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hey everyone as you may or may not remember a little while ago we inherited a beautiful cage from originally built by custom cages but it was given to us by someone local who just didn’t need it anymore so she gave it to us and we built it this is it it’s in our warehouse it’s been great however it is a 20-year-old cage and it does have its quirks because it’s one of the original designs of this cage so I mean we were pretty transparent about there’s gaps between the doors it’s kind of kind of wobbly I don’t want to wobble it too much cuz there’s monitors in here right now but the moment this video where this cages video went live on the channel mark from Custom cages reached out to us and offered to give us the newest model of this cage so that we can see how much it’s improved over the years so it just arrived and we’re going to build it so there’s boxes here and here and there and there and kind of over right over there there’s a lot of boxes that make up this C cage I don’t know what’s in all of them all I know is there’s a lot of stuff to unpack and a lot of cage to build I’m really excited to see all of the improvements on the cage because as we pointed out in that Cage’s video there were some quirks there were gaps between the doors stuff like that so I can’t wait to see how this new cage looks which box do you think we should unbox first to find the instructions this one has instructions does it has instructions on that oh my gosh oh cool oh there’s new Ledges those look sweet oh wow okay cool cool I guess we’ll unbox the instructions first and then we’ll unbox the rest and start [Music] building woo check it out this one has like a rainforest background that comes with it now that’s awesome the other one was just like a brown panel background that we had to put quk bark sheets onto this is [Music] sweet all right and 20 minutes later we
have we have all of the parts unboxed this is going to be quite the build all right to the instructions which it comes with and there’s videos it looks like I think Ed is going to be your typical guy who just wants to wing it but I’m going to read these instructions and figure it out okay arrange all the parts on the floor oriented in the positions they will be when the back section is finished huh tricky part is I don’t know what this is supposed to look like I have an idea based on the old model back there I think this is the background pretty sure it is but is this the right orientation um like if this is the floor that one looks upside down so I bet we’ve got to flip this around it’s like we’re building or doing a puzzle without a picture of the puzzle completed we’re kind of going in blind here don’t quite know what this is supposed to look like but that makes it fun okay how about that does that look oriented right uh I bet I have them reversed so what if I take this and move it over here push this over there does that look better I think so oh yeah those sprs connect oh yes and that tree goes across okay we have it right we figured it out now we’ll keep [Music] going okay figured that part out what do I do next read this page first thoroughly read through instructions before starting uhoh didn’t do that okay complete the assembly steps in the order okay if your unit comes with a stand or a hood assemble this first uh-oh I think came with a stand or a hood I did not assemble that first I guess I’m doing the stand or Hood [Music] next all right well Emily left me to go do meet and greet so I have gotten the base done the top done and the main part of the cage done now we just have I’m going to save the peeling for Emily cuz
I’m sure she’ll love that but I kind of want to talk about these Corners these Corners are actually really interestingly designed and they’re really like in my opinion smart and strong so basically there is a I don’t know if Emily showed you this already but there is a plastic piece that screws into here and then these pieces wedge into these Corners which I guess you can see I didn’t tighten this one yet but as it tightens it pulls it in and locks it into place so it’s kind of cool it takes a little bit to get understanding of how this works but once you understand how it works it goes pretty quickly so I’m not completely done yet now I pretty much I have to grab that screw over there that I noticed and then I have to stack them and then we see where we’re [Music] at all right so I got the base on got all the there’s two pegs that hold the base to the top part on those went on pretty well well but now I have to flip it upright and I’m here alone and I probably should wait but I don’t know I think I can get it these are locking Caster wheels I think I can do this I guess we’ll know if the hyperlapse camera catches me failing miserably and breaking everything but if we don’t we’ll wait for Emily we got it UPR right it only almost fell apart when I lifted it up it just slid out of the little pegs these little guys so now I get to finish the top part here put the pegs in place set the hood on top and I mean we’re pretty much golden at this point some stuff we have to do but but that’s all on Emily that’s Emily’s job to decorate my job is almost [Music] done well I got the entire cage set up I got the the hood on got the base on got the back in everything’s good I even got the rocks in in the background and the water dish I’m pretty sure this cage is set up for larger medium to large monitors and this this log here is for
