HUGE Vivarium Growing for 1½ Years! PART 1

00:23 MAG: Hey guys, this is MAG from the Rainforest Exhibit. And believe it or not, the Rainforest Exhibit behind me has been going for a year and a half. Where does the time go? It flies. It flies by. The Rainforest Exhibit has been working nonstop for a year and a half. It’s come a long way from the beginning when I was just building the ruins and all the equipment was coming from Custom Aquariums, the Amphibious Aquarium, a seamless sump from them. We received a lot of lights. We got some from Custom Aquariums, but we also received directly from Current-USA, Current Pro and a bunch of other suppliers. We got from MistKing, from, LifeIsBeautifullUniq, the driftwood from my friend, Amy Chambers, the aquatic plants from, the high-density foam that we built the ruins from from DUNA-USA. So many different products we received and we combined them all together and made the thing behind us. And it has been quite the venture, especially with our beautiful animals from and some of the… A local pet shop around here called Mountain Pets.

01:56 MAG: But it’s been quite a journey. We have learned a lot of… Let me… I wouldn’t say… No, I’ll say, we’ve made some mistakes along the way, and we’ve learned a lot from them. I’ll tell you later why, the mistakes I think I’ve made that I would have changed knowing what I know now. But do I regret any of it? No, I love it. It’s really something where you turn off the lights in the room and you can just focus on it at night and turn the simulated rainstorm and the sounds and it’s just unbelievably beautiful. And especially with the comfort lighting system with… You can have like lightning or like a cloudy day where the sunlight dips off and comes back on and it comes through the clouds. It can do that simulated. It’s unbelievable. Even moon phases like the dark, bright blue moon and then even a red moon, and it’s just beautiful. The lighting system that Current Pro has made with their lighting and LED lighting in it, and really glad that they were a part of this.

03:07 MAG: We hired a graphic artist. Her name is Jessica. I’ll have her information down below in the comments, I mean, in the information below in the description and also in the end credits. And we have hired her to make a brochure for the Rainforest Exhibit. I don’t know if a lot of you guys know, we are planning on building custom vivariums and indoor rainforest and zoo quality enclosures for the general public, businesses, even zoos if they wanna have smaller exhibits they wanna get done. They can always go to larger companies that they have out there like Cemrock and Larson and Dixon studios, all these great themed companies. But they usually invest millions of dollars to get those kind of exhibits built when we can provide them with smaller exhibits at a lot less cost without coming up with all these donors and everything else. Anyway, we’ll get more into that later, but the brochure has come out beautifully. It’s beautifully done, and we really wanna thank Jessica for all the hard work she’s been putting into it.

04:43 MAG: Here’s the seamless sump filtration system. We actually have about, I would say, 80 to maybe 100 gallons of water in the whole system, and with our two water pumps that we have, one is 2 horsepower, one is 4 horsepower, all the products I have in the description below. We have one for a stream and it only has about a three-foot head, from head is… If you don’t know, a head is like bottom of the… Wherever the filter, the filter pump is inside the filter, the pump is at whatever level it is at, the power it takes to go to its maximum height without losing pressure. So if it has a three-foot head, that means that you could have the filter at zero and then 3 feet high, the outlet for the water, and that’s about as high as you can go. And this is… Anybody who’s ever built any type of waterfall or anything knows that that’s an important technical… That’s an important information that you need because the 2-horsepower pump in here will not fill the…

06:02 MAG: Will not handle the waterfall at the top, which is about 8 feet, 8 feet from the filter to the top to the outlet of the waterfall, but our 4-horsepower pump does it with no problem. So the bromeliads that you’re looking at now, they have been unbelievable. We received our bromeliads from, and they have been unbelievably awesome. We started off… sent us about 32 bromeliads. In fact, I’ll have the link to that vlog in the description. It’s in our channel. You’ll see a vlog that we did about when we received the plants, and we started with 32, and now we’re way past 100, probably 150. I’ve given some away. I have took some out of here. If there were in areas that they weren’t doing as well, I take them out and I put it back in the grow tent just to keep them still thriving. And anything that hasn’t worked out in there, I take out and put in the grow tent, which is also in an earlier vlog and I’ll have the description.

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