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Davis: Hey, guys. What’s up? Welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel if you’ve seen some of my previous videos. In today’s video, I will actually be talking about the beautiful custom enclosures that are behind me. They’re from Custom Cages. If you don’t know who Custom Cages is, are, is, I highly recommend them. They are great for reptile enclosures, bird aviaries and even cat enclosures which is really cool, so then your cat can go outside without having to worry about having any health issues or being an unnatural predator to birds and wildlife outside.

There are so many options when it comes to custom cages. I personally love them so much. My enclosures are beautiful. I want to show them to you in today’s video. All right, first off, I’m going to start from the very top. This isn’t very interesting. It is just a little storage area. This is actually where I have my ball python’s lights. Sometimes, I’ve keep the keys in here. Yes, that’s pretty much just for lighting and then there’s a little thing back there for the cords, just a little cutout in the woodgrain.

I really like it. I like how you can just open and close these sliding doors. It looks like natural wood. I just really liked that. All around it is an aluminum frame which is a really nice thing to have. It’s very sturdy. It’s a metal frame, so that’s really nice. Let’s go on to the enclosure below of the hood, as you can call it. Here are two sliding doors I really like. These are made out of acrylic, so they don’t break as easily as, let’s say, glass would like most enclosures are made out of. I really like that aspect of it.

I also love this lock so I can just unlock it when I want to or lock it when I want to. It makes it look so much more professional in my opinion. As you can see, it’s a very naturalistic setup with live plants. It’s fully bioactive. If you actually want to see an in-depth tour of this enclosure, go check out one of my previous videos about me setting this up.

All right. Right below it, here is where I keep all the heating and it’s just another place for storage. I will show it to you. It is a little bit messy in here which is why I love these doors. It’s all enclosed and hidden, so then people can’t see that I’m just a mess behind it. It looks really nice but yes, I’m messy below it. There is a heat mat. Sorry, just ignore all of the mess.

I wanted to show you what was inside of it but I really like having this extra space to store substrate and stuff. I will probably move this out of here and put it down there actually, so then I can put lighting up here for my leopard gecko. My hognose snake which will be going in there, so that leads me on to the next enclosure.

All right, sorry for the glare but this is Gus’ enclosure. If you want to see me setting this up, again, I have a video on that titled, “Setting up a leopard gecko tank” or enclosure or something around that. I really liked this enclosure. It’s really nice. It’s just for my leopard gecko, Gus. I just really enjoy this enclosure. I love the background on it, the vents and everything.

Again, I apologize for the glare. This one also has a sliding glass acrylic doors with the lock. It’s pretty similar to that other than the background and obviously, the way I decorated it. Over here, this is — Oh God, you can see the mess on my floor. Just ignore that. This is going to be for my Western hognose snake. I actually have one right now. I haven’t properly introduced her on the channel yet but I will do a video on her very soon.

This will be her future enclosure. It actually has some aspen, cork bark, hides and stuff that I will be putting in here and I’ll make it look pretty nice. It won’t be a bioactive but this will be my hognose snake enclosure. Here, I can show you how I lock it and unlock it. This is how I lock it. Remember, I’m doing this with one hand, so it might be a little bit more difficult. Just have to make sure the doors shut evenly. Okay. It’s that easy. See? It doesn’t come off.

All right. Down below, last but not least, is just another area for storage and heating. It’s just like this except, obviously, I can’t put lights in it because there’s nothing that it would be lighting up. So, this is just the similar thing. I just have some spring tails, storage stuff like that down here. Literally nothing very exciting. Same thing on the other side. It’s just more storage. There’s some aspen bedding, some fake succulents and stuff that I’ll be putting in the hognose snake enclosure.

All right, guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. I really hope you enjoyed it. I hope you learned something or maybe not. I don’t know. I hope you enjoyed this video and now you know everything that’s going on with my custom cages. Be sure to go check them out again. Yes, that’s all I have to say. Goodbye. Thank you so much for watching.

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