Basking purposes or climbing up to the Rocks a lot of the custom cages comes with this plastic uh fake rocks faked logs stuff like that it’s kind of cool it it’s really able to be cleanable it works great for adoption Island because we can take it disinfect it they have you know it’s plastic it’s Rocky it’s not rough like rocks would be however one of these rocks in here is actually Universal rocks this guy is actually Universal rocks rocks so I don’t know if they’re working with them now I don’t know if it’s an upgraded feature you can add to your cages but it’s really cool it matches pretty well I mean you can definitely hear a difference it’s a little bit more grippy a little bit more sandpapery but yeah they I mean they’re both going to hold up to 90% of things you put in there I haven’t done the holes yet cuz I need somebody on that side my arms aren’t long enough but yeah we’re pretty much done except for lights and setting the cage up to put the animals in so I had to wait for Emily to get back for that okay I’m back yep back from meet and greet and whatever else she was doing cuz it’s later than I thought it was yep okay it’s to your right where oh oh there it is okay and oh my gosh it’s huge yeah wow it does have the thing up above does it yeah it slides okay and there’s one down below too yep oh look at that nice oh I left all the peely peels for you oh thank you should we do a peely peel uh satisfying compilation sure okay [Music] [Music] all right there we go wow look at all the ledges in the bag did you notice one’s different I recognize this ledge
that’s the same one just a different color than the old version this is a new ledge isn’t it yeah what does that feel like to you Universal rocks totally Universal rocks rock is it uhhuh oh nice it’s foamed and everything on the inside too so I wonder how they like when they started incorporating Universal rocks leges maybe upgrade or something w wow that’s really nice though holy cow look at this whole thing yeah that is super cool we can peel the bottom piece but I don’t yeah it’s all so that’s fine it’ll just be substrate down here going be substrate down there we should probably go around and seal with the sealant over there oh yeah okay oh seal the outside got it okay so we’ll seal it and then start decorating and setting up Electronics yeah I guess while you’re here we’re going to fill those holes cuz I can’t do that by myself it’s too long okay okay so let’s with the power of editing let’s seal the holes hoay Tada they’re done they’re sealed it’s essentially escape proof now yeah it is oh my gosh okay I think it’s a lot bigger internally than the old one I can’t tell so the other one over there goes to the floor here let’s scoot it over next to it yeah let’s put it in place and then compare the two look at that yeah it looks so much cleaner and better and more spacious mainly because there’s only two panels for the front doors versus four so you get to see the animal you see more of the enclosure without being obstructed yeah but it’s definitely not as tall internally yes cuz this one the internal space goes all the way to the floor but that is okay cuz that’s still plenty of internal space for whatever you want to put the other thing is with this one all your electronics you either have to cut a hole up here and let your electronics be free or screw them into the so they’re inside so the animal can possibly get burned but this one you just keep all your electronics up here and close it behind wow okay so which one all Dimension wise this one’s 30 in deep and the new version is 36 in deep deeper
yeah look at that how about width the old model is 5 ft wide yeah I think it’s the same and 5 ft wide okay so it is deeper so they went shallow they went shorter but deeper which actually is a better utilization of that space anyway well and and if you look at this I mean you are technically losing the lamps so really that’s true at the same point if you go you know this isn’t space you can use cuz the lamps and everything are there you’re technically about the same height and you have storage and storage I love the hidden lamps of here that it’s going to provide and yeah the storage down there is awesome now we won’t have a bunch of store like supplies sitting on the floor they can go in there I like the aluminum so the back panels are aluminum that’s the white down there is aluminum oh yeah and all these crossbars are aluminum I think these are two these are aluminum but the all the panels like down below I think that was just like a compressed board oh that’s right it’s the same as this stuff so being aluminum it’s going to be better for water and high humidity and we know what we’re putting in this so and that’s going to need the aluminum in that case and the nicest thing about this one is it’s on wheels that is so nice so you can just move it out of the way and see the fire extinguisher that we’re not going to put it in front of yeah well I’d say there have been a lot of improvements over the 20 years between one of the original models from Custom cages and the newest one yep I think so cool I’m wondering is it yeah that’s really wobbly a little bit of flex sorry Monitor and then this one there’s still okay so it’s about the same amount of flex but look at this one the old version has gaps around the doors like there’s these big old gaps and we were having issues with escapes with this enclosure but this one it’s all sealed up yep they put those corner pieces in so that doesn’t happen there is still there’s a little bit of a gap little bit of a gap here so it’s not but this is meant for a bigger animal not GS
