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Unique Reptile Cages
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Every reptile owner knows that their pets are unique. They have their own dispositions, personality, likes and dislikes. Naturally you want to choose unique reptile cages that reflect who your pet really is. Certain reptiles may prefer certain types of custom terrariums. One reptile may excel in a wood cage with lots of height to climb. Another herp may prefer a unique reptile cage that has quite a bit of length to it, enabling him to move around and chase his prey.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Unique Reptile Cages

Before purchasing custom unique reptile cages, you want to be sure you think things through. Your unique reptile cages should match your pet’s species and personality. So here are 3 questions to ask yourself before purchasing your unique reptile cages:

  1. How active is my pet? Certain types of lizards are more active than others. This is an important factor when determining what type of unique reptile cages you should purchase. If your lizard enjoys darting about for a few moments or aggressively climbing rocks and rough terrain, consider a larger cage.
  2. What type of recreational activities does my pet enjoy? This question is similar to the one above. If your pet enjoys climbing, sprinting or other athletic movements, you should look for custom cages that offer plenty of space. If you accidentally order a cage that is too small, your reptile may become depressed.
  3. How big will my pet grow to be? Reptiles never stop growing. However, once they reach adulthood their growth spurts slow dramatically. Nevertheless it is important to understand how large your pet will become. You want to find unique reptile cages that are of adequate size. The good news is that if you do end up purchasing a wood cage that is too small, you can expand it. At Custom Cages all of our custom terrariums have this expandable feature, making them extremely cost effective—you won’t have to invest in an entirely new build to order cage if yours turns out to be too small. All you have to do is buy a few extra panels!

Here at Custom Cages, we offer unique reptile cages, including our space-saving corner cages, coffee table enclosures and end table terrariums. You can count on Custom Cages to provide you with high-quality customized cages!