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Furniture Style Reptile Cages
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You and your family are consumed with your reptile hobby. Lizards, snakes and geckos are just a few of the pets you are housing in several large cages throughout the house. Now you want to make room for even more furniture style reptile cages. But you are simply out of room. There is no other spot in the house for furniture style reptile cages.

This is a dilemma. But there is a way to easily fix this problem.

A Furniture Style Reptile Cage with Multiple Purposes

At Custom Cages, we have invented a unique way to allow people like you to make room for a number of custom cages in their home—even if you think you are completely out of space. How do we do this? It’s not by creating tiny corner cages or a furniture style reptile cage that is so small your pet can barely squeeze inside. Absolutely not. At Custom Cages, we believe it is essential that custom cages are made not only to please the owner, but also to be comfortable and spacious for your pet. This means your furniture style reptile cages must be of adequate size.

Instead of creating a small habitat that would never suit any reptile, we’ve designed furniture style reptile cages that have dual purpose. These corner cages can serve as an end table or coffee table, as well as a reptile cage.

Now you don’t have to worry about finding space for more custom cages. Simply replace your existing coffee table or end table with a furniture style reptile cage. These custom cages come standard with a solid oak frame. Four different stain options are available and custom stains are obtainable upon request. This allows you to order furniture style reptile cages that blend in with your existing décor.