0:00:00.1 Speaker 1: So what is going on guys? Welcome back. So I wanna say huge thank you to everybody before we kick this episode off. We hit 80,000 subscribers, which is awesome, I never thought I would be at this point, so big thank you for everybody that is subbed and watches all the videos, we do appreciate it. Now, we’re doing the big vivarium build or part of it in this video. I also have to give a big shout-out to Universal Rocks, customcages.com, these guys froskr.com, they’re all… Huge help in making this build, hopefully one of the most epic builds that I will ever do. I’m really excited about this. Hopefully, you guys do enjoy this video.

0:00:41.1 Speaker 1: So the cage that was given to me by customcages.com to build this again, this cage is 4 x 4 x 20 inches deep. So super awesome. Now, this rock wall was given to me by Universal Rock, super awesome. Obviously, it’s way bigger than the cage, but we’re gonna cut it up and use it also in future vivarium builds or paludarium builds. So we’re gonna cut this bad boy up to be able to fit in there, we also got the wood, all the wood that I could possibly think of from froskr.com, awesome dude over there, lots of stuff to come with him in the future as well. So we’re gonna get started by cutting this up and kind of fitting it in the cage so I can see how exactly I want it to go, and then… And then we gotta figure out…

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