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Oak Reptile Cages
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Quality is a term we hear a lot. Every company talks about how their products are the best or highest quality. Sometimes the phrase is used so frequently, you start to wonder what it means.

At Custom Cages, we know exactly what it means to us. At our facility quality means producing the finest reptile cages on the market. Our oak reptile cages are handcrafted from materials that come from the USA.

High Quality Oak Reptile Cages

We utilize a variety of different material to produce quality oak reptile cages for all our customers. Each wooden reptile cage has:

  1. A solid oak frame. This gives your wooden oak reptile cages a furniture-like appearance. If you prefer a cherry reptile cage instead of oak we can do that for you as well. Other wood options are also available upon request. A wood frame will make your quality oak reptile cages much more attractive than a simply having stainless steel or acrylic panels.
  2. Anodized aluminum interior. Our oak reptile cages are fully lined with anodized aluminum. This protects the inside of your reptile cage from moisture damage.
  3. Crimp-lock stainless steel wire. This allows for plenty of ventilation to circulate throughout your oak reptile cages. Proper ventilation is critical to the health of your pet. It promotes healthy lungs and a vibrant respiratory tract.
  4. Acrylic panels. Acrylic panels are an excellent option for any quality oak reptile cages. Acrylic is one of the toughest forms of clear plastic available, making it extremely hard to scratch or gouge.