00:00 Tyler Rugge: Hey, what’s up, you guys? My name is Tyler Rugge. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. Today, I’m really excited because I finally get to share with you guys my new custom enclosures that I got, and they literally just came in a few days ago. And I spent the past few days putting them together, and they’re still not completely done, unfortunately. But, obviously, we’re gonna be posting more updates and stuff as we go on building them. But it’s really exciting because I finally get to upgrade a ton of my animals that I’ve been wanting to upgrade for a while now. And it’s just really exciting ’cause I’ve been wanting to give a lot of my animals bigger enclosures, and now I finally get to do that.

00:38 TR: So these enclosures were sent to me by Custom Cages. Custom Cages, which is also Custom Aquariums, made my custom aquarium as well. So it’s basically the same company, and they made reptile enclosures for me this time. I’m still waiting for this to come in, but what’s also really cool is I’m getting backgrounds made for my new reptile enclosures by Aquadecor. They are the ones that made the background for my freshwater aquarium. Their backgrounds are just so amazing and realistic. I could not recommend them enough. I’m not gonna get totally into the Aquadecor backgrounds in this video because, obviously, I don’t even have them yet. We’ll get into that when they come. Yeah, I’m just so excited to get all of this completed. But right now, we’re gonna focus on my new custom cages. So Custom Cages makes custom cages for reptiles. They also make custom aquariums. They also own Vision Cages. Now, Vision Cages is a really big name in the reptile world. You’ve probably heard of Vision Cages. I actually have one for my ball python, Tesla. Yeah, they’re just a really amazing company, and I couldn’t recommend them enough. I wanted to get enclosures for animals that I actually already have, so these aren’t going to be like me getting new animals or anything. I’m just upgrading things I already have.

01:54 TR: So I got a total of three enclosures. I am going to go show you them in just a minute, but I just wanna talk about it for a second. The enclosures are 48″ long, 24″ deep and 18″ high. They’re about the equivalent of a 75-gallon tank. They’re actually the same size as the enclosures that I currently have my bearded dragon and my blue-tongued skink in. But what’s really cool about these enclosures that I love is how they are stacked on top of each other and they have spacers inbetween. And it’s just a really professional and nice, clean-looking design, and it just looks so much better than the current setup I have going on. Unfortunately, I cannot get into setting them up yet, even though I really want to, because I need to wait for the backgrounds to come. I’m hoping they’re gonna come soon. Yeah, Custom Cages makes just an array of all kinds of different-sized enclosures and different things, and a lot of it is customizable because, like I said, Custom Cages, they’re custom. So Custom Cages, I’m going to link down in the description below if you guys wanna check them out. I’m just gonna go ahead and show you guys the enclosures that I got. So let’s go check them out, shall we?

03:04 TR: So we’re in my bedroom because this is where I set up the enclosures, but have it be noted that this is not where the enclosures are staying. I need to clear out a space in my animal room for these enclosures. And since my bearded dragon and my skink are going in these enclosures, I need to remove their enclosures from the animal room and just rearrange things and then create a space for these, which I just haven’t done yet. But I was just really excited to have these set up and see what it looks like. It really doesn’t make sense that I set them up already because I have to take them back down to put the backgrounds in and then I have to move them. But I was just really excited, so fight me.

03:45 TR: This is basically what it looks like. It is so cool. I’m so excited. Oh, my god. So the blue is actually just a sticker to protect the acrylic. So I’m gonna peel that off, but I wanna wait until it’s all set up where it’s gonna go to peel it off because I’m afraid I’m going to ruin it otherwise. But, yeah. So like I said, it’s 48″ long, 24″ deep, 18″ high. And then what I love is this. It’s my favorite part. So the lights and whatever else can go in here, lights, thermostats. I can even hide some of my supplies in here probably, and it’s all just gonna be hidden away. So that’s really exciting ’cause one thing I hate about my current animal room is how visible the cords are. There isn’t really much to see. It’s just the sides, once again, I need to remove the screen eventually. And then a cool custom background is gonna go back there. That’s all you really need to know.

04:42 TR: So as far as what’s actually going in these, I’m thinking my blue-tongued skink is gonna go in the bottom one, and then I’ll probably put my bearded dragon in the middle one. And then I think the top one is going to be Sprinkles’, my corn snake. So it’s not technically an upgrade for my blue-tongued skink and my bearded dragon. It’s the same-size enclosure as what they’re in now. But my corn snake, Sprinkles, is gonna be upgraded ’cause his current enclosure is about 40 gallons. And he’s still pretty small. So even the enclosure he’s in now is kind of big for him, but I just thought it’d be nice to give him a nice big upgrade. And then this is just going to create a chain of a bunch of other upgrades for my other animals because my other corn snake, Obi, who’s still itty-bitty, is gonna probably go in Sprinkles’ current enclosure. And then I also have an upgrade for my boa, Athena, so Athena is getting a bigger enclosure. And then I’m gonna put my ball python, Monty, in Athena’s current enclosure, so he’s gonna get an upgrade. And then I’m gonna put Tesla in Monty’s current enclosure, so Tesla is gonna get an upgrade. And then I think that’s it.

05:49 TR: Bottom line is I’m upgrading a bunch of things, so I’m just so excited to do that. For me, creating enclosures is one of the most fun things about owning reptiles. I love everything about it. But just setting up enclosures and that whole process is just really fun to me, so I love upgrading and just making new enclosures. It’s so exciting. I just wanted to give you guys an update and show you guys all of this and just let you guys know to get excited for a bunch of new upgrades and enclosure setups coming up in the future. We just can’t wait. We really can’t wait. Oh, also, I wanted to mention, you might have noticed that there’s no shield here for the substrate. They did send me substrate shields, though, so there is gonna be a shield. I think it’s about that far up. And it’s gonna allow me to give my animals a decent amount of substrate, which is obviously important because my bearded dragon enclosure is bioactive. My skink needs a bunch of room to burrow and stuff. So, yeah. Substrate shields are not installed yet. Those are probably gonna go in last after the background, but just know that those will also be there as well. This is super cool. I’m so excited.

07:04 TR: I guess that’s it. I really just wanted to give you guys an update and let you guys know about the upgrades and show you guys all of this ’cause I just couldn’t wait any longer to show you guys. As you can probably tell, considering I didn’t even completely finish it yet and I just had to talk about it. So, again, Custom Cages will be linked down below. Thank you guys so much for watching. And if you guys are new here, make sure you hit the subscribe button and turn on notifications and keep a look out for all the upgrade videos coming in the near future. Check out my Twitter and Instagram, which will be linked down below. I’m also on TikTok, fun fact. So search me up on TikTok, it’s just Tyler Rugge. I think that’s it. Thank you for watching as always, and I will see you guys in my next video.


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