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bird pull out floor and pull out trays

Our pull our floors and trays are made to easily remove from any bird cage without having to open the door of the bird aviary! (a feature most of the competition doesn’t have). Our tray system interlocks and fastens securely to the bottom of the cage. The trays are made of an extruded aluminum frame and aluminum laminate bottom to make them easy to clean and safe from the elements. Our pull out floors can come with many wire opening sized making it impossible for your bird to get to the mess in the tray. Disposable pull out tray liners are also available to make cleanup a breeze! Please call to order.

pull out floor and tray system

Our Pull Out Tray System A is made out of a one piece molded ABS thermoformed plastic and has about a 1 1/2” depth. Molded tray construction makes it easy to clean and requires almost no assembly (which takes about 5 minutes). The only assembly required for System A is snapping on the side tracks and center connectors and screwing the legs onto the corners. System A is only available in select sizes, please call for details. Pull out trays may be used without a pull out floor, however we do not recommend excessive weight for System A. Weight limitations vary depending on size. Direct exposure to sunlight may also limit the life of your tray, however new trays can be ordered. If you have a fair amount of weight, are worried about very small animals escaping, or are using the tray for prolonged exposure outdoors, we recommend System B (described right). Please call and a customer service representative will help you decide which system is right for you. Disposable liners also available for most sizes, call 1-800-941-2243 or use our custom price configurator for pricing.

pull out floor tray system

Our Pull Out Tray System B is made out of a very rigid aluminum frame as well as a very high grade aluminum laminate panel for the bottom. Assembly is required. System B is intended for sizes where System A is not available or for cages that will not have a pull out floor, cages with more weight than System A, and cages that will be outdoors. If you need help deciding, please call 1-800-941-2243 and a customer service representative will help you decide which system is for you.