Awesome Spiny Tail Iguana in Suncatcher Enclosure! | Chuck Horne

Chuck Horne: Hey, buddy. Bossk loves being outside. I don’t really pick him up. He just tolerates some petting as you can see. There’s a little skin on his dewlap.

There you go. Can I help ya? It’s okay, I don’t have any more. Let me get it off. It’s alright. Let’s see if we can get this off of him. There you go. That a boy!

Easy. Let’s see. Try this side? Easy! It’s okay. [laughs] I guess that’s one of the things you’ve got to be careful when you’re hand-feeding, make sure they don’t associate your fingers with food, and Bossk typically doesn’t, but tugging skin off of his dewlap, I haven’t really done that before. Think that was kind of successful. What do you think, buddy?

So, Bossk is out here in his Suncatcher enclosure, I know I’ve highlighted it before. These are Custom Cages replica shelves, replica rock shelves, and I’ve got three of them. Tiamat was out a little bit earlier, she’s back in here heated hide.

It’s kind of a cool summer day, out here. Bossk tends to come out and soak in the sun a lot more than Tiamat on these cool, summer days.

And from the inside, I got two fly catches and this one has my three female Knight Anoles in it. And, so you can see her, and there’s one back behind her, and I’m not sure where the third one is. But, they’re doing good.

Let’s get back to the big boy. Hey, buddy. He’s nice and warm, sitting in the sun. It’s only supposed to get in the low eighties today, but I think they can get considerably warmer, just basking in the sunlight. ‘Cause he definitely feels warmer to the touch.

Alright, big guy, I’ll leave you alone. You’ve got a beautiful head. Easy.

There he is in all of his glory. Say ‘goodbye’ Bossk!

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