Speaker 1: Hello, friends. Oh my gosh, I feel like Mr. Rogers with my sweater on sitting down like this. Like this. These are ugly. I’ve been waiting by my door all freaky day because– Okay, this is not how I start. I do not know how to start a video today. Let’s just– There’s nothing left over there. Hey guys, welcome to my channel. [laughs] If you’ve never been here before, excuse my horrible intro. I’m usually a little bit better at them not that much better but a little bit. I am waiting downstairs right now because I just printed out some care information for the animals I’m going to talk about in this video today.

Let me start from the very beginning. There is this insect website that I order feeder insects for my animals from. It’s called If you use my link in the description box which I am affiliate for and you can be an affiliate too, anybody can, you can get 10% off. I have always seen the section called feeder lizards on their website. I was like, I am a lizard owner, what kind of lizards are we feeding to other animals? I get. It happens in nature but not under this house. Not under this like I live in the basement under the house like the wicked witch, no. Not under this roof. Doing really good today you guys. Wow. Maybe I should just–

I was like, wow, what kind of lizards do you feed to other animals? It doesn’t seem cost-effective. I went and looked and there are green anoles and house geckos. They’re each $5 and it tells you that’s for finicky reptiles, like finicky snakes et cetera like my bullfrog could probably take one down in two seconds. I am just not a fan of feeding live things other than insects even then I feel a little bit bad but it is how they survive, to my animals. I don’t do live mice, live rats, I just can’t do that. I just can’t do it. For a while, I’ve wanted to actually purchase these feeder lizards and give them a home and keep them more as a decorative pet if you will.

I don’t want to take the anoles out and play with them. They’re skittish and so the house geckos. House geckos are actually nocturnal too. I probably will never even see them but I thought it would be cool because they were definitely not taking care of very well even it says on the website that they’re like “B-rated” meaning they could be missing a leg, a tail, be extra skinny. I’m just imagining based on that that they’re not living in the best conditions. Maybe that’s FedEx. They’re actually supposed to be delivered tomorrow which is why I’m filming the cage thing today but they’re actually on the truck for delivery at 7:00 Am this morning and it is now 1:12 and it’s 32 degrees outside.

I’m a little bit concerned, I’m really, really hoping that these little guys made it through the cold or they put a warming pack in there. I did go ahead and purchase a bunch of new stuff on Amazon after I ordered the lizards because I knew that I was going to be putting their cage together. I wanted to show you guys some of the stuff I got from Amazon. House geckos and anoles are arborea. Did I say that right? I don’t even know if I’m saying that right, arborea. They like to climb. Basically, I got some vines of different plants and I have some cork grounds and things like that that I will use to put these cages together and I’ll show you how I put those together.

I wish I had some live plants to put in the enclosures right now because those do really well for providing good hiding spots and then also keeping the humidity up in the enclosure. You’re not a very good watchdog in the sense that no one is afraid of you. I will link you guys to everything that I bought as well. I’ll put the links, there are affiliate codes. I did buy this with my own money. I think a lot of times I buy plants that are meant for aquariums. I like to buy them for reptile stuff because they’re actually a bit cheaper. The dollar store actually always has a lot of stuff like this too.

I got this little guy and I don’t have the prices in front of me. I apologize for that but I’m pretty cheap when it comes to this stuff. You can bet that nothing was over 16 bucks but I want to say this is like four. These are hammocks that I got. It’s a set of two of them and you get the little suction cups. These are cool too because I can use these for the bearded dragons or whatever. I like that they are not those twine ones. Those never work well for me. This is a vine, it did come with some suction cups as well and also some extra caps so that if you want to cut it but this is a good one for both the lizards that I’m going to be putting in enclosures today because they like to climb. This would also be really good for a crested gecko. My chameleon would love this as long as it’s secure so it’s not falling down or whatever when they’re climbing on it.

This one I don’t remember buying it all actually but whatever, these could be really cool for dart frog enclosures. They’re really just colorful and fun. My battery’s about to die. Another tip that I have for plants for enclosures is actually looking up faux vines on Amazon. You can get a hundred feet of a vine with flowers on it for super cheap. It’s the same thing as these plants. There nothing more or nothing less on it. They use the same freakin glue, everything’s the same. You make sure you wash them.

