Kristen: Oh my gosh, I immediately regret my decision to film this intro outside because I need sunglasses so badly. I just tried to lay hair clips, but it’s in a bun. I’m still half asleep. [laughs]

Today, I am nervous and excited, all at the same time. I am taking apart my entire reptile area that I’ve had since I moved into this house, and that was in the beginning of October in case you are not up to date on all my videos on this channel and my main channel. I have been eyeballing for quite a while. Remember when I had that monitor that I rescued a long time ago, I was in talks with them about helping me build a cage for the monitor. Then, I ended up rehoming her, which was my original plan.

Ever since then, I’ve been looking at, and just drooling over the cages. I wish I could have a wall of reptile cages that all look the same, that all my reptiles are spoiled, and have enough spacing. All my reptiles are spoiled and have enough space as it is, but super stoked to work with Custom Cages on this video.

Ted actually drove all the way into Tennessee today. He got in last night. Anyways, that’s neither here nor there. He is going to be coming over in about 10 minutes, and he’s going to help me put together the entire reptile area.

Behind this wall, is where I’ve been filming my videos for my other channel where I do hair and makeup tutorials. I decided that I am going to move that filming into where my reptiles currently are. I have two rooms side by side; one I have my mammals in, one I have my reptiles in.

This whole third floor, to give you a little sneak peek, is a really cool, entertaining area. Inside behind me is a really rad room that has a little sink and a little kitchen; a little tiny kitchenette. I was wanting to entertain in this area so I didn’t want to put all my animals in there because I didn’t want them being disturbed by people like tapping on the cage if they come over. I don’t have that many friends, and I don’t entertain that option, because I’m busy. I was like, you know what, I’m going to make this whole upstairs third floor, my animal area and filming area. I’m going to deck out this patio a little bit for my chameleon to stand out here, et cetera.

This is the longest intro in the world, but anyways, I’m super, super thankful and grateful for Custom Cages for gifting me this cage setup, and I’m so excited to get it set up today. I’ve been waiting and waiting for this day. It’s finally here. We’re going to set it up, and then I think I’ll do a separate video of every individual enclosure that I upgrade since I’m going to be buying new things and putting it in there. I think it’ll be educational and cool to show you guys how I set up some of these enclosures since they’re all being upgraded.

He’s probably about to knock on my door. I’m going to head back inside, but I’m super excited. We’re going to clear the space. We will time-lapse of that, and then put the cages together, and I will introduce you to Ted when he gets here. I think he’s also bringing his dog which I don’t know how that’s going to go. Leo does not like other dogs. Hopefully, it’s not too stressful. Okay, let’s go inside. Leo, say hi to everybody. [laughs] So white, [laughs] all we can see is your eyes and your nose. This is the mysterious Ted.

Ted: Hello.

Kristen: [laughs] He’s been tasked with the job of taking everything out of the boxes. I swear I’m going to help once I set this on the tripod. This is the area that we’re going to put the wall in here. I might even be able to fit to at some point. We’ll see. We’re going to move all this out of the way. This is all the stuff that I was telling you guys I’m going to put in this room over here. Penny is curious as to what the heck is going on, and yes, I’ve kept this desk extremely neat as you can see.

Ted’s made us very organized. Look at this out here. Thank God I have this giant deck. This is all the different pieces that we’re putting together. We’re building on these moving blankets. I have a million of these, so perfect.

Noodle wanted to say hi to everybody. He is very excited about his enclosure that will be upgraded. Ted’s back there making some calls. We are going to be finishing the enclosure build in a couple of days. We had a couple of pieces we want to add to the bottom so we’re going to wait for those to come in. We’ll continue building what we can today, and then we will finish it up. You guys won’t have to wait. The power of editing, it’ll look like no time had ever passed. I’m going to put Noodle back because he wants to know why he’s out in the middle of the day. Are you confused?

All right. We’ve done pretty good here. We’ve got these set up. We’re going to finish this in a couple of days. Our dinner reservation is coming up here, and we’re both starving. We will put the rest of these together in a couple of days. The next clip you see will be in a couple of days. No waiting for you guys. Lucky you. Also, though, look at the backgrounds, they are so cool. I got to choose the backgrounds that go in here, so depending on what animal you’re putting in here and give them the most naturalistic environment. I am obsessed. I feel like I’m not able to go back to normal backgrounds after this because this is just way cooler to look at.

Voice: Day two.

Kristen: It turns out that Ted’s not only good at building cages. He’s also amazing at making soup. Thank you for the amazing soup. It’s so good. Nancy approves.

Nancy: [laughs] Sure did.

Kristen: It’s so delicious. He managed to find the only good avocado in all of Nashville, too. Mine’s over there, and it’s like death warmed over. We’re getting there. You know what, my damn house was realized is that all my backgrounds are desert. I mean, this one’s like– it’s foresty. I don’t know but I guess the green tree python and my crested gecko be fighting for this one because [laughs] that’s the natural habitat for both of them.

Hey guys, it’s me. I waited to film the outro for this video. Oh my gosh, it’s so echoey in here till I had actually filled up some of the enclosures behind me. I still have three left. I need to put my leopard geckos in there. Noodle is going crazy over here. I don’t know if you can see him moving around. Then I’m trying to figure out where to put in these other ones because they’re more of like a desert vibe.

So far, I am absolutely loving this whole thing. It looks so rad at night when all the lights are off. I got these LED string lights for about– I think it was $20 on Amazon, and they come with a remote and you can easily just change the colors. I put that along the perimeter of the background. I actually still need to add another one on the very bottom. I am so grateful for this enclosure. Thank you so much Custom Cages, and thank you to you guys for watching. You subscribing to this channel is the reason why I was gifted this awesome setup. Thank you so much. My animals are so happy. You should see the bearded dragons in here. I put my rescued bearded dragon at the bottom, and I’ll show you right there.

What I wanted to do actually was I wanted to film the outro for this video to kind of give you a pan of all of the enclosures that I have built so far. It’ll let me put my tegu in here as well. I still have three to fill up. I just wanted to show you what I had done. I actually filmed the cage setup for all of the cages that you see behind me. I’ve got four setups so far. I filmed every single one of those, and I will be putting those up after this video. I’ll also be filming setting up these other three that I haven’t done yet. Keep an eye out for those. If you want to turn on notifications for my channel that would be great; then you won’t miss any new videos. I promise to start uploading a little bit more.

A huge thank you to Custom Cages again, and Ted for helping me set this up. As you guys saw this was such a task. This is a very large wall of cages so it was a little bit confusing. I’m so glad I had him here to help me. If you want to check out a custom cage for yourself, they have so many options and so many different things to choose from. It’s really, really awesome. They have cages for any type of animal you could ever even imagine; birds, et cetera. That link will be in the description box below. I will see you guys in the next video. Thank you so much for watching.

Oh, PS, I do have an animal Instagram. If you weren’t aware, I put up a lot of behind the scenes like Instagram stories, posts, et cetera of all my animals. If you want to learn a little bit more about them, learn their names and whatnot, that’ll be on Instagram. Also, drop a comment in the description box below. All right, bye guys. I think I was going to go catch a movie so I might do that.


Calabar Burrowing Python Rescue & New Cage Build! | Kristenleannimal

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