right and once the lock is in place that’s going to pinch them together in the midd can’t once it’s locked I love the lock cuz there’s the lock goes into here so it holds these pieces so they can’t go like that yep yep so they solved that problem too cuz this one doesn’t even have locks no well it was supposed to oh was it that’s what these middle that piece right there is from so this comes with one side of a lock yeah I think it’s just a pin that you put in place and a background and I love the background yeah CU that one is just a wood fake wood panel it was it’s like this except Brown yep so that’s why we put the cork sheets on top and if you like that look regardless you could still do that with this yeah you could if you wanted but I like it how it is right there wow that looks so good all right so next we have to find a way to put both these inclosures in this room and then I get the fun job of decorating this for the new reptile we plan on moving into it all right next day we decided to change the orientation to open it up a little bit more out here and you can just really see that size difference side by side now wow it’s such an impressive cage okay so the next thing I have to do is use sealant to make the base watertight and then I’m going to set it up for emerald tree Bas all right while that silicone cures I’m going to show you I guess what all I’ve got we’ve got I’m going to use this led UVB uh Hood from zoomed really like those uh not a sponsor or anything but also we have some leftover Moss from the buildoff so we’re going to use some of that we’ve got some EXA Coco husk we’ve got some biodude substrate cuz this bag ripped in the store so we can’t use it there anyway or sell it so Terra uh terraferma we’ve got some mang grits some Universal rocks Vines some lighting I’ll need some cords bulbs and leftover branches from our Zoo build to provide some perching opportunities so these I’m going to have to find a way to like Mount horizontally in there don’t know
how I’m going to do that but let’s see how it all fits [Music] together oh gross my hands are terrible I was trying to cover the camera so I wouldn’t show off that finished cage but but this is disgusting that’s from working with those Vines anyway here is the original design 20 years old from Custom cages it works but you know again it has its quirks first off the the doors here being in four pieces kind of blocks your view of the animals and the Heat and stuff is interior like Ed was explaining before anyway we still like the cage it’s still fantastic but when you compare it to this one look at this look at the improvements they’ve made that just looks fantastic and only a small part of it is from Eric and I decorating it it just looks like an amazing cage we’ve got the lights up there there’s the UVB LED basking and on this side we have a ceramic heat emitter actually and that’s going to project down to that Branch at night that’s going to be on 24/7 for additional nighttime heat uh we treated it like a zoo build exhibit so we’ve got the Moss the branches just about everything we have I’m going to add some springtails and isopods to the substrate to make that bioactive and then I think we’re done on I think we have enough climbing opportunities and perching opportunities in here like horizontally oriented branches for the tree boas so I guess the next thing is waiting until they arrive and putting them in okay today’s the big day we have the emerald tree BOS they’re out of frame right now so you don’t get to see them until we’re done or ready to put them in and first I want to do a Shameless plug to our reptile shed pendant kits you can use a snake shed from one of our zoo animals or your own from home animals and you can make a pendant out of it at home you can get these at snake Discovery store.com okay
