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Suncatcher Enclosure at Wildwood Wildlife Park

Suncatcher Enclosure for Wildwood Wildlife Park

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This line of caging uses panels that can be arranged in various shapes, making excellent dog runs, catios, parrot cages, and even chicken enclosures! Working on massive 12′ diameter Suncatcher cage for Wildwood Wildlife Park.

Stacie’s Chicken Enclosure

Thank you so, so much!

My dream chicken house would not have been possible without Custom Cages, everyone’s expertise and your patience with me along the way!


Chicken Coop 1
Chicken Coop 2
Chicken Coop 3

5 Ft. Diameter All Weather Designer Cage for Yoshi

Here is a 5 Ft. Diameter All Weather Designer Cage 12 Gauge Wire with 1/2″ X 4″ Spacing – Black Jewel we shipped to Erika and Yoshi in Calabasas, CA. Thank you Erika and Yoshi, we appreciate your business!!!!

“Hi Stacy, I got my beautiful sturdy Aviary. Boy, it took us hours to put it together, but it is standing and I am so so proud of it and my Yoshi loves it.

Yours Truly,”


Suncatcher Cage - Yoshi
Suncatcher Cage - Yoshi
Suncatcher Cage - Yoshi

Suncatcher Enclosures for the Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo

We are always talking about how versatile our Suncatcher enclosures are, here is an 8ft Diameter with 8 gauge wire in Black Jewel at the Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo that houses a porcupine.

Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo

Northeastern WI Zoo

8ft. Diameter Bird Suncatcher Units for Westside Tennis & Fitness Club in Houston, TX

Westside Tennis and Fitness

Here are (4) 8FT. Diameter Bird Suncatcher units we made for Westside Tennis and Fitness Club in Houston, TX! Thank you Elliott we appreciate your business!!!

“Stacy, Thought you might want to see the cages at the new Gallery Furniture store and the area we put them. They look awesome in our indoor courtyard area. Custom cage roofs worked great as well!”

Westside Tennis and Fitness

8 Ft. Diameter Garden Aviary for Kiki & Smudge

Here is an 8 Ft. Diameter Garden Aviary 8 Gauge Wire with 3/4″ X 4″ Spacing – Black Jewel with Single Mounting Safety Catch – Black Jewel we shipped to Polkton, NC. Thank you Becky, we greatly appreciate your business!!!

Wow! Wow! Thank you so much for great products and excellent customer service. We felt like little kids at Christmas, opening our packages this morning. The products you chose were absolutely perfect and we and the birds could not be happier. It is 88 degrees this afternoon and Kiki and Smudge are thoroughly enjoying their outdoor aviary. Here is Kiki heading directly for the hanging chew toy and Smudge practicing gymnastics on the formable rope. Our hope is that we can recommend you to other parrot friends and send some more business your way. It has been a pleasure. Thanks again, Stacy.


Becky Dill


Becky Dill - Smudge
Becky Dill - Kiki



Becky Dill


6′ Diameter Suncatcher Cage


Macaw Suncatcher
Macaw Suncatcher


Here is a new 6′ diameter Suncatcher cage with 1 1/2″ powder coated steel wire mesh (non toxic) purchased as an outdoor sanctuary for a macaw. The owner says, “One satisfied customer. Hope to do more business as I add on.”

Charles R.

5 X 7.5 Sectional Cage – Basic Outdoor Large Bird Aviary

Here is a 5 X 7.5 Sectional Cage – Basic Outdoor Large Bird Aviary with Single Mount Safety Catch~ Black Anodized Aluminum Frame and 1″ x 1″ Stainless Steel Wire Panels we shipped to Manderville, LA. Thank you Iris, we appreciate your business!


Suncatcher Bird Cage System for Aubrey Ellington


Aubrey Ellington
Aubrey Ellington 2


Here is a Suncatcher Bird cage system custom-built by Custom Cages for Aubrey Ellington! Thank you, Aubrey — we appreciate your business!