes and some vipers as well. As you see, there is a lovely towel covering this one because she is very noisy. Hi, sweetheart. This is the western diamondback rattlesnake, my big western. She wasn’t with the Mexican West Coast rattlesnakes, but again, I did separate her out. I have my three beautiful eastern diamondback rattlesnakes down here, my lovely male, my female and then the head albino female down there. See, that’s why I had a towel covering you because you’re so damn noisy. You’re going to stop? No? Okay, we’re just going to cover that up.

All right. Over here, super cool. I actually put three different rattlesnakes together. I put my head albino eastern diamondback rattlesnake. Come on, over here. I put my blacktail rattlesnake in here and also the other western diamondback rattlesnake in here. The regular western is under there. The one I got from Texas from a fan of YouTube. The albino is underneath that other hide. Then the Arizona blacktail rattlesnake is right there on top. Looks like she’s actually about to go in shed soon, which is awesome.

Now technically, it’s only two different species in here, but with the locality of the westerns, they are different, so it’s really cool to have these three rattlesnakes in here. They’re not full-grown yet, so they can stay in here no problem. I’m just going to cover you up just because you’re being nosy. They’ll be fine in there for right now. They all ate last night. I fed everybody once I did get them here in the house, so I don’t have a problem with them eating at all. Now down here, I have my South American rattlesnake, the bigger of the South American rattlesnakes. She’s doing fantastic. She’s looking beautiful. She just shed before I picked her up last night.

Down here, I have the canebrake rattlesnakes. The female right there. The male is actually buried in the back right there underneath the mulch. He’s just blending in. Scary if you think about it because you almost cannot see him. They’re here, they’re doing great, nice and healthy.

Of course, everybody’s favorite on my channel, my beautiful Gaboon viper. I have her down here. Gave her some nice new fresh bedding. She started to burry herself a little bit when I was actually feeding her. On Thursday, I posted a video of her eating on Instagram at my sister’s house. It was pretty cool, did it in slow motion, a lot of people liked it. That’s another thing if you guys want to check out, my Instagram. I’m always posting stuff on there too.

Now over here, I have all the baby stuff. In this one here, I have my rhino viper. I have the puff adder here, the Uracoan rattlesnake here. The other baby, South American rattlesnake here, who looks like he just went to the bathroom. Then down here, I have my– What is that?- My Mojave rattlesnake. All the babies are doing great. They all ate from my sister while they’re at her house.

Now over here, don’t mind the broom. Over here is the cobra rack. Now before we left, before we went on our little break, you guys know that I had two cobras in quarantine. Over the break, they came out of quarantine and they’ve been living with my collection at my sister’s house. Very excited about these to show you guys in the snake room. Hang on, I have to get a snake hook. What’s up, buddy? Good? All right, the first one I’m going to pull out is my beautiful– Now this was the very first snake species or cobra species I actually started working with towards my hours.

The one I started working with was Tyler Nolan’s, so I definitely wanted to get one of these guys. They’re beautiful, banded. Now they’re called banded Egyptian cobras even though they don’t come from Egypt. But super excited, she’s got a nice, little rat in her. She looks like she’s about a shed, so we going to put her back. She’s out of quarantine, living in the snake rack, so happy. Now the other one, if you guys remember correctly, little feisty when I got her. She still is super feisty. Oh God, she’s all the way in the corner. Hey, you want to come out to say hi? I’m going to leave her be because again, she also just ate, but if you want a come and look at her, you can.

That is the leucistic monocled cobra, very feisty snake but very beautiful. Absolutely happy to have this snake in my collection. She is so gorgeous, so gorgeous. Looks like she is going to shed here soon too, which is always a good sign when snakes shed. You’re backing up, Summer? That’s water. Good job striking your water. Summer backed up a little bit. She’s a little scared.

In here, I have the two albino monocled cobras. As you guys know, I was breeding them last time you saw them. They did breed successfully, so I will be producing albino monocled cobras this year. I know everybody absolutely loved the “Feeding eight baby cobra” videos last year. I’m going to let them be. The female is full of eggs. Here, shortly, I’ll have to take her out and put her in a cage with the nest box, so she can lay her eggs comfortably. Then when it comes time to remove those eggs, there’s no chance of them rolling around and getting ruined or anything like that.

All right, guys. Hopefully, you enjoyed the new snake room. I still have a lot of work to do in here. I’m still getting another four-footer from my buddy in Okeechobee, which we’ll be going there soon. A lot of work to do. Really excited and happy to have my animals back at home with me. I need to go pick up the foxes still. I need to pick up the crocodilians still. Over time, everybody will start making their way back here. I can actually start doing videos more often now. That is a big reason why I haven’t been able to do my videos.

Big thank you to my Patreons for all the support. Since I’ve been off of YouTube, I still have been doing a lot of stuff on Patreon. You guys are awesome for all that support that you do give me. If you guys would like to become a Patreon, definitely check out the link below. We will be putting that in there so you guys can check it out. Lots of cool different tiers and things you can do to help support me and Summer and all the work that we do do with the animals.

Remember, guys, smash that Like button if that’s something you’re into. Subscribe if you’re not already because now that I have my animals, things will be getting a lot better. Super excited. Anyway, subscribe if you’re not already, seriously, because my channel is going to be getting very busy here soon. I will see you, guys, in the next video. Bye.

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