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Speaker 1: So I will disguise this exposed PVC with some vines or something, make it look a little nicer. There are some inline filters I can put on the PVC for calcium so the deposits don’t clog up the misting nozzles, as well as chlorines and chloramine and I’ll get those as well. But my timer didn’t go off. I thought it was self-explanatory, I guess I got to read the manual but it’s on manual operation right now. I just wanted to show you guys this particular fitting. There will be an iguanarium right here, with a pair of a small [unintelligible 00:01:47] in it. This nozzle is flexible, I’ll bend it down, so that’s how the water will get into that. Next to that iguanarium, will be an iguanarium with Lucky the spiny-tailed iguana in it.

Coming along really nice. Got a couple of pathos for each of these enclosures, with some small hanging baskets that I have to install on my hooks and those will be the broadleaf plants that the anoles can lick water droplets off of. They’ll lap that up as it sprays, half the time when the mist is off in their enclosures or drinking almost right at the nozzle. Cleaned up the suncatcher, the fly catch, got the plants in there. Cleaned up the big one, I hope you guys can hear okay.

The air conditioner’s kicked on. Got power run to everything. I tested all of the outlets. The ceramic heat emitter in this one is working fine. The heat mat for the hide for the [unintelligible 00:02:56] mat is working great. Got my power extension cord ran over here, which will come up here to the top. I will hide a thermostat underneath one of the roofs, probably this one right here. I will have ceramic heat emitter over each of the enclosures, 75 watts, on a thermostat, so that if it drops, I’m thinking maybe 72 degrees, the animals will hopefully know that they can come up higher up in the enclosure, maybe be in their log and still get some warmth, at night if it gets a little cold here in Virginia. They are tropical animals and I’m very anal about them getting too cold. Hey Blue, what’s up dude? Old Man Blue, 10 years old, he’s getting a little hard of earing and he’s blind in one eye, awesome dog though. Still set to get the critters out here, the lizards out on the patio, this weekend, it is Thursday evening. All right, just thought I’d share a little bit with you guys today. Quick down and dirty video on my cellphone. Again, I’m gonna hide, I’m going to disguise that right there with a vine on it, make it look nice, as well as this guy right here. All right, so this weekend when I attempt to get all my lizards out here without getting bit. If I get it I’m gonna have a GoPro strapped to my head and you guys will see it. More later.

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