Indoor Rainforest Vivarium, ALMOST DONE! | The Rainforest Exhibit

Punk Your Chucks and Artist Mag welcome you to the Rainforest Exhibit.

Sneak Peek: MistKing Advanced Misting System installed in The Rainforest Exhibit. First Run, perfect. We jumped ahead in the vlog since everyone has been so patient and we are very close to introducing the livestock. We may put some build vlogs on the website for anyone who would like that kind of detail video. Big thanks to Marty and

Ultrasonic humidifier/ fogger installed using pool hose. Small screen installed about one inch in the white nozzle to make sure animals do not enter the hose. The fog was just turned on. If left on for 20+ minutes, it fills a large portion of the exhibit fog. Just FYI.

Extra bonus clip: First Run of the Faux Ancient Ruin Waterfall and Stream.

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Coming Soon: We are getting ready to create the paludarium [aquarium] section. Then, more Flora and then Fauna. Exciting.

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