Pull Out Floor System

Our pull out floor system (see photo left) can be attached to any cage, large or small, to allow for easy cleaning. Just remove the pull out floor and pull out tray and your enclosure instantly becomes walk in friendly making it easier to clean the interior of your cage as well as set up your cage furniture. Pull out floors come standard with 3/4” x 3/4” stainless steel wire for H2 Hybrid cages and 1” x 1” stainless steel wire for H3 Hybrid cages. The opening size can be substituted for either system. Also, for small animals the pull out floor can be made with half wire and half laminate or aluminum laminate. Please call for prices.


NOTICE: A pull out tray must be ordered for this option to be functional. If a pull out floor is ordered without a pull out tray you must order additional hardware, call for pricing and details.

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