Feet and Legs For Your Reptile Cage

Reptile Cage Feet, Reptile Cage Legs

Feet and Legs For Your Reptile Cage

Feet are available for all sizes of our furniture-style reptile cages. Some large reptile cage sizes may require additional feet at an extra charge. Legs are not available for some larger size reptile cages. Please call 1-800-941-2243 for details. Custom legs are also available upon request. Casters are not available for feet or legs.


Height Added to Reptile Cage Price

Additional Per Section

(qty 4) 6″ Feet


(qty 2) $49.95

(qty 4) 12.5″ Legs



(qty 4) 18.5″ Legs



(qty 4) 25.5″ Legs



Majestic Reptile Cage Feet and Leg Options

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