My Iguanas are Awesome!

00:02 Speaker 1: It is mid-day and it’s awful hot out here, so I’m gonna see if Lucky wants to eat some superworms, I’m sure she does. There you go pretty girl. She’s in her hide box. Yeah, that’s my girl. I hope I can capture that okay. Here you go pretty girl. [chuckle] I’ll do Bosc and Tiamat in a minute. Good girl. I’m prepared to put a nest box in here should she start getting fat and looking gravid, but that hasn’t happened yet. Oh, get it. There we go. Come on, let’s get some exercise. There we go. Let me see. You wanna come out here? Don’t bite me. Guys, you might see me get nailed. Here’s my pretty iguana. There she is. Here you go. Good girl. I’ve been asked a million times, “How do you tame them down?” Well, tong feed them, get them used to you. So I haven’t talked much about how I modified this enclosure to have her out here, ’cause obviously I don’t have the fly catch, but I put up this piece of polycarbonate panels so she couldn’t run by me, and then I put it on the sides as well, so she wouldn’t be climbing on the sides when I went to open the door, and then on the door, there’s a piece right here. So far, it’s worked really well. I imagine she could leap and jump over my shoulder and be gone in the backyard, but so far the plan has worked. I got a shade cloth on the outside, so the sun’s not beating down on her enclosure all the time.

02:25 S1: Good girl, Lucky. Tufer, Tufer. There we go. Hopefully that my ringtone is not coming over ’cause it is trademarked. I do not own Star Wars music. Two more for you pretty girl. All right. Last one. As I said many times, I only give them insects, protein once a week, typically Sundays. How you doing? Put your lid down. You got a hide box, you got branches, she spends a lot of time up on that cork hollow, fresh water, a tube to get into her hide box, there is a heat pad in there, so if it’s a cool night, she’s gonna stay nice and warm. But this is Lucky, and for those of you new to the channel, her name is Lucky because I thought she was dead in the egg. My wife in her infinite wisdom said, “Wait a minute. Let’s wait, let’s wait a night for it.” So we did, and next morning she was out, but she hatched missing the tip of her tail, so I said, “Well, this young lady is staying with us.” This is the only baby that I’ve ever held back, and she’s awesome.

03:52 S1: She is just now warming up to being messed with by me, she has laid at least two infertile clutches of eggs, so female iguanas who are not with males will lay eggs, so you always gotta make sure they have a nest box available to them, you won’t want one of them to go egg-bound ’cause they didn’t have a place to lay eggs, which is a possibility. But she is doing great. She’s awesome, she’s a beautiful iguana. I just don’t have the space to keep back a male or to get an already adult male from somebody, maybe one day. So that’s Lucky, Lucky got her insects. Let’s go take care of Bosc and Tiamat, which is always fun.

04:43 S1: I don’t know what just happened there, the GoPro shut off on me. I was saying, this is my awesome sun catcher enclosure. There’s my awesome Bosc and Tiamat. Easy big guy. Come here. There you go. Don’t mind the air conditioner for Tiamat. So one of the signs that at least… There you go. If she didn’t eat… She’s not looking plump, Bosc. They had hooked up a couple of times out here.

05:53 S1: But when she gets really plump and Tiamat goes off feed, then I know egg laying is imminent within several days, maybe a week, a week and a half something like that. Come on pretty girl. Let’s get you guys to come down here where it’s warm, or where it’s cooler. Here he comes. Come on pretty girl. Hurry up. Hurry up before Bosc eats it all. Come on. But there’s Lucky on the other side. So this fly catch, the one that Lucky is in right now, I’ve had knight anoles the last two summers, but I figured I’d get Lucky out of that small iguanarium and get her into something considerably bigger, and this is the third year or third season I’ve had Bosc and Tiamat out, and I do believe they love it.

06:56 S1: Come on. So I don’t know. She’s usually very voracious, but she’s not going for that. We gotta get rid of this old collard greens from the other day. What happened big guy? Did the superworm bite you? Sometimes insects bite back and it bothers him. Come on. You hungry? She’s displaying at her daughter. Come here, pretty girl. There you go. I think Bosc is also displaying at Lucky. [chuckle] Do you want another one? You pig. I think Lucky is actually a little bit bigger than Tiamat is. Hey, buddy. There you go. And obviously, I have calcium in there ’cause definitely, for Tiamat, if she’s gonna be producing eggs, I want her to have plenty of calcium for that biological process. Come on, Tiamat. There you go. Alright, Lucky. So that’s territoriality in female Honduran spiny-tailed iguanas. Tiamat’s the mama, Lucky’s the daughter, but that doesn’t matter.