This was a little kit, it’s the same type of vine as the last one and it has a plant in it. This has the vine, the suction cups, and the plant and in their picture, they have the plant vine this wrapped around. I thought this would be cool to wrap around it and make it look like extra rainforest. This is another plant that’s actually is supposed to be for an aquarium but I thought I’d be fine for a tank, why not? I did get a few of these guys. These are typically much cheaper if you just go to Home Depot and buy one of these. Let me show you. These you can get at Home Depot for about $5. You just have to make sure that this hood is big enough for the wattage bulb that you’re trying to put in here.

For instance, some of these are– I’m trying to see if this one says on the outside or is set on the other thing. Usually, it says somewhere here. It’ll say right here, use a 150 watt or smaller. That’s because of how big this. Some of them at Home Depot are smaller. This is turning into information on plants habitat stuff and lighting, sorry. I just wanted to say if you’re going to buy one of these, don’t go to the link in my description box. I would just go to Home Depot and get you one. The reason I bought the one with the ceramic is that these are used for ceramic bulbs that are just like the white or the black ones that emit heat, that don’t light up.

I don’t really know why or the reason why you have to have a porcelain top. [noise] That doesn’t sound it. I also got this reptile undertake warmer mat with temperature control. This has a little gauge on here where you can do it hotter or lower depending on what your heat gun says or if you’re doing an automatic one. I’m here so much so I typically just measure them daily myself rather than setting up and relying on other items to manage the temperature. I got a couple more plants here. This one got my attention because it’s so bright, it’s one of the only bright color. This looks so cheap and dumb though. Wow, not very impressive. This was $16 to I think for the two of these, that’s crazy.

These are so ugly. Anyways, they’re not horrible, they’re all right. I would rather just go to the tropical section of Home Depot and buy some plants because they literally have a year warranty. If they die, I just take them back and get new ones. These are ugly. Then I got– these are just basic. This is a pothos vine [unintelligible 00:08:51] my pflueger’s pretty basic. It’s got a little, I don’t know if you can see with the baggage, the shine of the bag, but little suction cups in here.

Then I got this one which is just a jungle plant. It’s a medium Mandarin Exo Terra Jungle plant. These are what you’ll see at all the pet stores and very easy to get. I think they’re expensive in pet stores. I think they’re like $12 dollars. I think that this one was cheaper because I think that was crazy for a little plastic plant. Honestly, it’s not worth $12. That’s pretty much everything I got. The only other thing that I got that I didn’t actually realize was this giant is these suction cups. It’s an assorted mix. It’s like a mix of different suction cup sizes and I got this so that I can like if I wanted to put this plant up but I wanted this to go over here. I could put a suction cup on the glass so that’s why I got those but I did realize that something was so freaking big. That’s what she said.

Look who came out from remission. Hi pretty girl. You need a pet. You need a pet. Don’t you? Hey my Lucy. Hi baby. I love you. If you guys haven’t seen the rescue video on Lucy, I will link it for you guys. It’s pretty cool. Oh that’s my girl now. She’s got a freaking six foot mansion. ump baby. She’s been asleep for a month and a half. Hey sweet girl.

Alrighty, so this is the reptile wall that Custom Cages gifted to me, which I’m so grateful for and I already have my ball Python up here and then I’m going to be filling in the rest of these. I’m going to be putting videos out on each of these enclosures today. We’re going to fill two of these. We’re going to do this one over here and this one, I’m going to put the green anoles in this one right here because of the background, it’s hard to see with the reflection. Because of this background right here and remind me to close up before we put them in here. When you get a Custom Cages cage, they have many, many variations of this. You can have three large ones like this if you want, or just two, or they have so many different options and you can mix and match like the different sizes that you want here, which is really cool.

I personally wish I would’ve went a little larger on these because in my opinion, this is a size that I would not put like a bearded dragon in. I would barely even put a leopard gecko and this size. That’s me personally. This is two by two by two. I wish I would have got a little bit bigger with these, but these definitely are really, I just love Custom Cages cages. They’re great quality. I’ll link their website out for you below if you want to check it out. Also all the cages lock, which you can see there’s a little lock up here.

Pretty excited. These are the two we’re going to be building out today and I will have a video up building out the rest of them. Go ahead and get to building. This is my closet where I keep all my animals stuff, which desperately needs to be more organized. We’re going to come in here and grab this. This is the bedding that I’m going to use today for the enclosures. This is Cypress mulch, which is really good because it will help keep the moisture and humidity high in the cage.

