96″H x 150″L x 90″D Large Outdoor Cat Cage

This huge walk-in friendly cat cage comes in a variety of wire gauges and sizes, comes standard with 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” x .090” powder coated wire with many other panel options available and is easy to assemble!


  • Black Anodized Aluminum Frame (silver/gray available for an extra charge) which will NEVER rust, chip, corrode
  • Comes Standard with 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” x .090” black powder coated wire for an excellent cosmetic look and many other opening sizes to choose from.
  • Pitched black powder coated steel roof (silver/gray available for an extra charge).
  • Flat, wire mesh roofing is available for Rectangular Suncatcher Cages. Ask our sales staff for details.
  • Many other panel options such as crimp locked stainless steel wire, heavy duty wire gauges, aluminum laminate, wood/granite grains and patterns, perforated aluminum, glass (regular and tempered). See material options page for more details.
  • Cage Covers (in some sizes)
  • Safety Catch options to help access your cat without risk of escape.
  • Complete your Suncatcher Cat Cage with accessories like cat trees, feeders, window tubes, cat shelves, catwalks, and much more!


Fabricated in the USA with an anodized aluminum frame that will not rust, chip, or corrode. Learn more about our many panel options!

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