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Speaker: If you have parrot companions like we do, I likely don’t have to break the news to you that you have a mess on your hands. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. I’ve really pride myself on keeping a relatively clean house. Even though we have four wonderful parrot companions, they do get a little messy. This video is all about sharing some tips and tricks of what we have in place today or plan to put in place to help contain the mess, because I do believe there are solutions to that problem.

What you just watched Curaçao and I do was rearrange the plexiglas panel doors on the custom cages.com enclosure. Strategically I’m placing the plexiglas doors near the feeders. That in itself will help contain the mess. The mess will then stay inside the enclosure as opposed to on your floor. Here’s another tip. Perhaps some of you have already tried this, peel and stick removable washable wallpaper. We have one wall that is right behind the feeder that I know is going to get splatter on it especially with fruits and all. I’m going to give this wallpaper a try.

Believe it or not, having a Rabbit Air purifier helps as well. Some few other comments and tips. I reserve offering and fresh fruits only in their enclosure or their that helps contain the mess. Don’t laugh but I also love to use adult diapers to line the bottom of the caging and I sweep or vacuum twice a day around my enclosures. I hope these little tips have helped you out in some small way. I would love to hear some tips from all of you. Please share in the comments below.

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