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Custom Reptile Cages
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As your reptile family grows, you will need to invest in large reptile enclosures. Some reptiles do not get along well with each other, so they will need to be kept in a separate cage. Other times your pets may get along just fine, but your cage is simply becoming too small.

Expanding Your Housing Ability with Large Reptile Enclosures

In order to make room for your growing reptile family, you will need to buy a large reptile enclosure. Custom Cages is the best cage-making company to purchase from. We specialize in:

  1. High-quality products. At Custom Cages we take exceptional pride in our large reptile enclosures. Each cage is handcrafted in our Wisconsin-based facility.
  2. Expandable cage systems. One of the most convenient features about our cages is the fact that they are expandable. This means you can easily and cost-effectively “add-on” to your cage. This will save you the time and expense of constantly purchasing more reptile cages to house your growing reptile collection.
  3. Stackable reptile cages. Worried that you may run out of space for your large reptile enclosures? If you purchase your cage through Custom Cages, you can safely stack your cages on top of one another. These large reptile enclosures securely interlock, which will prevent them from falling or breaking apart. This stackable feature enables you to place twice as many cages in the same space!