09:27 S1: Come on, big guy. I think I’m gonna go ahead and just let them finish eating out of the dish. Hopefully, Bosc will save some for Tiamat. I’ll leave it over here so they don’t tip it over. No. But awesome suncatcher enclosure. It’s six feet tall. It’s a six-foot octagon. The fly catch, so I can get in and interact with them and shut that door generally behind me so they don’t go running out on me. Again, this is the third year I’ve had them in this. is an awesome company to work for. Mr. Ted Judy actually came out and interviewed me, and I look forward to… I am sweating. I look forward to working with them some more in the future. Oh, what’s going on over there? I just heard a thunk. I think Lucky plopped on the ground. Go eat, Tiamat. I’m thinking she’s with eggs and they’re developing, and that’s why she’s not her normal voracious self with the eating.

10:57 S1: The knight anole main enclosure is doing awesome. You know what I’mma see real quick? Let’s see if this works. I see a June bug. I call them June bugs, I don’t know what kind of beetle they are. They’re just prevalent here in Virginia during the summer. Not quite as much as they’ve been when I was a kid, I don’t think. Where’d it go? Oh shucks. I just saw one climbing on the screen. I was gonna catch it and throw it in here with the knight anoles. Here’s an example of a lot of fruit that was eaten, bananas and blueberries. There was a lot more than that in there yesterday, that beautiful knight anole right there, I think he’s the culprit, but Nancy might have ate some, too. She’s in here somewhere. Where you at, pretty girl? I can’t see yeah. I don’t leave those in there but maybe overnight, ’cause I don’t want bugs and I don’t want the ants ’cause they will get in your screen enclosures. And I gotta give these guys some fresh superworms today at some point.

12:03 S1: What is this big boy doing? He’s staying down here so he can stay cool. Hey, big guy. That’s Sid. See, that’s why I was talking about the ants. Hi, buddy. I’ll leave you be, I won’t bother you. And the only drawback to using these little painter dishes or little cups for mixing paint in that I bought at a arts… Obviously, they collect water. So when… We mist them off and… Alright, hang on one second. I’m gonna go try to find a June bug and see if one of these guys will eat for us on camera. Be right back.

12:49 S1: Alright, Mr. June Bug. Let’s see. Who we gonna put you with? Sharp, little… I think I have a better chance… Well, we’ll see. I wanna do this guy. Getting away from me and there’s the one I saw earlier, I’m gonna get you in a minute, too. No, don’t go down there. Alright. Two June bugs flying around in this enclosure. I don’t know if we’re gonna see any predation. I guess I could have tried to hand-feed them but, man, you gotta have quite a grip on those June bugs. Oh well, it was a good try, now my finger stinks. I know I haven’t posted in a while. I apologize for that. Just been really, really busy. I hope everybody’s doing as reasonably well as we can be, given all that’s going on in the world today. Stay with me. Stay with the channel. There will be updates, I gotta measure and weigh those baby alligator snapping turtles, that’ll probably be my next video, they are growing like weeds and doing awesome.

14:47 S1: All my knight anoles out here are doing great. Unfortunately, Louise, one of my longterm captives, I had her well over six years, I got her as either a sub-adult or just a really young adult, so she was probably seven, maybe eight years old, she passed away. I don’t know why, ’cause Thelma and Nancy who I got at the same time, I bought all three of those females at the same time, they’re thriving, they’re still doing good. But you know, when you keep exotic animals, small species like the knight anoles, which are big for anoles but small for other animals, sometimes you lose them and that’s just a fact of owning exotic pets. I am sweating, it is hot, we’ve been in triple digit heat indexes here in South East Virginia. But it’s fun to come out here and interact. Hope you guys enjoyed the iguanas. A little overview of the suncatcher enclosure and what I had going on out here on my lizard lanai with all the knight anoles. Everybody else is doing great that’s in the house and until next time, you guys take care.


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