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highly customized bird cages

Highly Customizable Bird Cage Design

Pick the size, panel material, hood, or stand, and add or remove dividers, feeders, seed catchers, and countless other options! Each enclosure is custom-made for each customer. You may even choose one cage size now and purchase extra panels to make your cage bigger as your needs change.

Changing your bird? Adjust the panel type or wire size, making our Hybrid Bird Cages very convenient and budget-friendly.

thermofused laminate panels for bird cages

Thermofused Laminate Panels

4 wood grains and 2 granite colors. These panels are a durable, sanitary surface similar to a kitchen countertop. Easy to clean!

stainless steel wire openings for bird cages

Stainless Steel Wire

Crimp-locked Stainless Steel wire is stronger than steel and has no toxic coatings. Available in 4 sizes, or heavy-duty 1″ x 1″ for cockatoos and macaws. Our top and side panels come standard with Stainless Steel wire, the standard opening for an H3 is (1″ x 1″) and for an H2 (3/4″ x 3/4″).

aluminum laminate bird cage panels

Aluminum Laminate

Black-coated aluminum on both sides with a PVC or ABS core. Very durable for high moisture or outdoor use, scratch-resistant, and lightweight!

acrylic panels

Acrylic Panels

The front door panels come standard with clear acrylic, one of the hardest forms of clear plastic available, and 5 times stronger than glass. Acrylic also has excellent UV properties, and will not yellow except in the most extreme circumstances (it usually takes around 10 years of direct sunlight to yellow).

glass panels for bird cages

Glass Option

We prefer acrylic because it’s stronger and safer than glass, but glass can be used in place of any panel in most circumstances. However, we do not supply the glass because of the risk of damage in transit. Instead, we subtract the price of the standard panel, and you’ll have to get glass panels cut locally.

composite side panels for bird cages

Composite Side Panels

Great for containing messes! Half acrylic and half stainless steel wire panels – or 70% acrylic, 30% stainless steel wire – depending on your needs. Also great for divider panels!