and now it’s time for the reveal ready here are our new snakes our very first emerald tree boas these were given to us by our friend John who isn’t able to keep them any longer and you know it just worked out so perfectly because we had this cage we’re trying to figure out what to put in it for this video and then he asked if we’d be willing to take his pair of emerald tree boas so here we are which one do we want to put in first uh we can throw the female in first female okay okay here’s the female I really hope they like the cage I think they will I think they will we set it up just with them in mind specifically hey pretty girl look at her she has a little bit of a like um scrunched face like her lip is raised up a bit as you can see she’s always had that it’s just a little birth defect that she had but it doesn’t seem to affect her health in any way she still eats ravenously apparently we did probe her she is a female and the other one is a male so we have a pair of emerald tree boys we were told that these you know are a feisty species but I don’t know she’s acting pretty fine right now she’s cold and it’s day so yeah she’s cold and it’s daytime that’s true so now is the time to handle them I suppose so here you go new home go check it out we’re going to let her climb and get comfy hopefully find the Basking spot she also has UVB here if she wants that we have a basking light here that’s going to be on during the daytime and off at night and then on the other end we have a ceramic heitter that’s going to be on 24/7 so basically when the Basking light turns on they’ll have an increase in temperature and at night it’ll dip down but they’ll still have a source of feet for overnight all right we’ll let her kind of settle in and now here’s the male wow look at the spots down his back some of these are almost like blue you know they’re faces I can’t take them that seriously I still think green tree pythons are more sophisticated looking you know these guys have that big nose they kind of look like a dumb version of a green tree python but we’ve never had them before so I’m sure they’ll grow on us who knows maybe we’ll become Emerald triboa fans
over green tree pythons no you don’t think so no no all right well we’re going to put him in here too I’ll put him near the heat Source NOP you don’t want to go over there apparently here let’s do the spin trick there you go okay now you’re facing the other way Tada all right we’ll see where they go should we give them like 10 minutes to kind of settle in sure all [Music] right [Music] well there’s still not quite sure what to do with the enclosure but the female seems kind of comfy and poised and ready for food the male is still figuring things out I had to pick him up off of the ground cuz he was exploring the bottom and I didn’t think he wanted to be down there they’ll do that you you’ve provided enough area for them to get up so that’s true oh yeah they can definitely make their way back up but overall 10 out of 10 this is an awesome cage I’m loving it they’ve definitely made a ton of improvements with this enclosure compared to the model from 20 years ago but we’re still going to use this guy um I should probably explain why these aren’t Green Tree monitors by the way we had got a pair of wild cot Green Tree monitors in hopes that we could breed them and they just were not thriving in captivity at all they weren’t eating they were very skittish which was to be expected but like we were tube feeding them three times a week because they weren’t eating on their own and they just sadly didn’t Thrive even tube feeding the proper diet even with tube feeding yeah so it was a risk we knew we were taking we were hoping they were going to be okay in this nice calm environment but it just didn’t work out so soon after we lost them though we had a pair of Quint monitors surrender to our adoption Island program so I was kind of like
meant to be and these two are doing wonderfully in this enclosure and they’re actually pretty pretty tame too that one right there you can pet him yeah he like the other one the one on The Rock’s not so tame but the one on the log is like you can pet his backside come here there he is so yeah here’s one of our twin monitors there I held him for a second so they’re semi tame definitely more tame than the emerald treebo is will be in here me but she looks like she’ll she’ll give you nice kiss I bet she’d give you a nice tooy kiss yes good kiss look at that strike pose so yeah this will be our first experience with Emerald trebas I hope they like the enclosure I think they will we spent a good amount of time decorating it to be for this species specifically um but yeah now we’ll just have to wait and see how they do I’m pretty confident they’ll do all right especially in this awesome cage but yeah that’s right this is a cage video not an emerald tree bone video so over 50% of this video is setting up this cage and decorating it so people will know this is a cage video yes so if anyone is interested in this cage they do sell this enclosure actually at custom ces.com but yeah I love all the the new additions and tweaks they made oh slide so nice dirt won’t get in that so it’s going to slide good forever yeah and the lamps are on the outside and there’s storage down here yeah it’s a really nice cage so yeah we can move all this stuff under there yeah we can so thank you custom cages for this enclosure to show us all the improvements that you’ve made on the on the model so thank you guys for watching uh help us come up with names for our new pair of emerald freebow us thank you patreon backers for your amazing support and we’ll see you next time she hasn’t moved in like minutes no she’s good at standing [Music] still

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