Modular & Transportable Reptile Cages

Modular and Transportable

We have learned through our own experience, as well as through our customers, how difficult it can be to get reptile enclosures as large as ours into your home and put together. This is why all of our herp enclosures break down for easy transportation and mobility. This also allows us to use much less expensive shipping methods than other companies, meaning the money you are spending is going towards better reptile cage materials, not packaging and shipping charges that come companies cleverly hide by including in the price of the reptile cage.

Any of our reptile enclosures (even the large ones) break down to fit in boxes small enough to go up a set of stairs, around narrow hallway corners, and fit in the back seat of a pickup truck or reasonably sized car. When you are moving your enclosure, there is no need to buy a new one. Our Hybrid reptile cages can all be taken apart and reassembled many times. We have even sold very large cages similar to the one pictured above to a traveling circus that takes down and puts back together the cages three times a week! This is a feature very few other enclosures offer and can save you the cost of purchasing an entirely new bird cage down the road. Because of the way our system is designed, in a rare circumstance if a panel were to be damaged it could easily be replaced without having to replace the entire reptile cage.