Unboxing My Pet Lizard’s New Home!


Have your construction hat on! It’s always important to wear your hard hat putting together Levi’s new home, We moved it on the patio and needed even ground this clamp was a lifesaver once assembled. We moved it to our desired location, what do you think of your new outdoor summer home? We made sure the cage was level and then decorated with branches. All right Mr Man your dream summer spring vacation home is ready go! Check it out Levi Maxi don’t be shy! 7t tall so you can climb gives you plenty of space, huh? I like that this mesh won’t hurt his nose and you’re right outside my bedroom so I can see you every morning! Levi don’t worry I know those are red-tailed hawks but the good news is that you have a top to keep you nice and safe. You like your new Custom Cage a huge thanks to www.customcages.com for this awesome

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Corbin Maxey, renowned for his expertise in animal science, has made a name for himself as a YouTube creator and television figure. His prominent presence spans from his popular YouTube and TikTok accounts to multiple guest spots on shows like “The Today Show”, “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, “Inside Edition”, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, and “The Martha Stewart Show”. Growing up amidst the natural splendor of southern Idaho's mountains, Corbin was captivated by the local wildlife, particularly snakes, lizards, and amphibians. His childhood fascination led to the creation of a unique collection of exotic animals, including his first lizard, affectionately named “Booger.” This deep-rooted love for animals inspired Corbin to dedicate his life to their wellbeing.
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