Aluminum Reptile Enclosures, Custom Build Your Own!

Aluminum Reptile Enclosures
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You’ve decided that an aluminum reptile enclosure is the way to go for your reptiles. If you purchase your aluminum reptile enclosures from Custom Cages, you have more than one option.

We offer two types of aluminum reptile enclosures. These include:

  1. Perforated Aluminum. The openings are 3/16” and spaced ¼ inch apart. This size is ideal for allowing maximum air flow but is small enough to prevent small insects from escaping. Since most reptiles eat insects on a regular basis, you wouldn’t want their dinner disappearing through the aluminum enclosure panels. Another plus to using this material for your big cages, is that it does not rust. You can confidently provide your herp with a bowl of water to soak in, without worrying about moisture damage.
  2. Aluminum laminate panels. These laminate panels are superb for any custom cage. They hold up extremely well under wet conditions. So if you plan on keeping your aluminum reptile enclosures outside where they may get rained on, this material is perfect.

Aluminum Reptile Enclosures That Are Designed By the Nation’s Most Respected Custom Cage Manufacturer

Custom Cages is a pro when it comes to creating big cages of any size. We are staffed with excellent craftsman and outstanding equipment. All the material for our custom aluminum reptile enclosures comes from the USA and every single custom cage is handcrafted in our Wisconsin-based facility.