Golden Poison Dart Frogs from FrogDaddy | The Rainforest Exhibit

Speaker 1: Hey guys, today’s video is about the — we’ve just got our frogs from FrogDaddy,, and we’re really excited. I want to get them out of this box real fast. All I did was take out the address and I just slit the tape. I didn’t open it or anything yet, so I’m doing that right now. I didn’t want to have these things in here for too long. There’s the lid. We just received FrogDaddy as a sponsor, so we’re pretty excited about this. Let’s get these guys out of here. Oh, my gosh, look how cute they are. They’re so tiny. Can you see them there?

These are gorgeous. I’m going to have to put them in a smaller cage before I put them in the other one. That’s a tree frog. Look how cute he is. That’s a red-eyed tree frog.

I should go easy on the light. I think that’s all of them. We got a red-eyed tree frog, millipedes, bumblebee millipedes, and the orange dwarf golden poison frog. I just put down my razor blade. There it is. I’m going to cut the tape off this. Can you see this? These are too small to go in the rain forest right now. I would lose them. They have to grow a bit. All right. We got the bumblebee millipedes.

They’re still in there. There’s the golden poison frog right there. They’re very small. They’ve just been hatched, I guess. Oh, my gosh, look how beautiful they are. Oh, my gosh, it’s so cool. There’s the red-eye. I know he’s scared. These are the millipedes. These are the mourning geckos. They’re hidden. Fast, so we have to be careful with that.

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