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Bird Cage Floors, Trays & Liners

Bird Cage Floors and Trays

Bird Cage Floors, Trays, Liners

Our pull our floors and trays are made to easily remove from any bird cage with a stand, legs or feet without having to open the door of the bird aviary! (a feature most of the competition doesn't have). The trays are made of an extruded aluminum frame and aluminum laminate bottom to make them easy to clean and safe from the elements. Our pull out floors can come with many wire opening sized making it impossible for your bird to get to the mess in the tray. You can either use the track provided to keep the tray off the ground and allow for storage under your cage, or set your tray on the ground to provide extra room between your floor and your tray. Disposable pull out tray liners are also available to make cleanup a breeze! Please call to order.

Pull Out Birdcage Floor and Tray in a Stand

Majestic Birdcage Floor From Inside the Cage

Pull Out Floor and Tray in a birdcage stand.

Same Pull Out Floor and Tray in a stand from inside the bird cage.


Corner Bird Cage Pull Out Floor, Pull Out Tray

Corner Bird Cage Pull Out Floor and Tray.