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Davis: Hello guys. What’s up and welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel, if you’ve seen some of my previous videos. I’m joined here with my good friend Gus. We’ve been together for a very long time. My care wasn’t the best in the beginning, so I thought I need to give him the best enclosure that I can and I did that through custom cages.

Custom Cages is a great place to get cages or tanks for your reptiles. I really love them. They’ve got such a great variety of different types of cages. I just really love all of the different types of tanks. It was a hard decision on which one to get. I think I made the right choice for my friend Gus and a few other little reptile friends. Maybe you go check out if you want some really nice reptile cages. Without further ado, let’s get right into the video.

Davis: Anyways, this is Gus. Like I said, we’ve been together a very long time and I needed to give him an upgrade and a nicer tank. I’m going to eventually attempt at making a bioactive leopard gecko vivarium, so that should be interesting. Anyways, this is just like a tutorial on how to set up a leopard gecko tank and what you’ll need and all that fun stuff.

It’s not a full care guide. I will be going over feeding and some stuff that. This is just a basic tank set up. I really hope you enjoy this video. Without further ado, let’s just upgrade it. All right. This is Gus’s new tank. I really, really enjoy this tank. I think it looks really cool. First, you need to smack on a heat mat, you just want to put this under the tank so then they can get some belly heat. It’s much better than using a heat bulb or something.

I heat mat just works so much better for them and then you also want a thermostat so you can monitor the temperature of the heat mat. You also want a little probe on there. Usually, they come with them. Then they’ll tell you what the temperature is. I’m just going to put that through the vent in the back and we should be pretty good to go. Then you want to just plug everything in obviously.

There’s my little probe right back there. You’ll also want a temperature-humidity gauge thing. I personally use a heat gun. So I’m not actually going to be putting this in the tank, but something like this would work with your leopard gecko.

Then next up is substrate. Substrate is very controversial with leopard geckos. Personally, I like using paper towels and mats. In your leopard gecko tank, you will need two hides at least one on your warm side and one on the cold side of the tank. I also add in a humid hide, which is really good for them when they need to shed. They just walk in there and it’s some sphagnum moss and some paper towels. I’ll show you a close up of it.

It’s just your basic little container from Chinese takeout or something, that I cut and I put some wet paper towel and sphagnum moss in there, you can choose one or the other. I was running on sphagnum moss, so I added in some wet paper towel too but you can choose one or the other and that’s pretty much it for my hides. Now, I’m going to start adding some nice enrichment.

Here is a tree that Gus loves to walk on and poop on. He really likes going to the bathroom on that particular tree and that’s what we’ll do. Now, I’m just adding some extra little pieces of enrichment for him because he really likes climbing around on fake foliage and wood and different types of plants and stuff. I’m just giving him lots of enrichment because I really do think that enrichment is good for them. I mean it’s pretty self-explanatory but I’m just weaving this a vine through.

Now, I’m just adding a rock, finding a good place to place it because there are rocks in their natural environment out in the wild. I just like to incorporate it in there. It doesn’t do a whole lot. Maybe he would climb on it or something. It’s more necessary for snakes for shedding. He probably will not use it to shed, but I just like the way it looks and I think it’s a nice little accent in there, but you really don’t need rocks if you don’t want them.

I’ll just make sure the rocks aren’t too sharp if you do want to use them. I just wanted to put that in there just in case you guys were wondering why I was putting a rock in the tank. Also, be sure to disinfect it by boiling it before putting a rock in their tank. Now I’m adding in a feeding dish. You do not have to add a feeding dish, but it’s really helpful for when you’re feeding mealworms and stuff. I’ve got my water dish over here because obviously they need water like all animals and plants do but he’s not a plant. He is an animal.

I didn’t know if you knew that or not, but geckos are in fact animals. Well, I’m so funny and I get to see my elbows as I put water in his water dish because obviously they need water. He’s got some fresh little water. If you don’t see your leopard gecko drinking, don’t be too alarmed. You probably won’t see them drinking.

If they look really dehydrated, then definitely consider contacting vet and do your own research online explaining their breed. Now, I also like adding in a little tiny bowl of calcium so he can go off and eat at that if he wants to, but also remember to supplement their food with calcium and vitamins because that is really good for them.

I also like adding a little in the enclosure. This is pretty much the finished product of the enclosure. I really like how it turned out. I added a few little accents. Now, we get to add Gus in, I love this part. Let’s see where he goes first. I mean he’s going to go in one of his hides.

Davis: All right. Now, it’s time to close the enclosure and let your gecko have some peace, good time to rest in their new enclosure, get used to it. I wouldn’t recommend interacting with them too much after setting up their tank because they can get stressed out in a new environment. I would definitely wait a little while before interacting with your gecko. I realized I left a tiny piece of plastic in there, oh it’s gone. Here is Gus.

All right, guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. I really hope it helps you. I hope you learned something. Hopefully, it was a good video for you to watch and you weren’t just bored and hating it the whole time. Now, remember there’s always different ways to care for animals but don’t hate on me if you don’t think this is the best way, I eventually do want to make this better, a little bit better, but this is actually a pretty decent way to set up a leopard gecko tank I think.

Thank you guys so much for watching and I hope to see you in another video and I know I’m watching you. Like this video please and I can watch you and see if you don’t subscribe, look, I’m looking my eyes on you. Subscribe, please. Actually, just kidding. Please subscribe if you want to and only if you want to and I’m out. Come on Gus. Let’s go put you back in your new tank. Let’s go.

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