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Cherry Reptile Cages
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Cherry reptile cages are elegant enclosures. If you plan on purchasing this type of quality reptile cage, you can be proud to display it anywhere in your home or office. Naturally cherry reptile cages of this caliber shouldn’t be stuffed in some out of the way spot where no one can see it but should be the most visible piece of furniture in the room.

If you plan on placing cherry reptile cages in your living room, pick an area where most people will have a full view of it as soon as they walk in. If this reptile cage is destined for your office, assemble it where people have easy access to it.

How to Make Your Cherry Reptile Cages More Visible

Most reptile cages are low to the ground. Since reptiles and lizards are small creatures they don’t need big cages that stand 6 feet tall. A nice custom cage will do just fine. However, you still want your cherry reptile cage to be visible to guests, visitors and clients.

One outstanding way to elevate your cages is to purchase a stand. Stands can add a tremendous amount of height to your cherry reptile cages. Now your cages can truly be on display for everyone to see. It will also make it easier for you to feed your pet or clean the reptile cage without killing your back.

If you purchase your cherry reptile cages and stands from Custom Cages, both these items can match. Your stand can be made out of the same type of wood and custom stain as your cage. You can even order a hood for your cherry reptile cages. This will add a sense of completion. Hoods are also a great way to make your cages look taller and help hide any light fixtures you may be using.

Keep in mind, if you order cherry reptile cages from us, you can order a hood and stand out of this same type of material so everything will match and look like one unified piece.