We’ll build this one out first. I’m going to put my camera on a tripod and there’s going to be a little bit of shine, from this glass piece here or whatever this is, but we’ll do our best. You can also use a orchid bark for this. You don’t want– For either of these, the house gecko or the anole, you’re going to want to use, whether it’s a green anole or a brown anole, you’re not going to want to use any sand or repped a carpet or anything that’s going to be too dry. They are used to very high humidity environments, so this will help us maintain– Oh geez, I always get this everywhere. This will help us maintain higher humidity. I’m going to close that. Neither of these lizards dig much at all. You don’t really need this deep enough for them to dig like you would like a tape or something.

Male anoles are usually a lot larger than the females and they reach full size at about eight inches total length and female are usually in the six inch range and are a bit more slender than the males are and they can actually live up to seven years in captivity. The enclosure needs to be misted heavily. The entire enclosure twice a day, which is what I do for a lot of my reptiles that need a lot of humidity like my green tree Python, my chameleon and my Crested gecko, et cetera.

Anoles will rarely drink from a bowl, like a freestanding water dish, but it’s definitely a really good idea to include this just in case, so they always have a place where they can get water to if they need it, but they’ll typically drink the water droplets off the sides or the plants in the enclosure.

Anoles are pretty much insectivores for the most part. Captively raised or kept as pets, they should reflect that. The majority of their diet should consist of crickets, meal worms, wax worms, roaches, red runner roaches, moths, that sort of thing. None of those items should be larger than the width of the anoles head, just so that they can easily eat it and so that the insects don’t bug or eat the lizard. That’ll be good for some hiding spots. This might be better for the gecko to hide inside of, but we’ll see. This is like a cork ground that I got from the place that I’m going to link you guys to in the description box where I get all of these.

What we have so far. I like to just start with stuff and just feel it out and see the animal in here. It looks messy right now, but it looks more natural that way anyway, but I’m going to keep adding a few things and see what we want to do from there. I wish I had a larger piece. Maybe I’ll put this on the ground and then do this up so it’s a little bit higher.

All right, I got a UVB here for the anole cage and then I also put a timer right there and inside of this guy I put a 50 watt basking bulb and I did one that gives off light since they will be awake during the day, we want more light in here to stimulate a more natural environment. This is another really cool thing about having a custom cage like this is you have a cover right here to cover all these ugly lights and stuff like that. I actually just added this guy on here and this little ledge back here to the side. I don’t know where the other magnet piece is for that, but it’s resting on this down here. This is my Repta safe water.

Hi little guy. How cute are you? Oh, that little blink was adorable. Go on. Look at your new home. Oh, are you sipping? You’re so cute. You’re so cute. Oh, and he is up and up. Oh look, he’s already up in the little leaves.

Speaker 2: Three days later.

Speaker 1: I got a notification that these were delivered at the FedEx location literally 20 minutes ago. I headed straight there, picked him up and now headed home to see what we’ve got in there. I hope that everything is doing okay. I also put the seat heater on back here, so I’m thinking that they’re going to stay warm from that too, but crazy. The FedEx office even had like a heater in there because it was so cold, so I don’t know if it’s even temperature regulated in there.

This is good. I don’t know. One of these is definitely– this guy looks very alive. The other one, I don’t know. These guys look good too. Oh, you’ve got a green one and a brown one.

Look how cute these little guys are. These guys look very skeptical. Oh, hi honey, go experience or new world. Go on. Come on. Come here. Oh, you’re cold. Here you go. There you go. That’s where the basking area is. Go ahead. They’re really cold. Here you go. There’s some food in there. You’re already looking at your lips. I already love you. Hi, little baby. You’re tiny. Come here sweetheart. I know you’re cold. Come here. There you go. Go on. There you go, sweetie. I don’t know if you guys can see my other anole back here. I’ve never seen a reptile eat the same day they came. Especially after being shipped. Hi, I love your little eyes.

Very, very happy to watch these guys going into their cages and I’m going to observe them throughout the day. They look really cool and they look stoked to be in there. My eyelids are stained from an eyeshadow palette I used. I used the Jaclyn Hill Palette, awesome but the pink’s definitely staining the reds. I’m going to go ahead and get these insects settled. Thank you guys, for watching, and please learn from my mistakes.

Definitely, if you live in a cold climate set this– It doesn’t matter if you’re home and you’re going to bring it right in that’s not where the issue lies, now I know that. Take it from me if you live in a cold climate that’s below about 65 of 60 degrees make sure you pick it up at the location but be quick about it too because it was cold in there as well and these guys were pretty chilly when I got them. Thank you guys so much for watching and spending your time here and we’ll see you in the next video.


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