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Lexia: What’s up pet people, my name is Lexia, and welcome back to my channel. For today’s video, I’m just going to do a little review/unboxing of a Custom Cages vision enclosure that I ordered a month ago. Finally arrived yesterday, and I’ve been super excited to show it to you guys. I’m not going to be doing anything as far as decorating the enclosure or going into depth over what I’m going to do with the enclosure, I’m just going to give an honest review and a little video of me unboxing it, telling you a bit about the enclosure, stuff along those lines, so please keep watching.

Lexia: As I said in the introduction, I ordered a Custom Cages vision enclosure. I ordered it about a month ago on October 10th, and then arrived yesterday on November 9th, which means it did take a month to get here, but that’s completely fine because Custom Cages specializes in custom cages. They do a lot of enclosures that are fit for reptile breeders, and/or owners’ needs, hobbyists, and enthusiasts alike, just they make the best enclosures that I have found.

I love Custom Cages, and I’m lucky enough to have finally been able to purchase a vision enclosure. As far as vision enclosures go though, a little bit of history. Vision enclosures were not originally part of a Custom Cages’ brand, they actually bought out vision a couple of years ago whenever they started going out of business and fixed the vision enclosure problem.

They made the mesh tops that you’ll see in the video, they made the screen tops a aluminum screen versus, I don’t remember what they used to be, but it’s a lot stronger, so they will not have any bending or morphing whenever you put your heat lamps on them. They made the once Plexiglass doors into full-on glass sliding doors, which I love, love, love so much. Again, you’ll see that in the video that I include with me unboxing. Basically, it’s just a very high-quality enclosure.

With high-quality enclosures like this one, you will be expecting high-quality prices, so whenever you go on the Custom Cages’ website, you will be seeing the variety of prices as well as the variety of sizes of tanks. I will be linking that down below. No, this is not sponsored, I just want to give them credit because I did purchase one of their enclosures, and I am doing a review on it, so you feel like it’s only fair that I say where I got it from.

Moving on to my vision enclosure that I purchased, I got a 36 wide, by 23 deep, by 21 tall, so it’s a rather large enclosure as you will see in the video of me trying to unbox it. First things first, whenever you notice the video, I opened it wrong. [laughs] I opened it wrong. It was facing to where it was looking down inside of the tank whenever I opened the box.

You’ll notice first thing that the white on the side is styrofoam that is holding the glass sliding doors together, which I later found out were held together by, not wire, but they were metal wires which were extremely hard to get off and get my doors out of, but I’ll go into that later.

As you can see also, it goes down aways. Once I realized that it was facing the wrong direction, I promptly turned it and took it out of this box, which was again, very difficult because it was pretty much half my size if you look at it in that aspect. It weighed 52 pounds, so it was heavy for one person for the size of the enclosure. I was able to get it out though and place it where I needed to. Once I did that, I showed around the inside of the enclosure.

Lexia: As you guys saw in the unboxing, it was all held together very well. The enclosure, nothing was wrong with it. The quality of the shipping, I’m going to give it 10 out of 10, because it was perfectly wrapped, everything was done well, nothing was broken, or scratched, or dented, very, very happy with that. As far as time of the shipping, I do wish it could have gone quicker, but like I said at the beginning of the video, I understand why it took so long for the enclosure to get here.

Next time I will definitely be ordering it way before I want it to arrive. I did want this enclosure to arrive a couple of weeks ago, so I could have done a video on it, but as I said, I completely understand. 10 out of 10 on that, 10 out of 10 on shipping methods, like how it arrived, very, very happy with it. Pricing, I’ll give it an 8 out of 10 just because- who doesn’t want things to be cheaper? Personally I would like everything to be cheaper, but you can’t pick and choose the prices of the things you’re going to buy. For the quality, it was really good quality for the price I paid, so I’m definitely happy with that.

There’s the little review over the enclosure. It’s supposed to hold humidity really well, and it’s supposed to be easier to regulate temperature because of the type of enclosure it is. I will keep you updated on that, I don’t know about that so far, so I can’t review that, but once I do know how it holds humidity, and/or heat, I will definitely put that in another upcoming video.

There’s a little bit of a view over my Custom Cages enclosure. Overall, I’m very happy with it, very, very happy, super excited to show you, guys, me decorating it, and what I’m going to be putting into it. It’s something I’ve been waiting for, for a long time. I can’t wait until I get my second one, because I’m going to make it stackable, because Custom Cages are known for being stackable enclosures, so I’m just going to buy another one and put it on top of that eventually, to where I have a nice little shelf type thing going on.

I’m super excited for that. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing me unbox, and a quick little view of the enclosure before I decorate it, and you’re learning a little bit about Custom Cages. I know I didn’t go too into depth, I probably will in future videos, the more cages I buy from them. I just was so excited and had to share this with you, guys, and I hope you guys are excited as I am for the future project that I’m going to be doing with it. Thanks for watching.

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