How Maui the Black Palm Cockatoo is Progressing with His Target Training | ParrotsRUs

Trainer: Hey, everyone. I figured I would give you a little preview on how Maui is doing with his target training. I’ve been spending a couple of minutes each day and he has continuously progressed, getting better and better, and I really do believe he’s understanding the concept now. Let’s see how he does.

You’re ready to do some target training? Good morning. Let’s go. Step off. Good boy. Good job. Touch. Good. Touch. Good. Touch. Touch. Good job. What a good boy. All right, can you touch? Touch. Good job. That was big. Yes. Good job. What a good boy. Good job. Okay, I’m going to come back over here. Touch. Good. Good. Let me get you a head scratch. Good boy. Good boy. Here, touch. Good. You got to just hit it. I wanted you to touch the ball. Touch. Good job. Let me move this a little bit, I want you to be able to see. Maui, I’ll come over here. Touch. Good boy. Good boy. Can you touch? Touch. Maui? Touch.

Touch. Good job. That was excellent. Good boy. Now, step up. Good job, Maui. Good job. He’s doing so good. I’m so proud of you. Yes. Everyone could see and watch your progress with target training because once we get down the target training, there’s no stopping us and what we could do together. Right?

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