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Hey, guys, Chuck here. Happy Sunday. I’m watching this video and doing this voiceover. I’m having a picture-in-picture, I’m having a heck of a time getting my laptop camera to work so that I could do it that way. This is my introductory video to my new outdoor enclosure for Boston tiamat and a pair of anolis smallwoodi. This is at custom Suncatcher enclosure, it’s a design, it’s either an aviary or a cat enclosure for the patio, but also can be used, obviously, as a lizard enclosure.

You just saw the main part, this is a fly catch that I’ve converted to an arboreal tropical enclosure. This is where the pair of night anolis will go. You might ask well, what is a fly catch? Like I said, because it’s an aviary, you want to have a door that you come in and close behind you before you open the main door to the aviary so that the birds don’t fly by you. Same premise for one of the world’s fastest lizards, the spiny-tailed iguana. That’s why I wanted to get a fly catch to get into the main enclosure and I thought those five catches are huge. They would make a nice enclosure themselves.

That’s why I went ahead and did that for a pair of anolis smallwoodi. This part is us introducing the anolis smallwoodi, they’re yearlings, they hatched out for me May of last year and is a male and a female. I’ve already caught them mating once inside. I imagine they’ll lay some eggs for me whether or not I can get to them, because there’s three well-planted pots in there, a lot of soil. I’ll do my best to try to find them, but I don’t hold out a whole lot of hope.

Maybe one day we’ll go out there in the middle of summer and find a baby anolis smallwoodi running around. Plan A, to get Boston tiamat my pair of Honduran spiny-tailed iguanas into the main Suncatcher enclosure, was to take the IguanAriums, the zoo made brand of IguanAriums they’re currently in tech Bosque in his IguanArium and put it on the inside of the enclosure. That’s what you see us doing now. That’s my son, Kyle, and obviously, my wife, Jennifer, helping, and my nephew Austin is holding the camera for that particular shot you just saw.

We’re backing it into the Suncatcher enclosure. Six-foot tall, I can easily stand up in it, six-foot octagon. It’s a huge enclosure compared to what they’re used to being in, those IguanArium. There’s Bosque, doesn’t seem to be stressed at all right now . He’s in there and then we were going to take Tiamat and put her into the flycatch. Now, once my thought was, once I got her to flycatch, got the top door of the IguanArium open, she would come out, explore, go inside the main enclosure.

I was sneaking behind her, pull her IguanArium out, shut the doors, let her crawl around, let Bosque see her. Let her get used to things and then I would go in and let Bosque out. Well, like I said, plan A, that didn’t work. Plan B was they both went inside their cork hollows, inside their IguanAriums. I had them secured with twist ties, I cut them all off. I just took them out in there logs and put them inside the Suncatcher. Bosque came out first, but within an hour they were both out. As you can see, this is about an hour later. They started doing some mating behavior.

I think they’re comfortable in their new enclosure, but this was yesterday. Today is Sunday. All this took place yesterday. I definitely don’t want to offend anybody or anything like that, then look, they’re still going strong even with our french Bulldog  checking them out. This is a very family-friendly and youth friendly Channel so we’re going to stop this right here. Hey, none of this would have been possible without the generous help and support of I’m thrilled with this product and I would recommend it to anyone.

Until next time, you guys take care. I’m going to do periodic updates on everything I got going on outside. I’ll talk about any modifications I made, how I’m controlling temperature, because this is Southeast Virginia, this is not Florida, it will get cool at night even during the summer. I’ll explain all that. I got a Miss King on it. I’ll show you guys how I set all that up. Look forward to a lot of updates on this outdoor enclosure. Until next time, take care.

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